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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:44 pm

Quest Name: Grobb Lvl 17 Side Quest Walkthrough
Level: 17
Class: All/All
NPC: Nungzsh
Location: Grobb

Grobb; Level 17 Quest giver; Nungzsh - Evil only By Singz

1. Talk to Nungzsh, he is by the well in the blacksmith area of Grobb (the archway near the froglock prisoners). He needs the liver of a Froglok Questor (CONs Yel). To find the questor, travel northish along the road from Grobb until you find a troll war camp. Froglok Questor spawns in the marshy areas around this camp. Spawns mostly NW and SE of this Troll camp. Kill, loot, return Grobb.

2. You need to buy sauce from Thuldreksh. He is in a tent in the Shaman's Guild, which is through the door in the huge tree. The sauce costs 600 tunar. Return these two items back to Nungzsh.

3. Nungzsh sends you to Argash to get your reward. Argash is directly behind the well to the right of Nungzsh.

Rewards vary by class:
Clerics receive the Helm of Radiance.
Necromancers receive Gloves of Shadow.
Rogues receive Boots of the Silent Strider.
Shadowknights receive Gloves of Malice.
Shaman receive the Spiritrune Belt.

NOTE: The only confirmed Erudite class that can complete this quest is the necromancer. Gnome Rogues can complete this is they are very watchful for KoS trolls.


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