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Harbingers of Khalimet

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Harbingers of Khalimet Empty Harbingers of Khalimet

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:37 pm

Quest Name: Harbingers of Khalimet
Level: 55-60
Class: All/All
NPC: Anibael
Location: Muniels' Tea Garden

Part I

1. Log quest with Anibael, who is on the lower floor on the interior edge of the courtyard in Muniel's Tea Garden (SE). She tells of the demon General Khalimet, and how his arrival is preceeded by the four harbingers. One of the four has been sited. To gain more information you much speak to Gaulin, who is currently located in the hidden village through the tunnel at the Shon-to Monastery east of Moradhim.

2. Head to Shon-To (E), and find Gaulin on the docks of the pond. He describes how his camp, in Al Farak Ruins, was attacked by a demon. You must find his abandoned camp and investigate for more details.

3. Gaulin's abandoned camp is in Box Canyon (C). Head towards the random spawn Skayhir and before you get there, you'll see an abandonned camp on the left side of the canyon. Approach the camp and you'll get a popup and Armis, a caster with a fire pet, will spawn. Kill him and loot (you MUST be in KS group for your quest to advance, although the popup is not necessary for each toon in the group doing the quest) the Wand of Shattered Souls AND the Tome of Khalimet. Return with them to Anibael in MTG. Anibael will keep the wand and have you keep the Tome.
Note: This part of the quest is glitchy as some have found they cannot get their quest to advance. The dev's are looking into this, but in the meantime, Gaelic has stated:
"i think i have the solution to that problem, cause i myself had to kill like 23 times to get it, i think that you need to have at least 2 quest spots open in your quest og cause i deleted a qst and boom it updated, i told a few friends to do the same thing and their log updated, i guess for somereason it adds another quest then deletes the other? idk the technical mumbo jumbo but this has worked for me and friends, so it may help, i hope so.

4. Anibael tells you to see Salin on the 3rd floor of the Highbourne Library. Be careful, at any time you'll be attacked by Assasins of Khal (yellow con SK's with harm touch-they are tough). Speak with Salin and show him the tome, then he'll send you to Murnf. (Moradhim...Highbourne...Murnf...I'm suspecting the dev's hate evils).
Note: before travelling to murnf, do step 6 first to save yourself the run to Murnf again.

5. Find Torgias Bullow in a little house west on the road from Murnf coach (Murnf (N)). He'll take your tome, to decipher it, and send you to Freeport to buy him some fruit to eat in the meantime.

6. Take 10k with you to buy the fruit. You need to find Farmer Phenray, who is by Grocer Gloresa in the FP Bazaar. He may not be up all the time. (You can purchase your fruit in advance of going to Murnf)

7. Return to Torgias with the fruit and he will give you four encrypted scrolls; one for each Harbinger.
Note: ensure you have room in your quest log for one more quest or Torgias will take your fruit, give you the scrolls, and then NOT update your quest log. In this event, clear room in your quest log, return to freeport, buy more fruit, head back to murnf, delete the scrolls in your inventory and then talk to Torgias again.

Pay attention to what Torgias says about the vowels! You have to write each word backwards, and translate the vowels - aeiou -> eioua

  • Khal Scroll 1
H'tew an't yraef fi aref ah samic, tob ne u dnul tuh't se ytsirf it seh sh't'gnarts=
weth tna feary if fera ha cimas, bot en u lund thut es fristy it hes strangths=
With the fiery of fire he comes, but in a land that is frosty to his strengths.
Location: Permafrost (E), look for the unnamed portal, you'll get a popup and Lord Farex spawns with an efreet pet [tough caster]. Kill and loot Khal red gem.

  • Khal Scroll 2
Ne u dnul fi yratuw K'com dnu sllok's ah't dril saser it g'nerb siuh'c nipo so ixu=
En u lund if wutary mock dnu skolls tha lird resas ti breng chuis opin os uxi=
In a land of watery muck and skulls the lord rises to bring chaos upon us all.
Location: - Broken Skull Rock (NW) small hill with a T stone and an unnamed portal; you'll get a popup and Lord Wraymot will spawn (tough caster). Kill and loot Khal blue gem.

  • Khal Scroll 3
H'goirh't nu deru niegar ah s'gnerb seh atuh it yul atsuw d'nu aguuvs nietobertar=
Thriogh un ured ragein ha brengs hes huta ti luy wusta und svuuga ratrebotein=
Through an arid region he brings his hate to lay waste and savage retribution.
Location: Desert Hate (S) on a hill near a large stone arch with unnamed portal. Lord Tallivar will spawn (caster). Kill and loot Khal green gem.

