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Oggok - Ogre Necromancer Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
NPC: Asogwe Greth
Asogwe Greth sends you to Merchant Filgo to get a Muddy Robe. Head south to the base of the ramp to find Merchant Filgo. Return to Asogwe Greth.

Level 2
Quest NPC: Asogwe Greth
1. Talk to Asogwe Greth, she sends you to Spiritmaster Korg. Find the ramp to the south that leads up and upon reaching the top head west out of this area and proceed till you come to the next open area. From here you should be able to con Spiritmaster Korg directly in front of you.

2. Spiritmaster Korg sends you to Coachman Dilga. There is an opening to the southwest from Korg. Head through this opening and continue in a westerly direction through what appears to be a structure with walls and has merchants. When you have passed through this structure, on the other side of it is another huge stone doorway. Go to this doorway and stop. You should be able to con Coachman Dilga who should be on your left.

3. Return to Asogwe Greth.

Level 3
Quest NPC: Asogwe Greth
Talk to Asogwe Greth, he sends you to kill Centipedes, which can be found in the area where you see a guard running around killing them. You need two (2) slivers of Centipede Meat. Kill, loot, return Asogwe Greth.

Level 4
Quest NPC: Asogwe Greth
1. Talk to Asogwe Greth,

2. Buy two items from Merchant Orf, a stripe of leather, and piece of iron ore.

3. You need a 'Chipped' Raven Beak. Go out the North Gate and kill birds, till you get the drop.

4. Return to Asogwe Greth.

Level 5
Quest NPC: Asogwe Greth
Talk to Asogwe Greth, he sends you to kill a Lizardman Outcast (CONs yel to red), which can be found at an abandoned tower to the southwest. Head out the South gate and go west. Kill, loot scale, return to Asogwe Greth.

Level 7
Quest NPC: Si Pwen Noora
1. Talk to Si Pwen Noora, who is located in the room with a pit full of centipedes. She sends you to a guard named Fraug, who is in the outpost near Moggok's Gate. Head out the south Gate, follow road to Moggok's Gate.

2. Fraug says Lork was buried by the catapult on the opposite side of the building. Approaching the catapult will spawn Lork.

3. Talk to Lork, he sends you to find a Craknek camp. Head east, and search along the road for a Craknek camp on the north side of the road near Moggok's Gate. Find a shallow grave, which is a popup, break fingers, return to Lork.

4. Lork tells you the name of the one who killed him was Gred the Boko. Return to Si Pwen Noora.

5. Si Pwen Noora rewards you.

Level 10
Quest NPC: Si Pwen Noora
After reaching lvl 10 and speaking with Si Pwen Noora, you are told to magically travel to Neriak using the Shimmering Portal and speak with Pazin J'Esal. The shimmering portal's location can be found by going to coachman Dilga and head west through the huge stone doorway then head south through the next huge stone doorway and stop once your through. Look to the west and you should see a large boulder. The shimmering portal is hidden behind it and is con-able.

Speak to the portal and it will port you magically to Neriak. (You can now use this portal to travel back and forth to Neriak anytime you wish). Once in Neriak head south till you come to the Blind Fish Tavern. Go inside and speak with Pazin J'Esal.

Pazil is angry over some dealings with a human necromancer name Korpus. There is a bounty on his head and he requires you to travel to Freeport and do away with him. As you leave Neriak, first travel down the road to the huts below and sign the coachman's ledger. Then follow the road further till you come to the river. Run or swim south down the river. The river runs all the way through bobble and down to the ocean just north of Freeport. Once you reach the ocean, Feeport lies directly over the hill to the south. Go over the hill and find the north gate and enter the city of Freeport. As you approach the entrance of the city you will receive a pop-up which alerts you to Korpus's whereabouts and that you must buy an anointed sapphire so you can capture Korpus's spirit.(note: you must get this first pop up in order for Korpus to spawn for you. So make sure you get the popup near the north gate of Freeport before continuing.)

