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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:46 am

Human West Alchemist Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
Starting NPC: Jergish Anaebarum
Speak to Jergish Anaebarum, the Guildmaster. He tells you to go upstairs and purchase a Torn Uniform from Merchant Berg.

Level 2
Starting NPC: Jergish Anaebarum
Speak to Jergish Anaebarum. He sends you to see Spiritmaster Decia, just outside the guild. Now you are sent to speak with Coachman Billfer.
Note: follow the midroad north. A signpost guides you to the Marketplace. The entrance to the city is east of the Marketplace. Follow the road east; Coachman Billfer is in the stables on the south side of the road.
Report back to Jergish Anaebarum.

Level 3
Starting NPC: Jergish Anaebarum
Speak to Jergish Anaebarum. He tells you to speak to Kelin, who is right behind him, to continue your training. You must slay bats to retrieve a ruined bat wing, and snakes to recover a cracked snake fang. Return these items to Kelin.
6,900xp and receive the Hardening Agent scroll

Level 4
Starting NPC: Kelin
Speak to Kelin. He offers to make you a pair of gloves if you get him the necessary components:
-purchase tailored gloves from Merchant Baine (He is near the city gates; on the bottom floor of the building near the east gate; 75 tunar)
-slay rats outside the city until you obtain a Cracked Rat Claw the armory near the entrance to Qeynos for 75 Tunar.
Return with these items to Kelin.
17,000xp and receive the Alchemist's Gloves

Level 5
Starting NPC: Kelin
Speak with Kelin. Gnolls in the area have been incresing their attacks on caravans and citizens. They have a new leader named Welsish Darkpaw. Slay Welsish or any named Gnoll and return with Welsish's Orders.
Note: Head northwest along the road past the stables. You will find Welsish Darkpaw's camp in the hills to the north. Welsish is a magic caster so protect yourself against magical spells before engaging in battle. There may be other named gnolls in the center tent instead of Welsish. Slaying any of these darkpaws (CON red@5) and retrieving Welsish's orders will complete this quest.

Obtain the Orders and return to Kelin.
36,500xp and receive the Crude Refinement scroll

Level 7
Starting NPC: Kelin
Speak to Kelin. He tells you to speak to Jergish Anaebarum. Jergish needs some druidic hide. Travel to the north druid ring and kill druidic cadavers (CON yel@7) until you obtain a hide.
Note: From the Qeynos gate, travel north of Qeynos, past the guardtower. There is an ancient druid ring there that is cursed and haunted; it casts and eerie green glow.

Return a druidic hide to Jergish Anaebarum.
157,474xp and receive the Crude Sublimation scroll and the Battered Alchemist's Boots

Level 10
Starting NPC: Jergish Anaebarum
1. Talk to Jergish Anaebarum. He tells you to talk to his friend Mechanic Dweezle (Dweezle is a gnome, at the clock tower in front of the bank in the marketplace).

2. Dweezle needs you to find the thief who stole one of the clock's gears. Dweezle's description of the thief was a person with brown hair wearing padded armour and carrying a staff.
Note: Go east past the stables and follow the road south that leads to the Silent Fist Monastery. From the order, travel east. Before long you will see a small village to the southeast. It's a little fenced place with a stable but no coachman and a little house.

3. Once in the village, talk to Garb (CONs red@10), who matches Dweezle's description of the thief. Garb has a dog, that cons db. Kill Garb, and his little dog too, and retrieve the small gear. Return to Dweezle with the small gear.

4. Dweezle now needs some oil from the swamp to the north. He gives you a jar. Collect the ooze; then go into your inventory and 'use' the jar. The ooze will go into the jar and the item will now be called 'an ooze filled jar' and be in your inventory under misc.
Note: From the Qeynos gate, travel north. At the guardtower on Wyndhaven road, head east to reach the swamp. You'll see a house in the distance with Gildan in it; the moat around the house has petroleum ooze in it. The ooze cons red@lvl 10.

5. Return to Dweezle and give him 'an ooze filled jar'. Return to Jergizh Anaebarum.
556,753xp and receive the Small Dagger

Level 13
Starting NPC: Jergish Anaebarum
1. Talk to Jergish Anaebarum. He tells you that the funding to the order is going to be cut unless you can locate the poachers that have been stealing from local cities. Reports say the poachers have been seen near Whale Hill. Search the area for clues.
Note: Shady Poachers are located north of the petroleum ooze swamp. To get there, go north from Qeynos; when you reach the second guardtower head northeast and note the large hill in the distance. Climb that hill and face east (Whale Hill (c)). Follow the ridge that goes east until it ends. Now look down and you should see gnoll camps; search this area to find Shady Poachers (CON wht@13). The surrounding wildlife is dangerous; be careful.