  • Khal Scroll 4
G'neg'nerb ytelutorb, ateps d'nu tadrised, n'rib it u neutnoem fi atef ah samic=
berngeng brotulety, speta und desirdat, birn ti u moentuen if fera ha cimas=
Bringing brutality, spite and disorder, born to a mountain of hate he comes.
Location: Mount Hatespike (C) on border near (W), look for blue snow, with an unnamed portal; you'll get a popup and Lord Vengal will spawn (caster). Kill and loot Khal yellow gem.

8. You must locate, slay, and loot a gem of each of the Harbingers. They drop four Khal gems.
Note: even if you're not on this part of the quest, you can loot and use later. The key to advancing this part of the quest is just to have one of each gem - flag not needed.

9. Turn in one drop from each harbinger to Anibael in MTG and she'll reward you with a ntl 5 charge xp gem called "lucky stone". When used, it casts The Luck buff on you (unsure if it's the same duration, but considering the buff is the same name, it probably lasts as long as normal luck charge). I believe at this point, you can opt to either receive the lucky stone, or advance to Part II.

10. Anibael will then send you to see Salin again in Highbourne again. He'll give you a gem bag, to combine all four gems into one item. But is the quest really over or is there more to come? You're told to keep the four gems to use when General Khalimet arrives.....

The gems remain in your inventory. Keep the gems and you won't have to re-fight the four mobs at the portals. You can also keep the four scrolls and save yourself the trip to Murnf and the cost of the fruit. It all depends on how much inventory space you have. So, the second time through you only have to complete steps 1-4 then return with the scrolls/gems to MTG to turn in for your luck.

Part II
(How to spawn Viceroy)

11. Return to Anibael in MTG. She tells you that the gems must be removed from the bag, and she does that for you. She then tells you that you must find General Khalimet's portal and to take the four gems with you. She warns you that the portal will not be unguarded and that his minions can defy the laws of physics. Before beginning Part II ENSURE YOU HAVE ALL FOUR GEMS IN YOUR INVENTORY.

12. Khalimet's portal can be found in Wktaan's 4th Talon (NE). The questor with four gems in their inventory will spawn Khal Hounds (CON red@60, with LB swarming bones for pets) - yes this is now a triggered event. They are on a reset timer of about an hour or two; and sometimes they glitch and only one Khal Hound will spawn and another will instant spawn after you kill the first one etc. Slay the Kahl Hounds (can single pull with low level nec life tap) until a pack leader spawns.

13. Slay the pack leader when it spawns; make sure the questor with the four Khal gems in inventory is IN the kill group. Killing the packleader should update your questlog to read: "A post has appeared upon killing the pack leader. It may be a way to get to khalimets staging area...." The hounds will all despawn, the middle signpost will spawn, and the person with the four gems on them should approach the middle signpost and "speak" with it (con it and press square). You will have a choice to:
1.Touch the signpost,
2.Give it your gems,
3.Stare at it.
Chose to STARE AT IT, wait a little bit and you'll receive a popup asking you a riddle. You have to turn over your four gems in the correct order:

You will then be given a little pouch with port stones in it (similar to Nagafen or Magi'kot). This pouch will say it has four charges but it will make 16 port stones (NO RENT); make the stones and hand them out to your raid crew and you're ready to roll. If you make one stone (and don't trade it) and go to make another stone, you'll receive the message "you have failed to create item". So make one stone and trade it to one of your party before trying to make another stone.

14. The gem stones made by questor will now port you up to Khalimet's new location which is on a little isle in ZP (SE). The questor should now approach the non-KoS Khalimet (only ONE questor should do this). So, head over to General Khalimet and speak with him, after talking to him, numerous mobs will spawn. They no longer spawn on top of you.
Note from Prettynosey: If you bring the raid grp to the far end (S) and let the tank pull back it's easier to kill...they come from the right of port site and left of Khalimet, but if you are far enough back you can see them coming.

