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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:32 pm

Human-West Surefall Glade Druid Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
Quest NPC: Shiol Anara
Shiol asks you to buy a Leaf Covered Jerkin. Get one from Merchant Lensian for free. Lensian is down stairs!

Level 2
Quest NPC: Shiol Anara
Shiol sends you off to talk with Spiritmaster Terent, who is just outside of your guild. Shiol then sends you to Coachman Frender, head sw from Spiritmaster.

Level 3
Quest NPC: Shiol Anara
Shiol wants you to polish your fighting skills by killing bats. Bring her back three slivers of bat meat. Bats can be found outside of SFG, they are not too far!

Level 4
Quest NPC: Falwyn Breen
Falwyn Breen will make you a new weapon. He needs you to gather the following items:

A Walking Stick - Purchase from Merchant Lensian, inside of Druid's guild!
Falcon Feathers - Purchase from Bowyer Aymrite, near the lake by the shooting range.
Shattered Ant Chitin by killing Ants
Cracked Beetle Mandible by killing Firebeetles

Both mobs are just outside of SFG.

Level 5
Quest NPC: Shiol' Anara
Talk to Shiol, who sends you to kill Surefall Shamblers (CONs Yel) and loot their eye. You can find Shamblers by heading soutwest into the hills. Shamblers roams in between the hills. Or, by following the outer wall of the glade east and then north.

Level 7
Quest NPC: Shiol Anara
1. Talk to Shiol, who sends you to a druidic stonehenge. To find it; head out of SFG, follow road east, you will run right into it.

2. Enter towards the center of the stonehenge, you will trigger a popup, choose to pickup the bow. Return to Shiol.

3. Shiol take the bow and gives you a stone to place in the center of the stonehenge. Return to the stonehenge and enter towards the center, you will get a popup, choose to place stone. Return to Shiol.

Level 10
Quest NPC: Shiol' Anara
1. Talk to Shiol, who sends you to kill a Gnoll Shaman Forager (CONs DB) and loot his herbs. The shaman is a trigger spawn. To find the Shaman Forager, exit SFG and follow the road west until you reach Ranger Gaffy's guard tower. From there, head south, almost to the edge of the zone. The trigger spot is in a valley between two small hills. Kill, loot, return to Shiol.

2. Shiol sends you to Vendilion, who can be found in the southern coridor on the right of the "main hallway" in Qeynos. he is in the building to your right as you enter the area.

3. Vendilion sends you to Derosh, the Quartermaster in Wymondham. This village is located northeast (Wymondham(NW)) from the glade entrance. Return to Shiol.

4. Shiol sends you to kill Gnoll Champions (CONs DB), northwest of the slesher fort, and bring back Furspirit's totem. To find the Gnolls, head towards the druid stones (the ones from the Level 7 quest). From the stones, head south towards the Gnoll Fort. They will spawn next to a stone near the fort. Four Gnolls will spawn on you. Kill, loot totem, return to Shiol.

Level 13
Quest NPC: Shiol'Anara
1. Talk to Shiol she sends you to Captain Pejon, who is in Qeynos, from Qeynos coach follow road north, he will be the second guard tower on the road.

2. Captain Pejon sends you to kill a Gnoll Elder(CONs Yel) and loot a staff. The gnoll camp is located due northeast of the Captain. There may be a placeholder (Gnoll Mystic) you will need to kill to spawn the Gnoll Elder. Kill, loot staff, return to Captain Pejon.

3. Captain Pejon sends you to kill a Gnoll Blacksmith (CONs Yel). Return to the Gnoll camp where the Elder was, now head due north to another Gnoll camp to the Blacksmith. You may need to kill a few gnoll to spawn him. Kill, loot mace, return to Captain Pejon.

4. Captain Pejon sends you to kill a Froglok Elder (CONs DB). Head to Surefall Glades (SFG), from SFG head to the Gnoll Fort, which is SE of SFG, from the Fort head south, The Froglok is in Fog Marsh zone. Kill, loot Tolem, return to Captain Pejon.

