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Charmable mobs

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Charmable mobs

Post by Ronson on Sat Oct 22, 2011 12:36 am


  • Lion guard and Karbai Nai Brute (takes tries and some don't charm like IoD)
  • Something on the island where the stage play is being held
  • Perhaps something on the island with the Dawn Maiden
  • Dark blues swimming along the coast past that annoying tree in SoM if I remember correctly, phirana don't seem to
  • Drakes & Toxic Breath in Toxx Lair.
The Hunt:

  • Rampaging Rhino, Charging Rhino, Lion Guards, Brutes
Lavastorm & Soluseks Eye:

  • Pedes, Imps, Hydras, Lava Basilisks, Shambling Magma, Iron Crawler...
Plane Of Sky:

  • Special wisp given by Creature Tamer
  • The creatures in the tunnels on Sun 2 (Imerzan Sycophant)...

  • Volatile wisp out in the CT area
  • Great Eagles,Forest Guardians, Geists
  • Ice Giant Wizard or Sage
  • High Wizards in Oasis spire
  • Special snakes not far from Elemental Towers
  • A huge spider near the Endless Tower, it's babies
  • In Chardith's city and lair... Chaos Knights, Moon Wraiths, Magus
  • High level wisps and griffons near wandering spectres
  • The vultures near High level bandit camp near Oasis
Elephant Graveyard:

  • Bone Hunters
Burial Mounds:

  • Black panthers (big ones) found them while running from ant colonies zone.
Cazic Thule:

  • Volatile Wisp

  • Waterlogged Ghoul,
  • Dune Hydra,
  • (gargoyle) Servants... Some stuff in basement perhaps.
  • Mummies,
  • Jal Raeth Commoner
  • Annointed Skeleton (frequent mana tap)
  • Annointed Zombie (huge str tap)
  • Accursed Rat
  • Accursed Zombie (dot)
Geomancers Citidal:

  • Golems and Armors. The Armors (Spectral Rallusions) are weak to AR and classified as undead though.
Plane Of Disease:

  • Patrons
  • Frogs
Island Of Dread:

  • Marrionettes (take tries, seem to be immune to DT)
  • undead boars
  • Dead Rider
  • Wickermen
  • feculant roach (usually takes a few tries)
Zaoran Plateau:

  • Bolash Bats

  • Sand Giants

  • Tenacious Frost Giants

  • Ice Giant Refugees and the higher level ones there now.

  • level 50 Druid NPC

  • level 50 caster NPC
Dshinn's Redoubt:

  • Lost Souls
Rumors: (at one time these mobs were charmable, but due to exploits they were removed from the list)

  • Siliskor
  • Dreadnaught
  • Paradise Basilisk
  • Hand Of Thule


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