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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:34 am

Dark Elf Wizard Quest Walkthroughs Levels 1-20

Level 1
Quest NPC Sorceress X"Lottl
Speak to Sorceress X'Lottl. Purchase a blue sash from Merchant Kalosk. Return to Sorceress X'Lottl.

Level 2
Quest NPC Sorceress X"Lottl
Speak to Sorceress X'Lottl. Go speak to Spiritmaster Rendor. Go speak to Coachman Lothi. Return to Sorceress X'Lottl.

Level 3
Quest NPC Sorceress X`Lottl
Speak with Wizard S'Kor. Go to Nektulos and kill sparkflies/fireflies/emberflies to get 2 damaged firely wings. Return the damaged firely wings to Wizard S'Kor.

Level 4
Quest NPC Sorceress X`Lottl
Speak to Wizard S'Kor. Go to Merchant Kertal to purchase cloth yard and common thread. Go To Nektulos and kill snakes to get a sliver of snake meat. Return to Wizard S'Kor and turn in the items.

Level 5
Quest NPC Sorceress X`Lottl
Speak to Wizard S'Kor. Go to Nektulos and kill fire bats for torn fire bat wing. Return the torn fire bat wing to Wizard S'Kor.

Level 7
Quest NPC Sorceress X`Lottl
Talk to sorceress and then go to waysender just outside of conclave. From there go see chef blognart in location map pots. Go outside and head west to get to southside of mountains and obtain 2 crab leg segments.

Level 10
Zone Al Farak Ruins
Quest NPC Sorceress X"Lottl
Go to entrance of Neriak. Then head direct west across the river. Jareks N'Toxic's tent is the red on across the river. He will send you to get parts that you need. You will need a crab shell from a darkshell crab directly east of neriak near the red spire. Then he will send you across the river for pincers from the fungas roaches. After returning the items he will give you a last chance to get help or items before facing his creation. Once it kills him it will attack you. Defeat it and return with its mutilated shell.

Level 13
Quest NPC Sorceress X"Lottl
Speak with Sorceress X'Lottl to start quest. Then go to Lady Foresa U'dene who is next to the conclave and on the second floor of the house on far left. She wants ancient bracelet and locked box of something. Take with at least 260 tunar before you go to Freeport by Waysendor.

Travel north along the coast and find Merchent Gangril has the ancient bracelet. Then go upstairs to the only dark elf on the second floor to get the locked box.He says he gave it to someone, so go back to Lady U'Dene.

The dragoon V'Ghen can be found if you go to the east coast and then head north. He is on the top of the tower. He will tell you his brother is downstairs in the tent. Travel back to U'Dene and then back to the dark elf in Freeport on the second floor to unlock the box.

Level 15
Quest NPC Sorceress X"Lottl
Sorceress X'Lottl sends you to speak to Zelthil J'Narus who is located on the second floor of the leftmost building in the House of J'Narus area in Neriak.

He sends you to Freeport to buy a 'Lantern of Ages' off of Merchant Gilgash. It costs 260 tunar.

After returning to Zelthil he sends you to the 'Crest of the Duelists'. This is the graveyard located due west from Neriak across the river. He wants a 'Gem of Fury' which is dropped by 'Lost Thoughts'. Lost thoughts are level 15 and cast for about 80 damage.

When you return he sends you due south of Neriak to a hill with Oriote Ravens. He wants a feather off them. The ravens are level 15 and have a mean damage over time spell that does roughly 20 per tick.

This time he sends you to give the Lantern, now with an enchantment on it, to Lady Furess U'Dedne. Give it to her then return to Zelthil. He will send you back to Sorceress X'Lottl.

Level 20
Starting NPC: Sorceress X' Lottl
1. Talk to Sorceress X' Lottl. He says that Zelthil J'Narus needs your services again.

2. Zelthil, sends you to Quartermaster T'Nak, in Ft. Seriak.

3. T'Nak wants 1,000 tunar. He sends you to kill a Courier B' Malin(CONs LB) traveling along the River Saren. Exit Neriak heading North/West towards the River Saren, cross the river to the South/West side and run along it heading North/West. Courier B' Malin. He will mostly be in the Collonridge Cemetary zone (N/E). Kill, loot, return to Zelthi

4. Zelthi sends you to kill two MOBs, Groundskeeps at Collinridge Cemetary and Castle Felstar. Both CONs Yel.

4.1 From Neriak, due west in the middle of Lake Nerius is Castle Felstar and Groundskeeper F' Redai. Kill, loot a Femur bone.

4.2 From Neriak, head southeast to Collonridge Cemetary. Groundskeeper W' Lai is found in the Tomb of Elders, to the left side of the courtyard from the entrance. Kill, loot Finger bone.

5. Return bones to Zelthil, he sends you to Sorceress X' Lottl.

6, Talk to Sorceress X' Lottl for your reward.


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