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Castle Lightwolf 45

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Castle Lightwolf 45

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:01 pm

Quest Name: Level 45 Quests
Level: 45
Class: All/All
NPC: varies, see below
Location: Castle Lightwolf

Quest 1: Castle Lightwolf Ability Quest (ABILITY)
Zone: Castle Lightwolf
NPC: Gate Guard Parilin

1. Talk to Gate Guard Parilin. He is in the southwest tower on the ground floor in Castle Lightwolf. Parilin sends you to talk to the Black Gate of Muan' Diel, it teleports you to Mila's reef, and you end up in the ocean near dragon bones. Climb up the nearest rib and talk to Old Man Antiok.

2. Old Man Antiok wants 3 tasks done:

Task 1. Antiok sends you to kill Marrow Maw(CONs LB), a squid just below you. [this is where Kratas spawns btw-log that quest while you're here]. Kill Marrow Maw, loot it, return it to Antiok. The squid is LB, but has poison. If you die, no worries, just rez, or go talk to portal again, or travel to Mila's reef.

Task 2. Antiok sends you to kill a pirate, named Captain Soohn(CONs LB), that has been harassing him. Captain Soohn is located on a nearby island just north of Old Man Antiok. There are other pirates on the island as well. Kill him, loot him, return the item to Antiok.

Task 3. Antiok sends you to a lighthouse, to the north, and purchase some coals for 2900 tunar. There is a merchant at the lighthouse if you need to sell some food/drink/loot to pay for coals. Return to Antiok.

3. Antiok sends you to kill Akuion (CONs wht), he is located at the same Cultist's Barrow that you went to for the level 43 Royce quest. To find Akuion, go through the entrance to the cave, at the first room in the barrow, take the left hallway, then the take the right hallway. Akuion is a triggered spawn. Kill him, loot him. Return to Parilin.
Note on getting through the cave alive: The cultists see invisibility, and have an immediate respawn if looted, so don't loot, and half of them are casters. If you are a werebeast, try turning into your FIRST form, this should make them all neutral to you.

4. Parilin sends you to Gate Guard Chastis for your reward, 6722242XP, item, and a new ability.


Quest 2: Amabassador Kizden G`Lux Quest
Zone: Castle Light Wolf - North Wilderlands

1. Talk to Ambassador Kizden G'Lux, is on the first floor of the north tower. He sends you to kill three (3) rivals; all CONs WHT.

1.1 Ambassador Do'Nerua is in Darvar Manor, by the coachman, he is in a front room by himself. Kill, loot seal, return to Kizden. Pull the Ambassador outside before you attack.

1.2 Ambassador Vu'Malik is located in Freeport, near the docks, north of the waysender. Kill, loot seal, return to Kizden. (TY Mikedurnt, from Marr’s Fist).

1.3 Ambassador Ma'Dalik is in Guk, located deep in the dungeon, across the fungal bridge, past the lost froglok, and across another bridge into a room with froglok wizards and shaman. Kill, loot seal, return to Kizden. Map of Guk

2. Kizden sends you to Merchant Urlant, who is located right across the room from Kizden. Buy a calligraphy set from him for 2923 tunar. Return to Kizden.

3. Kizden rewards you.

***NOTE*** You must have good faction (150 ) with CLW to get quest. This faction can be obtained by slaying beasts inside Lady Vox's Castle in Permafrost.


Quest 3: Pandrig Fultin Quest
Zone: Castle Light Wolf - North Wilderlands

1. Talk to Pandrig Fultin, who is on the third floor of the west tower. Pandrig sends you to Quinton, who is at the Inn, at the crossroads, just west of Castle Lightwolf. Just follow the road west.

2. Quinton wants 2875 tunar. He sends you to Snow Guardian Clouwe in Halas. Clouwe is located outside the Halas under the west guard tower.

3. Clouwe sends you to kill Glacier (CONs Yel), a giant polar bear, just northeast of Zentar's Keep, Permafrost(SE). Kill, loot pelt, return to Clouwe.
***NOTE*** Bear sees Invis.

4. Clouwe sends you to Chef Tallik in Wyndhaven, in a Inn.

5. Chef Tallik sends you to kill ice worms, but want you realy need to kill is Great Worms(CONs LB to Yel). You need three (3) chunks of ice worm meat. Great Worms are random spawns, NW and East of ZK. Kill, loot, return to Chef Tallik.

6. Chef Tallik sends you to kill Olivia McFadden(CONs Yel) in Anu Village(N). She is in an icetomb that is by a lake, and a broken bridge. She will spawn in the middle of the room, requiring you to kill the icetomb Archers to get to her. When you spawn her, she will walk around the room, passing by the west wall. This is a good place to set an ambush for her, as it is out of agro range of everything else. She is a trigger spawn. Kill, loot sword, return to Pandrig.

7. Pandrig rewards you.

***NOTE*** You must have good faction (150 ) with CLW to get quest. This faction can be obtained by slaying beasts inside Lady Vox's Castle in Permafrost.


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