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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:29 am

Dark Elf Magician Quest Walkthroughs Levels 1-20

Level 1
Starting NPC: Elementalist R'Virr
Elementalist R'Virr wants you to pick up a Red Sash. you can get one for free from Merchant Kalosk.

Level 2
Starting NPC: Elementalist R'Virr
Elementalist R'Virr sends you to Spiritmaster Rendor, who binds you and sends you off to Coachman Lothi.

Level 3
Starting NPC: Magician Ka'Zuth
Magician Ka'Zuth wants you to learn how to fight. Go out of the city and kill bats and return to him with two pieces of bat meat.

Level 4
Starting NPC: Magician Ka'Zuth
Magician Ka'Zuth will make you a new robe. he needs you to get the following items for him:
A Cloth Yard - Purchase from Merchant Kertal
Common Thread - Purchase from Merchant Kertal
Chipped Raven Beak - Drop from Ravens

Level 5
Starting NPC: Magician Ka'Zuth
Ka'Zuth next asks you to go slay fire bats and bring back a torn fire bat wing. These spawn in the mountains north of the city.

Level 7
Starting NPC: Elementalist R'Virr
Talk with R'Virr, he wants you to talk to the waysender, to be teleported to Grobb to talk about a order of frog legs that hasn't came yet. Talk to waysender and teleport to Grobb. Speak with Chef Grinart. He wants to to bring him two crab legs from the crabs on the beach NW of grobb. Return to him with the legs. Return to guildmaster.

Level 10
Starting NPC: Elementalist R'Virr
First talk to your elementalist guildmaster. He informs you that there is a Dark Elf praticing unknown magic, so he wants you to disguise yourself as his apprenice. Go to this Dark Elf which is west from Neriak entrance. He is in his hut by the river.

He wants you to do some tasks for his magic creation. First you need to retrieve a claw from a dark clawed crab which is SE of Neriak by the shore. Second you need to retrieve a carapace from a fungus roach which is just acrosss the river from his hut. You may want to bring a friend with you for the fungus roach because he is a even con at Level 10.

When you hand in the items make sure you bring a friend with you because he will then summon a yellow con creature. The creature kills him and attacks you. Kill it, loot the carapace, and return to Guildmaster.

Level 13
Starting NPC: Elementalist R'Virr
Talk to Elementalist R'Virr, he sends you to Lady Furess U'Dedne.

She wants you to pick up a braclet she forgot to purchace in Freeport at Merchant Gilgash. It'll cost you about 226 Tunar. Then go upstairs (in the same building) and talk to Natzik P'Thek about some packages she let with him. Natzik will say he sent the packages by courier.

Return to Neriak and give bracelet to Lady Furess. She will tell you to talk to Dragoon V'Ghen. He's at the top of a guard outpost North of Neriak, just past the Firebats.

Dragoon V'Ghen will tell you to talk to his brother Valraen V'Ghen in the tent below.

Talk to Valraen, he will then start to attack you. He cons yellow to a level 13. Kill him, loot the packages
and take them to Lady Furess.

But alas, it is locked and she can't open. So back on your horse you go, to Freeport to talk to Natzik again. He will unlock the box, give you the item inside. Take the item back to Lady Furess, go report back to Necromancer D'Unarr

Level 15
Starting NPC: Elementalist R'Virr
Talk to R'Virr, he tells you to speak with Zelthil J'Narus. He wants you to buy a lantern of ages from Merchant Gigash in Freeport (same Gigash from the Level 13 quest) and bring it back to him.

You'll then need to collect a couple more things in order to make the gift complete....

Travel west from Neriak entrance til you get to the undead camp in Collingridge Cemetery to get a Gem of Wit that drops from a Lost Thought. (Level 15)

Then travel South for an Oriote Raven Claw. They are at the standing stones and are Level 15.

Take both items back to Zelthil, he will enchant the lamp and give it to you. Give the lamp to Lady Furess U'Dedne, then go back to Zelthil.

Level 20
Starting NPC: Elementalist R'Virr
1. Talk to Elementalist R'Virr. He says that Zelthil J'Narus needs your services again.

2. Zelthil, sends you to Quartermaster T'Nak, in Ft. Seriak.

3. T'Nak wants 1,000 tunar. He sends you to kill a Courier B' Malin(CONs LB) traveling along the River Saren. Exit Neriak heading North/West towards the River Saren, cross the river to the South/West side and run along it heading North/West. Courier B' Malin. He will mostly be in the Collonridge Cemetary zone (N/E). Kill, loot, return to Zelthi

4. Zelthi sends you to kill two MOBs, Groundskeeps at Collinridge Cemetary and Castle Felstar. Both CONs Yel.

4.1 From Neriak, due west in the middle of Lake Nerius is Castle Felstar and Groundskeeper F' Redai. Kill, loot a Femur bone.

4.2 From Neriak, head southeast to Collonridge Cemetary. Groundskeeper W' Lai is found in the Tomb of Elders, to the left side of the courtyard from the entrance. Kill, loot Finger bone.

5. Return bones to Zelthil, he sends you to Elementalist R'Virr.

6, Talk to Elementalist R'Virr fo ryour reward.


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