Level 15
Zone Qeynos
Quest NPC: Shiol'Anara
1. Talk to Shiol she sends you to Farmer Hops, who is in the farmlands near Hagely. You can find Hops by traveling southwest from the south guard tower outside the Surefall Glade (SFG) entrance. Hops's farm is located along a road with a guard tower in the Crethly Manor zone.

2. Hops sends you to kill some Gnolls. The Gnolls (CONs Yel to wht) spawn in the field just north of the farm. The Gnolls, there are four (4 to 5) of them, are triggered by running through the area. Kill, loot (look at your quest log for the item you need to loot, ither boots or cap), return to Hops.

3. Hops sends you to Guard Wayosh. Follow the road north just a bit until you see Wayosh standing outside a tower.

4. Guard Wayosh sends you to kill a Hungry Zombie (CONs red) and loot the food he has. To find the Zombie head west to a farm. Kill, loot (bread or berries?), return to Guard Wayosh, then return to Hops.

5. Hops needs 260 tunar, then sends you to Bebbin Mossfoot, in Rivervale, to buy seeds. To get to Rivervale use the Waysender Naelarie in Qeynos. Once you arrive at Rivervale, find the coach [sign the ledger], and from the coach, travel northwest to the northern part of the wall, where you will see Bebbin Mossfoot. Bebbin wants 130 tunar for the seeds. Return to Hops via the waysender again.

Level 20
Starting NPC: Shiol'Anara
1. Talk to Shiol'Anara, she sends you to Guard Darek, who is in the watchtower in Crethley Manor. As you follow the road from Hagley north, you will eventually come into Crethley Manor. Darek is located at the top of the 2nd watchtower (near where you spoke earlier with Guard Wayosh).

2. Something is wrong with the animals in the area. Guard Darek believes someone is tainting the water. There is an evil cleric knon to live in the area but no one has been able to locate her. Find Syndia (CONs DB), who is located west of Crethly Manor, which is northwest-west of the guard tower. She is located across the river from the manor. Kill her, loot her book of disease, and return to Darek.

3. Darek needs your help again. Some guards went to Crethely Manor, but one did not return. Go rescue Guard Malvern, who is in the basement of Crethley Manor, Crethley Manor(N). The Manor is filled with the undead that con from green to yellow @lvl 20. Find Guard Melvarn; after rescuing him, follow him out speak with him again.

4. Malvern speaks of an Abomination in the basement of Crethely Manor, he sends you to kill the Abomination and bring back its Shackles. To get to the Abominiation: Head all the way down into the basement and fight your way through a room with two (2) dark guards and a reanimated beast. Also, there is Heretic Beirtich (CONs Red), he is located on an alcove in the room. Kill the guards, beast, and then the Heretic. Behind the Heretic there is a room which contains Lord Crethley himself and his 2 dark guards. The Abomination [CONs wht@20] is located in a room to the left in the hallway leading to Lord Crethley. Kill, loot the chackles, and return to Guard Darek.

5. Guard Darek tells you that Guard Malvern is sick, and getting worse. A scribe named Jahar may have information to help Melvarn. Return to Crethely Manor, where you will find Scribe Jahar in the cellar. Kill, loot his Dark Journal, return to Guard Darek.

6. From the information Guard Darek has gathered, a cure can be made for Guard Melvarn if the ingredients can be gathered. The first thing Guard Darek needs is a rare herb. This herb is known to be harvested by a Froglok shaman named Gugluk [CONS wht@20] in the swamps south of Surefall Glade.
To find Gugluk: go to Honjour in Fog March and find the bridge directly to the west. There is a hill slightly southwest from the bridge; the shaman is on top of the hill.
Slay Gugluk, and return the tangle root herb to Guard Darek.

7. The last ingredient Guard Darek needs if from the slith tar. Their harvester makes a slime that is needed for the cure. The Slithtar Hive is northeast of the village of Wymondham. Or, the hive is due east from the Blacksmith. Find the Slithtar Harvestor, kill, loot slime, return to Guard Darek. Return to Shiol'Anara.

You will receive 2,814,929xp and choose between:
Enkindle, which reduces a creature's fire resistance and burns it for a bit, and a Tree Shroud; OR,
Creeping Health, which is a spell that regenerates health, plus a Dark Oak Staff.


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