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Lavastorm 57

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Lavastorm 57

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 4:11 pm

Quest Name: Lavastorm 57
Level: 57+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Professor Ceryk
Location: Mila's Reef

Speak with Professor Ceryk in Milla's Reef. He sends you to Lavastorm to speak with Minastikie. There, she asks you to repel the invading goblin forces.

Speaking with Minastikie triggers an encounter outside of the gnome outpost in Lavastorm (map) . 8-10 Fire Goblin Troopers will spawn including Warlord Broga. It is not necessary to defeat any of the troops, simply pull Broga from behind and defeat him with out aggroing the other goblins. This can be accomplished with a small group. Once you have defeated Broga you will receive a pop-up ("You have finished a quest." "You have received a quest."). Loot his plans and return to Minastikie.

Minastikie instructs you to travel to the Plane of Sky and talk to Mistress Sanchez, Mistress Sanchez then tells you that if you want her help you have to do her a favor; punish the dragon Siliskor! In order to entice Siliskor into spawning you need to collect a few things to get his attention.

Travel to The Warrens (map) and kill King Bardag (When you get in range of him a slightly different version of him spawns, he will now see through invisibility, be unrootable and chain casts with his pet bear, Ripper, so bring a healer). Loot "King Bardag's Wealth".

Next, go to the Kappa Citadel in Sylhilthis' Dwell with a small army, max your MTs PR/DR and kill Messik and Ryzzich (Quest says to kill them both, they drop NO TRADE "Sylhilthis' Bounty" (Stack 1/10) I looted both, turns out you only need one).

Back to PoS, Mistress Sanchez takes King Bardag's Wealth and Sylhilthis' Bounty and combines them into an "enchanted treasure chest." The quest now directs you to Elephant Graveyard to fight the foul lizard Siliskor!

Head to Elephant Graveyard (W) (Where Siliskor usually spawns.) and walk out to the middle of the field. When you get to Silis' spawn point, you drop the enchanted treasure chest and a level 60 dragon spawns about 5 feet in front of you (proceeding to kill the unprepared). Treat him just like you would have treated regular Sili at 50 and you'll be just fine here.

(Do not bring any friends that are up to this point in the quest, you will steal each other's popups leaving someone unable to progress and forcing them to restart the quest!)

Back on the Plane of Sky Mistress Sanchez asks you to to perform the same task, only with a different dragon. To entice Lady Vox into spawning she asks you to collect ingredients for a special stew.

Go to South Toxxulia and defeat the Great War Bear. The bear spawns in various parts of the zone but has a tendency to appear on the top of a hill. Bring a small group, defeat the menace and loot the "great war bear meat".

Next head off the coast of Zentar's Keep (SW) to kill the Pimal Eel. It cons red to a 60 and has a nasty 800 PR DoT. Loot his "primal eel meat."

Return to PoS and give the meat to Mistress Sanchez who makes a "primal stew" out of it.

Head up to Permafrost and use it to spawn a level 60 Enraged Lady Vox. Kill her, get a popup and loot "Lady Vox's gluttony."

Return to PoS and talk to Mistress Sanchez. Impressed with what you have done, she lets you go on to the location of the Scepter at the end of the Rain Chain. Grab a raid and get ready to go!

You can either fight your way through the entire rain chain, or have a rezzing alt on rain 4 rez you over. Then you and your party only have to work your way through to the last isle.

On Rain 5 (Chimeron the Tyrant's isle) you will get a popup similar to the popups for the LSM 55 quest (Also spawns several dark ritualists. Kill them, die, whatever; doesn't really matter as you get the scepter from the popup anyway). Back to Mistress Sanchez who sends you to kill the Avatar of Fear!

Head to Cazic Thule, spawn and kill AoF and when he dies talk to the "orb of light" that spawns over his body and get the 5th piece of the scepter.

Run to Ceryk in Mila's Reef who despawns when you get there. Get the popup and head to Lavastorm. Time to see what Minastikie has to say about this. Mina tells you the professor has been kidnapped and the dark ritualists want the scepter back. Take the ransom note she gives you to Exploring aid Mixxa and see what he has to say.

Mixxa sends you to Aviak Village to look for clues. Get the popup on the SW base of the large mountain in (C) and head back to Klik`Anon. (If you are doing with a group, popup seems to be on a short 1-5 minute respawn)

This time she sends you look for clues in Jethro's Cast. Get the popup on a small hill just to the SE of the Old Woman's house, north of the lake in (C) and head back to Klik'Anon.

Now head off to the Great Waste for the final popup (Phew!). There is a hill with some glowing rubble (16 small bricks) on it just north of a giant upside-down ribcage. From these stones head west a tiny bit. There is a tiny flat hill with a bunch of cactus on top (C). Get the popup and head back to Klik`Anon again.

Mixxa has finally pinpointed where they are holding the professor. Head to the Green Rift (E) and get the popup just south of the Wailing Tree. Eight level 60 (underconned with huge aggro ranges) Dark Ritualists will ambush you. If you've brought along someone with SoW, have them draw the dark ritualsts away from the Professor, then talk with him when you get the chance. If you choose to fight them, you must defeat all the mobs within 5 minutes.

Once you've either diverted the Dark Ritualists, or killed them, talk to the professor. He tells you to meet him in Mila's Reef so he can put the scepter back together and despawns.

Run back down to Mila's Reef and have the professor put the scepter back together.

Head up to Minastikie and collect your reward.


67 Million XP and Class Specific Reward:
astral leggings of insight
Equip: legs HP: 12400 DUR: 60
Level: 57
DEX: 45 INT: 15 Power: 60 AC: 62
Description: These leggings have been forged from the magical ore sent from the Plane of Sky. astral gauntlets of brawn
Equip: gloves HP: 12400 DUR: 60 Race: ALL
Level: 57
STR: 15 STA: 45 HPMax: 60 AC: 186
Description: These gauntlets have been forged from ore taken from the Plane of Sky Appearance: regular plate

astral bracelet of wisdom
Equip: forearm
Level: 57
Wis: 15 Cha: 45 Power: 60
astral bracelet of speed
Equip: forearm HP: 12400 DUR: 60
Race: ALL
Level: 57
Description: This bracelet has been forged from the special ore obtained from the Plane of Sky.


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