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A Character Description Guide

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A Character Description Guide

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:39 pm

The frozen north has remained isolated for centuries. It wasn't until just
recently that the Barbarians, uniting and leaving their nomadic heritage
behind, joined the other races of Tunaria as a civilized people. However,
their struggles are far from over. Orcs, goblins, and even the frost giants
assault the Barbarians from all sides, threatening to snuff out all they have
worked to build.

A hardier variety of the human race, barbarians inhabit the cold and rugged
northlands. Their city of Halas is located in the mountains of Everfrost.
Though referred to as barbarians by the rest of the world, these proud people
refer to themselves as "Northmen." Because of their harsh environment and
warlike culture, they are well suited to being warriors. They are generally
unwashed and rugged, possessing very few social graces. Barbarians take great
pride in clan lineage, and eating, drinking, and battle are their preferred

Although the vast majority of barbarians become warriors for the great honor
this will bring to their clans, some feel the mystical call to serve as clan
shamans, lending their magical abilities to further their clan's standing.
Yet, there is one more class that a barbarian may become, and that is the
class of the rogue. Barbarian rogues are usually loners who have decided to
bring their clan honor through less respectable methods. Achieving honor is
what is important, not how it is achieved.

No matter their chosen profession, barbarians are a force to be reckoned with.
The very love they have for a fight is what makes them a true danger.

Dark Elf
From deep Underfoot the Elves of dark have poured forth in a seething mass
upon Tunaria. Through the foul powers of necromancy the Dark Elves have just
realized their greatest victory against the Elves of light, the destruction
of Takish`Hiz. Once the Elves are finally driven from Tunaria, the Dark Elves
will stand on the brink of becoming the most powerful force on all of Tunaria.

Dark elves (also known as the Teir'Dal) are the evil brethren of the woodland
and high elves. Their skin is bluish-black, their hair white, and they share
the pointed ears and sharp features of their elven relatives. Dark elves are
a race filled with hate; they hate all other races, and even their fellow
Teir`Dal. They will lend aid to one another, but only for their own selfish
reasons. "I will help you now to use you later," is a common sentiment.

Being of the elven race, the Teir`Dal have a natural magical ability. This is
evident in the professions of enchanter, magician, wizard, necromancer, and
cleric. For those Teir`Dal who desire to spread hate and death in other ways,
they may choose to become rogues, warriors, or shadowknights.

Almost 3 centuries ago, the Dwarven King Stormhammer sent out many expeditions
in search of new resources. One of those expeditions became the mining colony
of Moradhim, nestled in the hills of the Serpent's Spine. From there, the
dwarves stay content harvesting the fruits of the mountains, apathetic to the
Elven war that rages to the East.

Dwarves appear to be small, burly humans. Of course, dwarves do not see their
lack of physical height as a disadvantage. To them, it is simply the way of
things. Besides, it is just as satisfying to break kneecaps as it is to break

Dwarves believe in many different things, and each is willing to die for
their beliefs. One thing all dwarves share is a common belief in good, strong
ale. It would not be strange to witness a dwarf in battle, a weapon in one
hand and a frothing mug in the other. To better serve their dwarven patrons,
taverns across the lands have specially constructed stools that can take a

To the South and West, a great movement is taking place. The city of the
Highmen, Highbourne, has been built upon foundation of earth, stone, and the
words of their leader, Erud. Under Erud's tutelage, the Erudites begin a new
age of discovery and learning. But the increasing violence and opportunism of
the land is too much. Desperate to escape, the Erudites now look towards the
Exodus of Tunaria."

Basically, Erud has gathered his people together to build the city of
Highbourne, from which they will build their fleet to carry the Highmen
across the ocean.

Being the exact opposite of the barbarian Northmen, the high man prides
himself on his intellectual abilities and social graces, to the almost total
exclusion of the physical disciplines. They take satisfaction in their
superiority over all other races. Any obstacle can be overcome with
intelligence and wisdom. Pick up a sword? Bah, leave that to the lesser,
unsophisticated beasts of the land. The only exception is for Erudite
paladins and shadowknights.

Erudites have very few friends outside their own race. Others find them
difficult to associate with. Their snooty attitudes and overblown egos can
be said to be the main factors in this. But only a party of ignorant
adventurers would turn an Erudite away from joining them, for their high
intelligence and facile use of magic comes in handy, especially when facing
a powerful enemy. As clerics, mages, enchanters, necromancers, and wizards,
Erudites excel when magic is needed.

Through exploratory mining a colony of Gnomes found a suitable location on
the surface of Norrath where they could build their city of Klick`Anon and go
about their experiments in peace. Unfortunately they also found themselves in
the middle of a titanic Elven war. Now they must work against, and along side,
both of the Elven races in a desperate struggle for survival.

Gnomes spend most of their lives in their underground burrows and rarely come
to the surface. They resemble dwarves to some extent, but have a ruddy brown
skin and are more wiry and gnarled. Yet, their appearance is not what gets
them noticed. Gnomes believe that building contraptions ranks right up there
with saving the world. Renowned for their tinkering abilities, gnomes delight
in the fact that they can build the right machine for any occasion. The many
catastrophes, explosions, and traumatic amputations of limbs that have
resulted from this pursuit of mechanics are not seen as tragedies, but rather
as learning experiences.

