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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:47 pm

Quest Name: Highpass Hold Lvl 17 Side Quest Walkthrough
Level: 17
Class: All/All
NPC: Holthis D'Worok
Location: Highpass Hold

1. (Part 1) Talk to Holthis D'Worok, to find him, from HP coach, head out the south gate, near the coach, turn directly left and follow the wall, you'll run right into him. He wants three (3) grave silks from Grave Spiders (CONs LB) in the Rat/Spider Tomb in Hagley, and 600 Tunar. The Tomb is East from Hagley, or Hagley (SE). Return to Holthis, he rewards you with a class specific piece of armor.

Clerics get the Shield of Radiance.
Enchanters get a Robe of Brilliance.
Necromancers get Leggings and a Tunic of Shadow.
Shadowknights get Legplates of Malice.
Shaman get a Spiritrune Spear.
Warriors get Soldier's Greaves.
Wizards get a Robe.

2. (Part 2) Holthis D'Worok, sends you to Durin in Grobb.

3. Durin, to find him, go to Grobb, just north of the Coachmen you'll find Informant Durin. Give Durin 500 tunar. He sends you to the Courrier Svex (CONs YEL). To find the Courrier, just go to Hazniak, from the Spiritmaster, follow road out of city until you find Courrier. Courrier Svex not to far down the road (a popup), kill him and he drops 4 scrolls. Loot. Return Holthis D'Worok. ***Note*** Kill Svex before he reachs Haz!!!

4. Holthis sends you to the NPC next to him for your reward.

Reward is 263,426 experience and an item that varies by class.

NOTE: The only confirmed Erudite classes that can complete this quest are necromancers and shadow knights.

Clerics get a Tunic of Radiance.
Enchanters get a Wand of Brilliance.
Shadowknights get a Tunic of Malice.
Shaman get a Spiritrune Tunic.
Warriors get a Soldier's Tunic.


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