14. The whole point of this part of the quest is to make Khalimet respawn as attackable. To do this you must survive through multiple waves of nasty mobs, killing and killing, wave after wave, until hopefully a DARK TEMPLAR spawns. Killing the Dark Templar makes Khalimet spawn KOS. Old Times has this amusing video on the ordeal:

Here is information to help you survive:
The attacks come in timed waves, and usually include approximately five of: infantry, elite infantry, assassins, and somtimes a berserker or two. What mobs spawn during the first wave have no bearing on what spawns in the second wave, just kill everything. Beware the Bezerker, he does wicked damage. When you see the Khal Beserker, have a petter send in pet to take the crit because it will kill tank or whoever INSTANTLY. It's about 5260 X 2 plus. Also, the Assasin spawns near Khalimet, and does not move forward to attack unless pulled. He is a placeholder for templar/dark templar - make sure EACH wave you check to see if he is up and kill him, otherwise he will despawn. Also, if the templar/dark templar are left beside khalimet too long, they'll just despawn on you, the waves are timed. If the dark templar is up, waste NO TIME in pulling him or you could lose the spawn.

15. After a few minutes, the next wave will spawn (you do not have to talk to Khalimet again to activate the second wave). This wave may include a Khal Templar OR a Dark Templar. It's the Dark Templar that you are trying to spawn (5% chance-this means you could try over 20 times.....). You don't need to speak with Khalimet again in between waves, they'll just keep coming.
*Killing the Dark Templar, when and if it spawns, is what will activate the Viceroy. He will be attackable as soon as you kill the Dark Templar.

16. August 22nd update: Khalimet is no longer the name of the mob that spawns after killing the Dark Templar, it is now a Khal Viceroy. Allegedlly all is the same otherwise, quest wise: Khal Vicroy (CONs red@60) is a timed kill (15 min?), he is not the sissy that Khalimet was. It is not easy now for some caster to just stand there and tank him (OT video incoming......). Click here for details on MT'ing Khal Viceroy
April 1/09: Tossinpots states that he's fairly easy to pet zerge, since he was beefed up, and Kemuell lets us know he de-forms you. Ogre won't work, as well as dire wolf. It's just like with Lord Pickclaw in that sense.

Notes on Khal Viceroy
Hard Meele, 3k a swing on my wizzy
Low LR
Mid to high CR
Decent HP's
Roots whomever has aggro
Suggest High HP n AC tank-MT'able with Good Support
Moderate AC and agi

17. Once Khal is dead you will get ported to the FP docks. Looks like you will have to do the quest each time you want to kill him, no more camping.


*Drops archetype based ability: zp spells (zek, honour, akessan).

*There are at least six different gems that Viceroy drops, as well as all ZP ability spells, see Part V of this quest for details on how to use these gems (tradeable).
Gem Augments:
Black 25
STA, 50 AGI, AC 200, DR 25
Blue 25
STA, 50 INT, 300 POW, CR 25
Green 25
STA, 50 DEX, 300 HP, 25 PR
Red 25
STA, 50 CHA, 75 PoT, 25 FR
Yellow 25
STA, 50 WIS, 75 HoT, 25 LR
White 25
Sta 300AC 250Pow 250HP and 900 Damage

*Can now drop the non-stat Khal Weapons.

*Has been known to drop an NTL Tank sword, "Sapphyra's Sword":
987 dmg 80 dur 20 str 20 sta 200 hp 150 ac 50 FR

Sapphyra's Sword (drops from Khalimet and Vallon) has been revamped [NTL]:

Same graphic as warrior 2h epic choice

Harbingers of Khalimet Epicwa10

Tank only
1hs 80 dur 15260 hp
967 dmg
25str / 25sta

There is low CR offensive proc that does about 148 damage.

Part III
(this quest is only a LORE tie in):

Devs updated August 22nd/08, changed part III to have Khal Warlord's drop weapons.

You can now find a Khal Spy in several locations:
*Freeport (behind bank);
*Highpass near Guard Palin's tent (pickclaw exit)

Hard to kill because they run away, but when killed you can loot a "Note from Khalimet"
:watch for any caravans or assembled groups heading north:

1. Head to permafrost (S) where you'll find six camps of Khal Conscripts and Khal Garrisons. Farm these and hope you spawn a Warlord; it appears he's completely random and a % chance to spawn.
Khal Conscripts tend to throw boot daggers and are easy to both kill and tank.
Khal Garrisons are easy to tank, but have as many hps as the Khal Captain.
The Khal Captain melees hard, and has a lot of hps.
The Khal Zealot is easy to tank (although his nukes can be significant), but takes a while to kill, he has a lot of hitpoints. He drops the Testament of Khal: -50PoT 50HoT 300AC held.
The Warlord is significantly tough; similar to the Bezerker up by Khalimet but with even more hitpoints. Send in a pet and follow up with a fast kill (he has few HPs).
BIG NOTE: The Warlord can drop four Archetypal robes:
Tank : Khal Robe of War (sk, war, pal) (dark/navy) NTL lv 55 150hp 100AC sta20 20wis/int/cha
Melee: Khal Robe of Shadows (ran, mnk, rge, brd) NTL lvl55 40 str 40 dex 150 hp 50 ac
Caster: Khal Robe of Magic (Red) NTL lvl55 40sta 40int 150hp 20pot
Healer: Khal Robe of Faith (sha, cl, drd) (yellow) NTL Lvl55 wis40 cha40 AC50 POW150
BIGGER NOTE: Beware the dreaded scavengers and hyenas that lurk around your campsite waiting to steal your time consuming Warlord spawn. Report all transgressions, it is against Sony's Terms of Service for creeper's to steal from a camp you are currently xp'ing at (if you die on the Warlord though, sadly he is considered fair game. Rez back fast and set up quick).
AUGUST 22ND/08 UPDATE: The Khal Warlords are now also dropping class specific items (x 6, with empty slots) that are augmentable with the 6 colored gems that khalimet drops. See Part V of this quest for details on how to upgrade these items:
Name 700 dmg 1hp Primary Lore
Lvl 55 Dur: 80
(Bard 49 graphic)
Rogue Sta25
Monk Sta25
(Wiz 49 graphic)
Magician, Wizard, Necromancer, Enchanter
(CL 49 epic staff graphic)
Cleric, Druid, Shaman Sta25
Warfire Ring
Alchemist 25sta
50wis 25ar
(SK 49 sword graphic)
Warrior, Paladin, Shadowknight Sta25
(Warrior 49 sword graphic)
Bard, Ranger Sta25
Note: it is said, in the eqoa forums, that when adding a white gem to any weapon it increases the damage from 700 -> 900.

2. Take the Testament to Anibael in MTG, answer her "Yes, I know that". She'll blow you off but speak with her again to make her look at your testament. She gets all excited, says it's written in Chimaerian and she needs it translated.

3. Go to see Salin in Highbourne (in the library) [no Khal Assasins this time]. He calls the testament the Tome of Khalimet and says that only the most ardent of his supporters carry it. To get it translated seek "one who is somewhere north of the glades".

4. Find Torgias Bullow again in Murnf and show him the tome. He says it's written in lycan. Khalimet is believed to be the beginning of the lycan bloodline. He translates the tome for you. He keeps the book, you have completed a quest, but you are not given a new quest in your quest log. At the end, Torgias mentionned something about how it seems that whatever is happening on the plane of war, is about to spill over into Tunaria. As you exit his little house, you are jumped by Khal Reavers x 2 which con red@60. Nothing of interest drops from them.

5. This is the end of this part to-date. It was developed as a filler for all the lore and information about the vampires vs lycan war. It is also likely that the new mobs on ZP (Blood Thirsty Minions) are all dropping the Honor Insignia, which implies they were honour guards that were turned into bolash.

Part IV
The Warrior:

1. Kill Khal Cavalry in either of the following cities: Freeport, Highpass, or Qeynos. After Cavalry is dead look for The Warrior (in Highpass he spawns at the top of the hill near the keep). Speak to him, and he then turns into Gnadriin (Cons yel@60) who immediately attacks you. Kill him and Loot Gnadriin's blade.

2. Head to ZK to destroy your corresponding city portal. The portals are located close to the khal camps by vox castle (be careful, do not destroy the portal that you do not have in qst log or you will get ported to that city). Destroy the portal that you killed Gnadriin in (ie. if you killed Gnadriin in Highpass, seek the "Highapss" named portal etc). After killing the portal, loot a shard.

3. Head to Highbourne and speak with Salin, speak to him twice. He sends you to ZP to kill Desmosdus Breeders camps located to the right of where you come in from port. To spawn breeders destroy the roost, no need to kill the desmosdus bats.
**Careful of the Desmosdus Guardian**
Collect 5 breeder hides (NTL)

4. Head back to Salin, speak to him again. He sends you to Chiktar Hive in search of the Chiktar King for his stinger. The hive is located in Chiktar Hive (C) (n/w from Oasis). It's the same hive that used to have the Storyteller mobs in it last year.

Head into the hive down towards the Queen...the King is located in the room on the other side (you'll first con Chiktar workers). Once you walk into the room, you will receive a popup - Chiktar Royal Guards will spawn, as well as the Chiktar King (who is in the back of the room) do not loot the guards they are empty. The King cons RED@60. Once you kill the King, loot his stinger and head back to Salin.