A merchant named Gilgash owns a shop near the docks on the south side of Freeport. Make sure you have 250 tunar with you and make your way to the south end of Freeport and find Gilgash's shop by the wooden docks. Quickly buy the anointed sapphire and then head east along the shoreline until you find Korpus and kill him. Once dead your anointed sapphire will change to a charred sapphire letting you know you were successful in trapping his soul in the sapphire. Now you can return home to Oggok and take the charred sapphire to Si Pwen Noora to finish the quest. .

You receive 556,753 xp and Noora gives you a new item called the Charred Sapphire Staff

Level 13
Quest NPC: Si Pwen Noora
Upon reaching the 13th lvl, Si Pwen Noora has a task for you. Noora explains that he has learned from Korpus's spirit, that a place of permanent death exists and those spirits, which are not guided back to their resurrection are lost. In order to find this place you will need to get a seeing stone. However, the seeing stone is deadly and can only be carried in a special pouch. Noora send you out to gather the 2 materials needed to create this special pouch.

Item 1 The Lizzardman Sneak Hide - Head out the south gate of oggok and travel along the south shoreline of the lake to find the lizzardmen's camp. Kill the lizzardman sneak and loot its hide. Return to Noora and give him the hide.

Item 2 The Basilisk Gut - Go back to the main area of you guild and purchase the Basilisk Gut from Merchant Filgo. Take the Basilisk Gut back to Noora.

After you have given the Basilisk Gut to Noora and received the special satchel, Noora sends you back out the south gate to retrieve the seeing stone on a small island to the south. Once outside the gate head south along the road till you come to a guard tower. Leave the road and head directly west until you come to the small island with the head stone on it. You are required to place you hand in the head stone and pull out the seeing stone. When you do this, a bunch of roaches will spawn and attack you so be buffed and prepared to fight before you approach the head stone. The roaches con green, but the large number of them can make for an interesting fight. Use your abilities to suck their life and heal yourself often. Once you have defeated the roaches, return to Noora and give him the seeing stone in the satchel to finish the quest.

You will receive 550,698 xp and Noora will give you a new ability called Ward Death.

Level 15
Quest NPC: Si Pwen Noora
Buy an anointed ruby from Merchant Filgo and bring it back.
Travel to Neriak via the Shimmering Portal, and kill Bouncer Frada. Bouncer Frada should con yellow, and is near the river, report back to Si Pwen Noora.
Si Pwen Noora now needs you to get oil from the Necrapede, they are south of Oggok.
Annoint Frada's remains and bury them on the island topped with mushrooms. Report back to Si Pwen Noora.
Now you must unearth the remains and shatter the anointed ruby. Observe, and tell Si Pwen if anything happens other than the zombie just standing there. Report back to Si Pwen.

Level 20
Starting NPC:: Asogwe Greth
1. Talk to Asogwe Greth, he sends you in search of an old ogre named Argra. He tells you to talk to people in Honjur.

2. Coach to Honjur and talk to Grugnik Blackface north of coach in building with banker. He sends you to get four (4) Triad Stones from Druid and Ranger Trainees(CONS LB to DB). Go out the western gate and head straight Northwest. On top of a hill you will see an outpost. Kill trainees until you have 4 stones, then return to Grugnik.

3. Grugnik sends you to Wyndhaven to kill Dertax Redgrin(CONs Yel). Coach to Wyndhaven, Dertax is a guard that walks the road from the inn to the little keep south along the road. Kill, loot, return to Grugnik.

4. Grugnik needs 525 tunar.

5. Grugnik tells you that Argra is the big bear(Gertrude) in Bear Cave(SW), on the side of a mountain.

6. Talk to the bear, then return to Asogwe Greth.

7. Asogwe Greth rewards you with 2.81 million XPs. Your Reward choices are a Dagger with the Life Path, or a Staff with the Power Path.


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