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Highbourne Empty Highbourne

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:46 pm

Quest Name: Highbourne Lvl 17 Side Quest Walkthrough
Level: 17
Class: All/All
NPC: Indoran Veshiue
Location: Highbourne

1. Talk to Indoren Veshine in Highbourne. She sends you to kill Ulira Veshine (CONS blue).
To find Indoren; from the coach, head through the southern-WEST door, turn south and through the south door, go across the arching bridge and into the building, head upstairs!
To find Ulira, follow the Trade Road out of Blakedown into Alseop's Wall. When the road turns north cut across the open wilderness to the west. You will run in to the wall. Follow the wall north. At the end of the wall you will Ulira and her friend.
An aternate way to find Ulira Veshine; coach to DM follow road south, on the west side of the road look for a stone monolith with some skellys around it. Now, cut across (west) the open countryside, soon you will come to a cliff, follow it south by southwest past the broken walls. At the end of the wall you will Ulira and her friend.
Kill Veshine, loot, return to Indoren.

2. Indoren sends you to Lwudras Belladuos. He can be found in a building just outside the church entrance. Buy cleansing solution from him for 600 tunar. Return to Indoren.

3. Indoren sends you to Veldruin Foamstalker for your reward.

Reward varies by class:
Clerics receive Boots of Radiance.
Druids receive Leggings of the Gladestrider.
Enchanters receive Pendant of Brilliance.
Paladins receive the Helm of Virtue.
Rangers receive the Boots of Nature's Ward.
Rogues receive Leggings of the Silent Strider.
Shaman receive the Spiritrune Helm.
Warriors receive the Soldier's Tunic.

NOTE: The only dark elf class that can complete this quest without raising faction is the Enchanter. Other dark elves must work long and hard, but they can get enough faction to receive the quest.


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