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The Rescue of Firiona Vie

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The Rescue of Firiona Vie Empty The Rescue of Firiona Vie

Post by Ronson on Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:45 am

The Companions Return

Festival of Tunare's Harvest
The annual festival of Tunare's Harvest was held at the newly created outpost of Firiona Vie on the continent of Kunark. The year had been a hard one that began with the capture of Tunare's Chosen, Firiona Vie, by the Iksar Danak Dhorentath. One year before, after Firiona Vie's capture, Galeth Veredeth oversaw the construction of the elven outpost on the shores of Kunark by the command of King Tearis Thex, to find and return the Chosen.

Firiona's companions gathered at the festival and talked of their deeds over the year. Lyirae Oakwynd spoke of her lost brother and the joy she had found in her new friends. Ognit Eznertob and Dabner Drednever matched wits with Al`Kabor in a test of riddles. Afterwards, Ognit spoke of his part in the opening of The Hole while his friend and protector, Dagda Icefury, shared her own memories. Sionachie Heartsinger sang songs for all who were gathered and Sir Jevik Isqual stood solemnly by as the festivities continued, cautiously eyeing every movement of the guests.

Thubr Axebringer challenged all gathered to a drinking game while Dreezil Pocketdip made his own game of collecting rare coins mistakenly left in the pockets of revelers. He didn't want to interrupt their fun just to let them know of the oversight - it was simpler just to fix it.

Presiding over all was Galeth Veredeth, Firiona's most faithful protector, who felt responsible for her abduction. He deemed it proper to celebrate Tunare's Harvest, but with Firiona gone and her condition unknown, the elder paladin's life was without direction, save to investigate clues to her whereabouts.

A strange voice in the air...

As a soft, cool breeze washed over the shores of the outpost, birds' songs blended in a beautiful ballad. An enchanting and soothing voice spoke in the breeze, saying, "Galeth Veredeth... the time has come..."

Tunare, the Mother of All, seemed to coalesce from the mist and music, glowing with an inner light as the mortals gathered at her feet. Galeth and the others ran up and bowed low before her. She bade all to rise, and told them that the time had come to rescue her Chosen. She had learned that Firiona Vie was being held by the Iksar shaman, Danak Dhorentath, in the ruins of an ancient civilization amid a verdant jungle. A ward had been set in place by the combined efforts of Cazic-Thule, Danak himself, and Danak's master, Venril Sathir, that prevented Tunare from rescuing Firiona. This ward, with the power of mortal, immortal and divine essences, prevented even Her from seeing the condition of Her Chosen. Tunare told Galeth that he and Firiona's companions should gather what forces they could and go there as quickly as possible, for when the day ended, so would Firiona's life.

Galeth apologized for failing to protect Firiona and vowed to save her from her dark fate. Tunare forgave him his error, and her image faded to the accompaniment of birdsong and music once again.

The mood of the festival changed from gaiety to anger at the Iksar who would do this thing. Danak and his followers would feel the true force of Tunare's anger through the swords and spells of Her children. Al`Kabor reasoned from Tunare's words that Firiona could be found in the Emerald Jungle near the ancient City of Mist. He gave a map to Thubr to plan their assault, and then they were off, grim expressions on their faces but hope and gladness in their hearts. They braved mosquitoes and goblins as they headed toward the Field of Bone through the Swamp of No Hope.

The Iksar capital city of Cabilis was on the horizon as they crossed to the Emerald Jungle. The sinister aura of the place dampened their spirits and more than one brave adventurer lost his nerve and headed back. This only strengthened the resolve of the others.

The Dark Ritual
The ritual spoken of by Tunare had already begun. Vahlai Ka'Izal, a dark elf in league with Danak, had come across a dark ritual that would turn the power of the Lifeguide, the staff Tunare herself had fashioned for Her Chosen, into a thing of evil. A necromancer sent energy flowing between Firiona and Danak.

Vahlai distilled this power into a crystal vial she carried. Danak then drank the potion and channeled the power through the staff. Its clear gem turned a hideous shade of greenish black as he dedicated the power of the staff to The Faceless, Cazic-Thule. Firiona cried out to Tunare to forgive her; but even as she did so, the Lifeguide shivered and exhaled a miasma of noxious vapors.

As they entered the jungle, Galeth challenged the dark ones and vowed to stop their ritual, but Danak's shriek of triumph shattered the tomblike stillness like a hammer through a windowpane.

Galeth swore that Danak would join his master in the Plane of Fear, and Thubr gathered the ranks and charged through the forest.

The Battle
The song of this battle will be sung for ages! All who gave witness and blade to the battle shall speak of it for centuries to come. Each cut of the air, each drop of blood that fell shall be remembered as if the swords still rang in the jungle heat.

Galeth's sword erupted in fire as he tore into the minions of fear and hate. As Dabner healed them all, Thubr's axe swung like a machine and Dagda's sword protected Ognit while his spells picked off enemies. Dreezil's blade stabbed the evil ones in their backs and Al`Kabor's gaze alone was enough to bring many of the dark ones down.

They finally won their way through to Firiona's side. Galeth's image blurred as the full power of regret and pain gave his sword-arm new strength. Danak was sent reeling until finally his back was against the wall. He surrendered.

The evil ones were taken into custody as Thubr struck the shackles from Firiona's arms and legs. When Galeth took Danak into custody he lost himself in his rage and it took all the efforts of Firiona's companions to stop him long enough to demand the corrupted staff back from the evil shaman. Danak spit in Galeth's face and refused. He hissed that he would not allow the staff out of his grasp save that it be pried from his stiff, cold fingers. Galeth growled that wishes like that could be granted, and began beating him once more.

Danak used the power of the staff to defend himself as he shouted to good and evil folk alike to look upon the cowardly actions of a 'good' paladin who would cut down a surrendered enemy. Thubr rushed to Galeth's side, leaving his prisoners unguarded. With her captors distracted, Vahlai was able to open her shackles with a spell, then did the same for her assistants, Ghargin Bumblok and Rogkasth Vr`I.

Vahlai yelled to Danak that she was free, and the Iksar threw her the staff. She grabbed it in her dark hand and created a portal through which she and her two companions fled to safety, telling Danak to seek her in their "usual place" when the time came.

Firiona rose above her own pain as she begged Galeth to put aside his anger. She said that though the staff was gone it could be found once again.

Unnoticed, Danak pulled a talisman from his armor, chanted some words and faded away even as Tunare herself returned to congratulate Firiona on her freedom and Galeth for the great deeds he had done that day.

Firiona's companions, singly and in groups, gated from the blasted ruins.

The battle may be over for the moment, but there will soon come a day when the Lifeguide will once again make its presence felt in the world. In that day, the companions will again be called upon to put aside their worldly tasks and do Tunare's will.

Until that day, may the peace and hope of the Mother of All guide your path.


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