2. The poachers carry pieces of a map that show the location of their stronghold. Slay the poachers in order to gather the four pieces of the map so the order can get their funding back: a torn piece of map, a tattered piece of map, a ripped piece of map, and a shabby piece of map. If you get a duplicate, destory the one you have to loot the new one so your mob will respawn quicker.
Return to Jergish with the four pieces.

3. Just as you approach your guildhouse, you get a popup that says the wind picks up and blows a piece of the map from your hands. You see the map fly high above the front gates of the city. So you make your way back towards the front gate; as you reach the inner gates, you get another popup that tells you that you see the map piece fly to the top of the clocktower. So you head to the clocktower. Just as you're about to grab the piece from the clocktower, another popup tells you that the wind picks it up again, and it flies over the city wall. Return to your guildhouse. As you near the guidlhouse, you wil get a popup telling you that you find the map piece near your feet-pick it up. Return to Jergish Anaebarum.

4. Jergish tells you that he needs special glue to put the map back together. Take 207 tunar with you and travel to Hagley and speak with Merchant Dwindel who can be found near the well on the south side of town (next to an empty stable). Pay Dwindel the 207 tunar to purchase the super strong glue and return to Jergish Anaebarum.
Note: Follow the north path out of town along the Western Highpass Trade Road to reach Hagley.
550,698xp and receive the Crude Quickening scroll

Level 15
Starting NPC: Jergish Anaebarum
1. Jergish needs your help to find the base of operations for the pachers and report back to Qeynos with your finding. Take the note from Jergish to Merchant Dwindle in Hagley.

2. In order for Dwindle to make the potion Jergish needs for his plan, you need to collect two ingredients: treant fruit/berries from a thornless treant, and the hide of a frantic badger.
Thornless Treat: You can find the thornless treant wandering near Jethro's Cast. Travel north from Hagley along the path. When the path ends, travel northwest to the shoreline. Cross the water. The thornless treants (CON wht@15, but are casters) are in a valley not far from the water's edge. OR, coach to Surefall Glade and head west.
Frantic Badgers: The frantic badgers (CON wht@15) are in Bear Cave (ne). From Hagley, follow the path east to the mountainsides. Start searching for the frantic badgers along the grass-covered mountainsides.
Return to Dwindle with the components and then return to Jergish in Qeynos.

3. The poachers are getting ready to make their move so now is the time to implement Jergish's plan. Return to Hagley and get the potion from Merchant Dwindle.

4. Now travel to Whale Hill where you previously battled the pachers. With the potion Dwindle made, you can lure out the poacher boss; go into your inventory and 'use' the potion and you will be changed into a badger. Head to the top of the hill where the poachers are, and the named leader (CONs wht@15) will spawn. Slay the poacher boss and collect the poacher's emblem. Return to Jergish
883,791xp and receive the Faulty Refinement scroll and Jergish's Bracers

Level 20
Starting NPC: Jergish Anaebarum
1. Talk to Jergish, there is a problem with the order. After the badger incident, local animals have begun to rise up and revolt. He sends you to search for leaders of rogue animals around the continent. Jergish gives you a note and sends you to Professor Earnum in Surefall Glade (north of Qeynos-sign the coach).

2. Give the note from Jergish to Professor Earnum in Surefall Glade. Earnum has heard of a revolt in Greyvax's Caves north of Surefall Glade. Earnum will give you a concoction to use to return to him. You are sent to kill Snow Leopard Heralds (CON wht@20) until you obtain a hide.
Note: Head to Greyvax Cave, the Snow Leopard Herald can be found near the little village you visit for your Level 23 quest (Bram D'Lizo). It walks around on top of a hill. Start from the big statue with the glowing shield and run West. You should then come across it. Use Earnum's Concoction to return back to Earnum.

3. Earnum tells you there are now problems with animals to the south of Surefall Glade. You are sent to kill a Grave Rat Herald (CONs White), near Aviak Village (C ). Kill. loot the pelt, and use another Earnum's Concoction to return.

4. Earnum needs ingredients for her potions, go to Hagley and buy some from Merchant Dwindel for 580 tunar. Return to Earnum.

5. There is one last uprising you need to squelch. Earnum sends you to kill a Young Bear Herald (CONs White) near Blackburrow. Kill, loot pelt, return to Earnum, and return to Jergish for your reward.
Note: travel southeast from SFG to reach Blackburrow in the Plains of Karana. The mobs in and around Blackburrow are very dangerous, invis.

You will receive 2,814,929xp and choose between:
Klick'Anon Cocktail, massive AoE potion; OR,
Student's Knack, increases your powerpool as well as your regeneration.


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