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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:04 am

Elf Magician Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
Quest NPC: Felilnthar Silspin
Felilnthar Silspin wants you to buy a Red Student's Robe. Get one from Initiate Firebringer for free and return to Silspin.

Level 2
Quest NPC: Professor Skysign
Skysign sends you to Spiritmaster Elino who binds you and then sends you to Coachman Thritreel.

Level 3
Quest NPC: Professor Skysign
Skysign wants you to collect two tarantual leg tips for him. Go out of town and kill spiders and return with the leg tips.

Level 4
Quest NPC: Ghelwin Lightweaver
Ghelwin will make you a new staff. To do so, he needs you to fetch the following ingredients:
Strip of Leather - Purchase from Merchant Grener
Bough of Wood - Purchase from Lylora the Bowyer
Two Firefly Thoraxes

Level 5
Quest NPC: Fethinar Silspin
Hatebone Theives have stolen the Elddar Tome. Your job is to kill them and get the seeds. They spawn in the hills south of town.

Level 7
Quest NPC: Fethinar
Talk to Fethinar. He asks you to get the bank keys from the Orc Lock Picker. The orc is located west of the bridge on either side of the path leading to Tethelin.

Level 10
Quest NPC Fethinar Silspin
1. Talk to Fethinar, who sends you to Dolby, who is across the bridge to the south.

2. Dolby sends you to kill an Orc Arsonist and loot his Mallet.

3. Dolby sends you to kill an Orc Chemist and loot his metal flakes.

4. Return to Dolby these items.

5. Dolby sends you to get some powder(Free) from Grocer Peltham, in Teth, up the ramp next to the Coach. Return to Dolby.

Level 13
Quest NPC: Dolby
1. Talk to Dolby, who is just north of the river on the path between Tethelin and Fayspire. He can be found wandering around the underpass on the path. Dolby sends you to kill a Blue-Ribboned Snake(CONs Yel), and loot a Blue-Ribboned Venom Sack. To find the snake; Start at Tethelin and follow the coast north until you pass out of the snowy area, and come across a spire under construction next to a barge. The snake is directly north of the spire, on a hill side. Kill, loot, return to Dolby.

2. Dolby sends you to kill a Zapper Bug(CONs Yel) for its Zapper Stinger. Cross the bridge to the west and follow the river south. Zapper Bugs are found alongside the shore a short run from the bridge. Kill, loot, return to Dolby.

3. Dolby sends you to Grocer Peltham, in Teth. by the coach, to buy a Clay Mixing Vial (its free). Return to Dolby.

4. Dolby sends you to kill a Brown Recluse(CONs Yel), just west of the Blue-Ribboned Snake, by the snowy area, and loot its Recluse Spider Silk. Return to Dolby.

5. Dolby sends you to kill Razor Fang Piranha(CONs Yel), and loot itz Fish Stomach. The fish you need is in the river just to the southwest. From the bridge, swim in a south a small way. kill, loot, return to Dobly.

Level 15
Quest NPC: Dolby
1. Talk to Dolby, he sends you to kill Orc Brutes and loot two (2) Orcish War Medallions. These orcs can be found northeast of the Orc's Lair across the river.

2. Dolby sends you to Tethelin to buy a Silver Glowing Bar for 260 Tunaria from the grocer, you can find him up the first ramp by the coachman.

3. Dolby will give you a Sealed burlap bag, and sends you to Arion, who is located beside the Fayspire Coach.

4. Arion sends you to kill an Orc Raider and bring back Orcish Medal of Bravery. Raiders are found in the same place as the Brutes. Kill, loot, return to Arion.

5. Arion sends you back to Dolby.

6. Dolby rewards you.

Level 20
Quest NPC: Felilnthar Silspin
1. Talk to Felilnthar Silspin, she sends you to Ullie Darktoe in Moradim. Ullie is in the Inn that is located just North of Coachman Doba. The Inn is on the West side of the road.

2. Ullie sends you to Goldfeather Erie to kill an Aviak Basher (CONs Wht) and loot two (2) Tillian bracelets. From the coach area head northwest along the mountains until you enter Aviak country. You will be able to tell by the snow on the ground. Look for a guard tower. To the East of the guard tower, on the hill, find two aviak bashers. Kill, loot two Tillion Bracelets, return to Ullie.
Note: While you're there kill a thrasher and loot a necklace that you'll need for step 4.

3. Ullie Darktoe sends you to to Trinter Yon, across the road, to buy a metal testing kit. Return to Darktoe.

4. Ullie Darktoe sends you to to kill one of the Aviak Thrashers. Return to the same place as the you found the Aviak Bashers. Kill, loot necklace, return to Darktoe.

5. Ullie Darktoe sends you back to Felilnthar Silspin.

6. Felilnthar Silspin rewards you.


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