Salin will give you 300k xp (1.2mill w/ boon) 50k tunar and Shiimea'Roh (5 charges) Makes you invincible for a short period of time but will leave you weak (drains your mana and will not be able to drink or draught if alc).

This quest is NOT repeatable, so use your 5 charges wisely.

Part V-Gnadriin

1. Start by logging the quest with Anibael in MTG (se). Select the option "Anibael, it's me..."
She will explain to you that Khalimet needs one more item to complete his foothold here, a scroll. The keeper of the scroll is powerful, and you must avoid Salin. Go far east of the Oasis and retrieve the scroll.

2. Head to Elemental Towers (c). On an island south of the mage spell merchant (or east of Malitor Weatherskin) you will find The Keeper. He's a Jal'reth, and cons red@60, white-faced. Talk to him; he'll respawn red faced and attack you. Kill him and loot a scroll. Drops 4 ntl scrolls: "Nea o'ir Shiidao'en".

3. Head to Salin in Highbourne (2nd floor of the library in the south wing). He explains that the desmodus bats are being bred by the bolash to spread the infection. It's dangerous if it gets in your bloodstream and can change you into a bolash. Anibael is so intent on defeating Khalimet, because Khal is trying to stop the bolath. Anibael is a Gnadriin!

4. Back to Anibael. Confront her about her betrayal. She will respawn red-faced and cons red@60. Kill her and loot the Gnadriin Blade (NTL), drops only one.
Siltara remind us: You dont need her item, its just a drop. She is a group kill flag to advance quest.

5. Return to Salin in Highbourne. Tell him you killed Anibael. He says the Gnadriin can change into those whose blood they have taken. There must be more of them....seek them out and kill them all.

6. MTG (c) - (straight east of wiz port to north ro). You'll find a little campfire with a 'weary adventurer', he cons red@60 and is whitefaced; not attackable. Speak with him and this will make him mad; he respawns attackable with 3 other weary adventurers (delf, dwarf, barb and human), and they all attack you. As you kill one, a Gnadriin will spawn in it's place. The Gnadriin are tough, don't kill another weary adventurer until you've killed the Gnadriin (or stand far back when you spawn so you don't get jumped by all 4 travelers at once). You will need 1 Gnadriin warsword to advance your quest. Each Gnadriin drops one NTL.

7. Back to Salin in Highbourne ("greetings again salin"). Those with lycan blood and the werehunter's that target them are resistant to the virus. He talks about the coloured gems dropped by Khalimet and explains they are useful for augmentation. He sends you to see Hogarth Bartholomew.

8. Hogarth can be found in Moradhim (SE), on a hill to the s/e of the coach (1 min run) or another to locate him, run from morad to baga, and you'll find him on the left side of the road on the first good sized hill. He will tell you all about augmentation but first you must help him. He wishes you to recover payments from:
*Galoosh, a troll
Galoosh can be found in Grobb (C), he wanders north of the little outpost. He will hand over the payment peacefully.

*Tobral Arnez, a delf
Tobral is in Neriak (S), to the right (east) of the ramp in the broken tower. You must fight the snarky delf (cons red@60), he drops four Hogarth Staff.

*Jon Watersmith, a goblin
Jon is in Mossmouth (E) by the edge of the plains and mountains in a small camp. Jon has neither the item nor the payment. He says Arliss has it and sends you to speak to Jingle (arliss' accomplice) in Oasis. Jingle is directly north, 20 feet from the coach standing by the banner. Jinge sends you to find Arliss "west of Gramahs Ruins" which is really Salisearaneen (w). He's at a small camp to the left of the road as you run north away from Murnf. He will attack you, and cons red@60; he drops 4 Hogarth's Sword.

9. Return to Hogarth with:
-Galoosh's "Hogarth's payment";
-Tobrals' "Hogarth's staff"; and
-Jon's "Hogarth's Sword"

He will tell you how Khalimet made the gems to augment the power of certain weapons, dropped by the Khal Warlord's. These gems can be added to any compatible weapons and these augmentations will attach themselves to it for a fee of 10k. If you don't like a specific gem, for an additional fee (2k), Hogarth will remove the gem from the augmented weapon returning it back to it's original state and returning the original gem to you. Weapons/gems turn to NTL when you combine them though.
Note: the gems drop via Part II of this quest, from what used to be Khalimet, which is now Khal Viceroy. The weapons now drop from Khal Warlords, see Part III for further information.


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