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Grundle Empty Grundle

Post by Ronson on Sun Oct 23, 2011 5:00 pm

Grundle is huge golem in an underwater cave in Geomancers Pass.

When he dies, everyone in the area 55+ are flagged to begin the Arios 55 Quest (do not quit game until you log the quest, otherwise you may lose the flag). Try and ensure you are in LoS when he dies, and not too far away, not sure how big the flag is. A good low level raid mob, although the loot he drops is not that great (tank bracers not bad).

Grundle is similar to Avatar of Love. You can't melee him. Any melee damage you do, sets off his heal ds. Tanks just taunt, melees only use abilities, and petters, cast on him. Maxing your AR and CR will reduce the damage Grundle delivers. Nec's Expose debuffs pierce and slash for about 15 secs.


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