Gnomes are an easy-going race, and most have a pleasant, carefree attitude.
They do not believe in failures, only temporary setbacks. Their fascinations
with gadgets, sprockets, springs, doodads, and -frighteningly enough-
explosives, provide gnomes with an abundance of healthy respect (at a safe
distance) from others. Not ones to waste time on such things as revenge,
gnomes prefer to experiment. It cannot be helped if an experiment happens
to go bad on someone who just offended them in some way.

Halflings today exist much as they did hundreds of years ago. Content to live
the simple lives of farmers and craftsman, the Halflings care little for the
doings of the rest of the world. Their worries continue to consist of nasty
goblins, visiting relatives, and ruined pot roasts, oblivious to the colossal
struggles that take place outside of the city of Rivervale.

Halflings are stocky little people who resemble humans, but are much more
light of foot than those clumsy humans. Halflings hail from Rivervale, a
quiet little hamlet smack dab in the center of Tunaria. Their mischievous,
jovial natures make them fun people to be around. Male halflings take great
pride in their foot hair and strive to ensure that each hair is properly

Halflings are viewed as quick little fellows who smile a lot. They have a
love of travel, and they enjoy going on many an adventure. All is not fun
and games for halflings however; they defend Rivervale and Misty Thicket
with all of their might.

Takish`Hiz, the ancient home of the Elves, is now a smoking ruin. Most of the
Elven refugees have fled north to the new city of Fayspires, leaving their
ancestral city to be looted by their conquerors, the Dark Elves. From this
new city the remaining elves of Tunaria race to build their fleet and join
their brethren across the Ocean of Tears.

Elves appear somewhat human at first glance, but their very sharp features
and pointed ears set them apart.

They will not hesitate to join parties with other races who lean toward good.
They understand that some sacrifices must be made in order to do what they
believe is the right thing. They are generally liked by most races, but dark
elves and trolls would much rather turn them on a spit than speak to them.

Some elves make their homes high up in the trees of Tethlin, which provide
them with not only safety but also a view of their cherished woodlands.
Others elves begin their journey from the town of Fayspire.

Human (considered 2 races - East and West)
In the West, Antonius Bayle II has been crowned King of the city-state of
Qeynos. The farming people of Qeynos look forward to greater prosperity and
safety under his reign.

To the East, the new merchant city of Freeport chimes with the sound of gold
changing hands, sometimes by less than honorable means. Corruption and deceit
thrives in this new city of opportunity.

Farther inland the city of Highpass carves its existence out of the Serpent
Spine Mountains. Commanding the only pass through the impossible mountains,
the rulers of Highpass have the opportunity to gather immense resources. What
those resources will be used for is a worry for all.

Humans are the most abundant race in Norrath. Some would say only rats
outnumber them, but then again no one has taken a census of either humans or
rats. Good, neutral, or evil, humans pursue a gamut of philosophies.

With the exception of shamanic studies only, humans may pursue the professions
of their choice undeterred by racial shortcomings. From bard to wizard, they
can do it all. Humans are an open-minded lot, and they accept almost any other
race. They occupy and dominate the two main human cities, Qeynos and Freeport.
In these bustling metropolises, that most humans begin their journeys.
Rangers and Druids will begin in the quiet haven of Surefall Glade, in the
forest to the north of Qeynos.

Not everyone in Freeport is evil. There are others who seek to drive out the
evil influences found within the city. During EQ1's timeline, Sir Lucan
D`Lere, the commanding officer in charge of the Freeport Militia, has the
upper hand in his struggle against the knights and clerics of Mithaniel and
Erollisi Marr. But in EQoA's timeline, the Church of the Marr Twins is just
beginning their crusade to remove tyranny from the lives of what few good
people can be found in Freeport.

Ykesha, the greatest Troll leader to ever live, is now dead. The frogloks
have retaken the caves of Guk and suddenly the city of Grobb has emerged as
the most powerful community of Trolls on Norrath. Quick to capitalize on
their newfound power, the Trolls seek to expand their territory and influence.
Their recent alliance with the Dark Elves is just the beginning.

Trolls typically stand about 8' tall, are extremely strong, ugly, stupid,
dirty, and green of skin. With such characteristics, one can only assume that
trolls are not pleasant folk. That assumption would be correct.

Trolls bask in the glory of killing, eating their kills, and killing some
more. They do this not out of instinct but out of purely evil motives. Their
dark hearts pump malice and the need to destroy that which is not troll. If
they could get away with it, they would dine on dark elves too (dark elves do
not let them get away with it). Yet, despite their voracious appetite, the
Trolls of this era are lean and mean - having not yet discovered the sacred
stash of Gnome Twinkies.

Being such evil beings, trolls pick up the weapons of a warrior, or follow
the dark path of the Shadowknight. Occasionally a troll with more than a
minimum level of wisdom may become a shaman.


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