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Lord Pickclaw Loot Table

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Lord Pickclaw Loot Table Empty Lord Pickclaw Loot Table

Post by Ronson on Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:38 pm

Tank Helm: ??? Sash: 40sta 170hp

Melee Helm: 20str 20agi 170hp Sash: 40dex 170hp

Monk Druid Alc Helm: 20sta 20dex 170hp Sash: 40int 170hp

Caster Helm: 20sta 20dex 170pwr Sash: 40int 170pwr

Healer Helm: 20sta 20dex?? 170pwr (should the dex be cha?) Sash: 40wis 170pwr


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