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King Daran

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King Daran

Post by Ronson on Sun Oct 23, 2011 5:47 pm

King Daran is a named mob in Solusek's Eye.

He is not a quest mob. He's either up or he's not. He's located quite a fair ways into Solusek.

He has a bad aoe. Placement of healers and casters to avoid the aoe is very important.

KD will debuff agi and AC leaving a tank with just their def mods (Beowulf talks about him having a melee based AoE). Ensure one person keeps the boxes of the elites and fire reavers fresh so you don't get spawned in the middle of the fight.

King Daran strategy
First, kill all the fire elites and fire reavers. They have a bad aoe. All pacters stand in the hallway BEFORE you turn left into the mob room. On the left side of hallway is a pillar at the corner. All necs stac (put each other on ignore so you can ALL stand in the exact same spot, once stacked take each other off ignore) behind the lip of the pillar, making sure you have LoS on MT. Check pacts on tank, make sure they'll go off. Make sure all patchers get batteries to support them or they will go oom. Casters/melees stand back farther down the hall.

Tank pulls a fire elite (hopefully only one), brings it back where patchers have los but are out of the AoE. Tank and kill, repeat until all mobs in that room are dead. Assign one person the task of keeping the boxes fresh-you don't want these to respawn while trying to take down King Daran.

Now raid force can move in the room where the elites/reavers were. Look towards the long causeway in the lava that heads towards King Daran. You're going to want to do the same thing, strategy wise, that you just did-hide pacters from aoe while mainting los on tank.
The wall on the right side of the entrance to King Daran has a pillar on it. All necs/patchers again stack, behind the lip of this pillar; casters/meless (because they have long range spell/bow attacks) can stand back to avoid AoE rather than stack.
For the Main Tank, ensure you know exactly where to stand to ensure patchers will have LoS on you, but mob won't AoE your patchers. If you have sufficient supoprt, pull each of the four guards around King Daran back to your spot (if support is limited, have a designated puller bring each of the mobs to you instead) Pets passive, and no one attacks until MT has aggro from puller .
"If you're not in los, get in it and if you're in the AoE, get outta it." Fredjones 2006.

Once those four mobs are down, KEEP BOXES FRESH (remember to keep the elite/reaver boxes fresh as well). Now, have puller pull King Daran to tank. Tank, kill, loot, congrats!

Graknar/Cave Hydra is near this spot as well, and if he's up, looks pretty cool. Kill him and hopefully he'll drop a Broken Blade (this quest is hard work but the rewards are worth it). The broken blade is also rumored to protect you from lava splashes at both King Daran and Nagafen.


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