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Overlord Xrag, Son of Xrag and Bone Sentinel

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Overlord Xrag, Son of Xrag and Bone Sentinel Empty Overlord Xrag, Son of Xrag and Bone Sentinel

Post by Ronson on Sun Oct 23, 2011 4:13 pm

Overlord Xrag, Son of Xrag and Bone Sentinel (undead mammoth) are named mobs in Elephant Graveyard.

  • EG Stones: Overloard Xrag, Son of Xrag and Bone Sentinel drop a lvl 60 stone class specific with a certain amount of charges. Supposedly the stones drop off other rare mobs in EG as well.

  • Returning Stone: Charges 500 All/All Envoking this stone creates a Returning Home potion (Lvl 1 no rent, lore, tradeable) almost as fast as an evac

  • Serpent's Heart: Charges: 1(auto-recharges) Race: ALL Class: AlC Level: 60 Description: A gem of emerald green. It's said to weep the purest poison known to nature. Great power is gifted to those daring enough. Effect: produces a draught, same effect as 45 draught.

  • Alchemist-Returning Stone returning stone, 500 charges, Cast: 2 seconds Effect: creates a no trade, no rent returning pot that gives you a 1-2 second evac to rh, self only.

  • Bard (Song of Ages) 5% xp boost to group, dur 30 min, 100 charges

  • Cleric (name unknown)10k dmg on undead mobs

  • Druid (Sacred Spring) 100 hot for 30 mins. Targetable. 15 sec cast time. 0 sec recast. 500 power cost.

  • Enchanter (Adoration Stone) takes 1000 power from Enc and maxes their CHA. Charges: 500 Lvl 60 Lore. The golden topaz captivates all who look upon it. It promises great things, but at a great cost.

  • Mage (Paraelemental Stone) summons Mud Paraelemental Charges: 500 Race: ALL Class: MAG Level: 60 Description: This small globule of clay seems to slowly change its shape, continuously. Its obviously enchanted.

  • Monk (Blind Man’s Lantern) Charges: 20 Effects: 300 WIS 1000 PoT 30 sec duration, self buff

  • Necromancer (name unknown)2k AC buff

  • Paladin - no stone, but weapon instead. Heartwood Lance

  • Ranger (Rune of the white wolf) Charges: 500 Race: HUM ELF Level: 60 LORE Description: Etched into this stone is the rune of the Great White Wolf, a legendary creature that symbolizes lycanthropy. Wolf form 15 min duration, adds 300 to str and dex, increases hps by 5000 (no xp while using it)

  • Rogue (Shadowstone) Charges: 500 Level: 60 Description: This small gem acts as a portal to a realm of absolute shadow. The user can draw forth a shadow knife at will from it. 805 dmg, 28 Dex 28 Wis 35 Range

  • Shadowknight (Accursed Stone) Charges: 500 Level: 60 LORE Description: Effect: 300str buff zombie illusion 4 off mods aoe self dot(-800 HoT)

  • Shaman (Spiritstone) Charges 50 Race: Trl Ogr Bar Lvl 60 Lore Description: This small bit of ivory has been carved to resemble a human skull. it allows a brief venture into the the realm of the dead. Effect: gives you1 HP for 15 seconds, but you're immune to dmg, invincibility for around 15-20 seconds

  • Warrior no stone, instead they get Bonecleaver. 1hs-primary, DMG 675, Dex 20 dur 70 procs for 200 dmg.

  • Wizard (Phoenix Reborn) Charges:100 Lvl 60 Lore. Description: A fiery red stone inscribed with the symbol of a phoenix. Somehow you know something destructive will happen if you use it. 9999 nuke with 5k aoe...kills the wiz upon casting (14,999 damage to self)

Overlord Xrag:

Have at least one group in each corner of the temple, because he ports around (By one group in each corner, I mean, one level down from his spawn). Each group should stay put and attack the overlord when it comes to them, don't chase him around. Each group should have a healer. Keep your con on him even when he's out of your attack range.

Do not stop hitting him, if you do he will reset. He will also port people and they will have to run back. A good tip is to put a healer/sow'er at the port spot. Clear all the mobs by pulling them inside upstairs, and have a Refresher who's only job is to refresh. When he ports corner to corner, it seems his agro table is cleared.

Son of Xrag:

Can be pulled through the wall with a pet, although adds are likely, be ready. Has a 10k nuke, make sure patchers keep tank at maximum health. If tank is just down a couple bars, could mean the difference between life and death.

Bone Sentinel:

Tanks pull this beast away from the group preferably an area with obstructions so the others can seek cover from the AoE. This DoT is nasty and unless you have one healer for each player any attempt on BS will fail. The rest of the raiders need to dodge the AoE and hammer this thing to hell.


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