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Dark Elf Rogue Quest Walkthroughs Levels 1-20

Level 1
Starting NPC: Kriyn
Speak to Kriyn, get yourself a thug scarf from Haltek V'Ghen, he is upstairs, return to Kriyn.

Level 2
Starting NPC: Kriyn
Kriyn next asks you to see Spiritmaster Xoln, who binds you and sends you off to talk with Coachman Lothi.

Level 3
Starting NPC: Agent Cythani
Cythani wants you to learn how to fight. Head out of town and kill ravens, crows or magpies. Bring her two broken raven feathers.

Level 4
Starting NPC: Agent Cythani
Cythani offers to make you a new weapon. She needs you to gather the following ingredients:
Iron Ore - Purchase from Merchant Rokar
A Leather Strap - Purchase from Merchant Rokar
A Flattened Tarantula Eye - Drops from various spiders (some walkthroughs say you need ruined spider fur....)

Level 5
Starting NPC: Cythani
Cythani sends you off to kill fire bats and return to her with a torn fire bat wing. There are found in the hills north of the city.

Level 7
Starting NPC: Guildmaster Kriyn
Find and speak to Waysender Ti'Thox. Give note to him and he will teleport you to Freeport. He is outside of the Blind Fish Tavern.

At the docks - find Maeyni on the South Tower of the Spiteful Shield. To do this go thru the east wall entrance. Go to the southeast part of the keep inside and target around on the ground. You will target a loose rock. When you have it targeted 'talk' to the rock and the ladder will lower and raise you up to Maeyni.

Maeyni sends you to find Biljoe in the coastal village of Temby to get his taxes. Before you leave - make sure you bind in the city. You will need to come back - and it is a hazardous journey.

This is the second village to the north along the coastline. Be careful, as there are lots of RED-REDs along the way. When done port back to Freeport (if you remembered to bind there) and give the taxes to Necorik (in the building Maeyni was on top of - he is downstairs).

Level 10
Starting NPC: Necorik the Ghost
First go talk to Necroik the great at the spiteful shield in FP. He will tell you to go kill a man (cant recall the name atm). You must travel to the river past the orcs messed up house, until you reach the tower, for a landmark it is the bandit area and there will be a broken bridge to your right. All you need is one more person for this quest and the guy is up every night at the beginning of the night until someone kills him. Take the items back to Necroik and he will give you a new dagger.

Level 13
Starting NPC: Necorik the Ghost
This is a long and involved quest. Again start out at Necroik in FP. He tells you some instructions that suck I will get you there faster. But you still must go to the docks and talk to the first agent. Run out of FP through the north exit(past he bazaar area). Then continue North West until you hit a river, then follow that river until you find a trail. Follow this trail and look at every sign you see until you get to one sign that says this way to Sareks tower, run up there and talk to Duminven. Duminven then tells you to go the Bastable and find a person named Eleine and follow her until she meets with her friend, and then slay both of them, returning the contents each has dropped to him.

Travel to Bastable and find Eliene in one of the houses. She will randomly get up and go outside. This is when you know that her friend should have spawned. Her friend is actually a grave robber and he spawns under the bridge which you probably saw going into the town. Go and slay the grave robber first, as he is the easist to kill (blue to a 13th Level). Loot the robbers body and then wait for Eliene. Slay her and loot her body (yellow to a 13). Return the items to Duminven. he will give you a note to take back to the NPC who started the quest.

Level 15
Starting NPC: Necorik the Ghost
Start at necroik and then after he talks to you run to the south until you see the madmen then turn into the ocean and swim to the lady named Tailor Weylian who gives you the rest of the quest one step at a time. She asks you to bring back 3 items from 3 rare spawns in this order: Sidewinder Snakes, Sand Skipper Crabs, and the Gargantula. The mobs can all be found relatively close by, except for the Gargantula, which is a HUGE tarantula out to the far west of Ro... She has you find and kill the mobs one at a time.

After the item from the Gargantula is handed in, the Tailor has you find a merchant in Freeport, that sells Prisitne Vulture Feathers. This is the easy part of the quest, although they are kind of expensive...

After handing in the feathers, the Tailor by the lighthouse makes you a pair of leggings, that aren't that great -- but after those leggings are handed in to your guildmaster, you get a nice pair of leggings.

Level 20
Starting NPC: Necorik the Ghost
Necorik has discovered the mark you found is a fake. Find the real mark and return it to Corious. Speak to Wilkenson at the docks and ask about the real mark. Do not return to Necorik until the real mark has been delivered to William Nothard.

The Troll
Speak to Madame Telina who is east of Agent Wilkenson's location. She was originally located in the guard tower, but was moved further east once the fp orcs were put into play in FP; she can now be found n/e on the coast by a rock, just a few minutes away. She cons as Telina the Dark Witch. She believes the mark is in the hands of a Troll. The Troll is a nasehir cutthroat and can be found traveling with them; his name is Roj Eir Sew' Eil.
Note: from the docks, travel southwest to search for the nasehir camps. He is in the second camp southwest of FP (the camp closest to the coast), surrounded by two green conned nasehir. He's the only Troll in the nasehir camp, and he cons db@20. Clear the area and keep boxes fresh before pulling the Troll.

Find, kill and loot the Mark of Louoth from the slain Troll and return it to Telina the guardtower.

The Pirates
Now Telina sends you south along the coast to Muniel's Tea Garden
Note: Use the coach if you have it, if not, this is a perilous journey, you must travel south for a couple of zones before finding MTG - stay in the water to avoid high level mobs. Sign the coach before tackling your quest.

You're looking for an island off the coast of MTG (N/E of the coach) that has several skeleton pirates on it, they con from lb to yel@20. As soon as you step on the island, the skeletons will attack, kill but don't loot. Search the island for the sand-covered chests near the water (if empty, they will respawn). Continue to slay the skeletons and open the chests until you retrieve the Chiseled Great Axe of Doom. Return to Telina the Dark Witch and show her the axe.

Waterlogged Treasure Chest
Telina tells you of the deep valley she saw in her vision. Travel to this valley and search for treasure.
Note: from the FP coach, head south on the road through the desert and you will come to a gypsy village. From the centre of this camp, look back towards the north/west and you will see Razor Back Fang. Razor Back Fang is a large mountain in the shape of two fangs with a valley in the middle.
For the most part, mobs con blue all the way to the gypsy camp; from the gypsy camp to Razor Back Fang, they con anywhere from LB to red. Climb to the top of fang mountains to avoid all the undead in the valley. You will see a small obelisk in a pool of water. Fall from the mountain to the back of the obelisk and into the water to avoid most mobs. Explore the water around the obelisk and locate the waterlogged chest (avoid the 2 red guardian mobs). Open the chest and retrieve the Etched Helmet of Greatness. Take the helm to Telina.

Speak to Necorik the Ghost.

You will receive 2,814,929xp and
Choose between:
Avoidance, makes your opponent forget that they want to kill you;plus Dune Dagger; and
Minor Wound, a specialized attack, and Rapier of the Burning Sands


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