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Guk Loot Table

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Guk Loot Table Empty Guk Loot Table

Post by Ronson on Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:35 pm

Froglok Templar (entrance, drops a lame belt)
Trub (drops a 2H weapon and the coveted Webbed Tunic)
Heart Spider Queen (necklace drop or proccing level 31 dagger)
Froglok Shaman (supposed to have a name, but doesn't, Coat of Mugwort OR Lupzup's Leggings)
Agra (dropped a 2H staff)
Froglok Merchant (drops an all/all red cap)
Froglok Warden (drops froglok crossbow)
Jade Hornfly (drops 2H jade staff OR Jade Belt)
Fungal Gatherer (drops the fungal shield)
Fungal Devout (drops mushroom cap)
Froglok Captain (drops captain's badge, neckpiece)
Froglok Invoker (drops jade totem)
Lord Hoptar (drops gloves or SSOY)
Summoner Buggup (drops a 2h staff or a fungal ring)
Froglok Channeler (drops everclear slippers)
Shutaak (drops fungal tunic or fungal warblade)
Ghoul Cabalis (drops 2H staff) Rubbip (drops earring or death's head)
Shocking Eel (drops shocking foil)
Gnawtooth (I think that's the name of the gator, been awhile since I've seen, drops earring)
Froglok Executioner (drops Executioner's Axe OR Executioner's Hood (rogue helm))
Froglok Assassin (drops mask (rogue helm) or bonesaw)
Froglok King (drops ykesha, crown, mithril sword, or ring)


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