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The Tavern of Lost Souls

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The Tavern of Lost Souls Empty The Tavern of Lost Souls

Post by Ronson on Mon Aug 09, 2010 11:39 am

The foreboding Deathtoll Bell Tower, it rises higher than most mountains of Norrath. A soul could be lost forever within its hallways and forever is a possibility in the land of undeath that this structure dominates. For all its grandeur, it is not a place anyone hopes to visit. Yet, I find myself in an afterlife odyssey that demands my presence upon the bleak landscape of Ethernere.

If time existed upon this realm, I would have been here for five quatrains, wandering by the lost souls and doppelgangers. Every so often I cross an entity that strikes at my memory, a former friend or treacherous foe. If I can, I help them find their afterlife. If I must, I send them to oblivion. However, souls are never meant to leave the Deathtoll Bell Tower, they were summoned by the far reaching and bone chilling gongs of the bells. No, they must find their penance within the labyrinthine tower. Within this madness I seek the same and much more.

Every so often, I encounter shades in the bell tower, doppelgangers of living entities that are still bound to other realms. Some of these phantasmal counterparts break free of the bewitching bells. Sometimes they gather and perform tasks that mimic the events of another life.

It was on the run from the Harrowing Horde that I found myself in an unexpected place. Within the vastness of the Deathtoll Bell Tower, this was truly the last sight I expected. Before me were gathered a large number of shades and lost souls, each raising a tankard. Behind them stretched a long bar manned by a wide array of barkeeps. I waded through to lose myself amidst the revelry. The Harrowing Horde passed.

Having lost the Harrowing Horde, I found myself in a haunting tavern in Deathtoll Bell Tower. Although you would think that many of these entities would recall their hatred for the drunkard swaying next to them, there was no brawling. Teir'Dal and Koada'Dal drank side by side. Dwarf and ratonga leaned upon each other and swayed in inebriated cadence. This was a haunting safe haven where the lost have forgotten the urgency to escape. This was an eternal tavern where the revelry defied the grim reality of existence.

There are places in Deathtoll Bell Tower that are best departed before they snare you with a bewitching memory. To stay too long will lead to forever. The ghostly tavern I now stood in was such a place. I had best leave at once-but hold! I am a man of music and there in a realm far from mine, I hear it again, having heard it only once before. It was the song of the Church of Ale... so I had a few.

The Ballad of Kaltuk Ironstein

Raise 'em high!
Drink 'em low!
Raise 'em high!
Drink 'em low!

(Lead Vocalist)
Why, let me tell you a story of a lad most dry!
Always stone cold sober, oh it makes me cry...
To think this lad didn't know the joy!
Of a dark frothy ale... Let us pity that boy.

Ohhh, we pity that boy!
Yes, we pity that boy!

(Lead Vocalist)
But a lad is just a dwarf who isn't quite there,
And soon enough, he'd had his share,
The boys down at Stonesgilly made him drink
Quite enough to make a bigger dwarf pink!
Quite enough to make a bigger dwarf pink!

And he said, raise a pint for me, boys!
Yes, raise a pint for me, boys,
Raise a pint for me, boys!
Before I'm on me back
Yes before I'm on me back,
For I'll soon be on me back.

We'll raise a pint for you, boy!
Yes, we'll raise a pint for you, boy!
We'll raise a pint for you, boy!
For you'll soon be on your back,
Yes, you're already on your back!

(Lead Vocalist)
And so our lad grew up and out,
With the help of his lady most fair,
Her amber eyes, her silken sheen,
Her graces brought him his routine.
Of whom, you ask, do I sing?
Ale! Of course! His chosen queen,
Ale, his most beautiful queen.

And he praised her in the mornin',
And he praised her in the evenin',
And he praised her when he labored,
And he praised her when he savored
Life and love in all its ruck!
It twas the ale that brought his luck,
Yes, it twas the ale that brought his luck.

And though this dwarf had found his thrall
It pained him others did not hear the call,
Which he, you see, believe to be
Nothing less than a divine decree,
And so he founded a church most queer,
Upon alcohol's virtues it did cheer.
Yes upon alcohol's virtue's it did cheer!

Imagine that! The church of booze!
Have you ever heard such wonderful news?

No! Impossible! We haven't heard,
Such wonderful news,
As a church to booze.

(Lead Vocalist)
Of course! I'm foolish! To even question...
The wisdom of his particular obsession,
And as I stand here with my stein,
I swear upon this most frothy shrine,
To give thanks and praises all my days
To this dwarf and his inspirational ways!
To this dwarf and his inspirational ways!

Praise the dwarf and his inspirational ways!

(Lead Vocalist)
So raise 'em high with me, boys!
And down 'em low with me, boys!
Raise 'em high with me boys!
And give glory to the gods!

Yes raise 'em high with me, boys!
And down 'em low with me boys,
Raise 'em high with me boys!
And give glory to the gods,
Yes give glory to the gods,
Give glory... in... thy drink!

(All, resounding)
Let's drink!

Thanks so much to Aaron "Gnobrin" Bisnett for passing this along this Brell's Day lore to us for our readers to enjoy!


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