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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:50 pm

Quest Name: Qeynos Lvl 17 Side Quest Walkthrough
Level: 17
Class: All/All
NPC: Laressa Nevar
Location: Qeynos

1. Laressa Nevar, inside the Paladin Guild, sends you to Drailis in Forkwatch.
To find Laressa; enter the city's east gate, head east and enter the long hall. In the long hall head south enter the last door to the west. She's in the main building.

2. Drailis, is standing near the path leading into FW, he sends you to kill Shadowhand Bandits (CONs Blu) in the Qeynos farmlands. To find the bandits, coach to Qeynos, Travel to Bear Cave via the Trade Road from Qeynos. In Bear Cave zone you will see some farms off the road. Find a farm with a woman called Bethany. Travel south over a hill from this farm to a set of standing stones. Kill any bandit, loot a receipt, which when read sends you to Nanigar Volsweath in Wyndhaven.

3. Talk to Nanigar Volsweath, who is in the inn, he allows you to buy the blade for 600 tunar. Return to Laressa.

4. Laressa says your reward is with to Kaelron Uldaras, who is in a tent near Laressa's building.

Clerics receive the Ring of Radiance.
Druids get the Ring of the Gladestrider.
Enchanters get Slippers of Brilliance.
Magicians get Chromatic Tome.
Monks receive the Disciple's Sash.
Necromancers get Boots of Shadow.
Paladins get the Ring of Virtue.
Rangers get a Belt of Nature's Ward.
Rogues get the Ring of the Silent Strider.
Shaman get a Spiritrune Ring.
Warriors get Ring.

NOTE: The only dark elves that can complete this quest are Enchanters.


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