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Halas Empty Halas

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:45 pm

Quest Name: Halas Lvl 17 Side Quest Walkthrough
Level: 17
Class: All/All good
NPC: Olga
Location: Halas

1. Talk to Olga, who is inside the fort in one of the last huts along the river before you go out to the bank. She sends you to kill Bloodmaw (CONs blue), a werewolf, and to deliver a letter to Novak Mcgregor. To find Bloodmaw; From Moradhim coach; head north to the north-south mountain chain, run along side of the mountain heading north to Goldfeather Eyrie zone. When you reach the zone, and the Aviak village ramps, search the hilly areas west by northwest of the ramps on the mountain. Bloodmaw is a roamer. Kill, loot a fang. Now, go to Diren's Hold.

2. Give Olga's Letter to Novak Mcgregor at Diren's Hold, and buy the cleansing solution from him for 600 tunar.
To find Diren's Hold:
from Halas: leave Halas out the tunnel; run east till you come upon a river and then follow it south. On the east side of the river will be Diren's Hold, which is in Diren's village zone. Novak is in the fort. Return to Olga.
from Moradhim: run north along the mountains to a small river, follow the river west to Diren's Hold.

3. Undin Kalenn has your reward. To find him; from Olga, run along the row of building on the east side of town, scan as you go along.

Bards receive Boots.
Clerics receive the Belt of Radiance.
Druids receive Boots of the Gladestrider.
Enchanters receive Gloves of Brilliance.
Paladins receive Boots of Virtue.
Rangers receive the Helm of Nature's Ward.
Rogues receive the Dagger of the Silent Strider.
Shaman receive Spiritrune Boots.
Warriors receive Soldiers Greaves.
Wizards receive Gloves of Insight.

NOTE: The only dark elves that can complete this quest are Enchanters. Eastern Human Shadowknights may not be able to receive the quest.


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