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Lady Vox

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Lady Vox Empty Lady Vox

Post by Ronson on Sun Oct 23, 2011 5:26 pm

Lady Vox is a beautiful ice dragon in Vox Castle, Permafrost. She is both a random spawn, and a quest spawn for the Lavastorm 57, (where you'll need to turn her into Enraged Lady Vox).

You find her by going in the side door on the right, not the main entrance to the castle. She is a rare spawn, and will require camping.

Tank should max on CR and PR and have high Agi/AC gear. The only real attack you need to worry about is her AoE, which does about 2000 damage unresisted, and is used about every 5 rounds. There are plenty of spots for everyone to hide from it. Like dreadnaughts, keep hidden, pop out and cast and hide again. You'll need to clear the room of the hounds, prior to engaging Lady Vox, in order to eliminate adds. Map of Vox's lair

She drops the 4 robes of Shawl's of the Winter Queen's Shawl (NTL). This item is needed for the Plane of Sky portal quest.


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