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Terrorantula Quest

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Terrorantula Quest Empty Terrorantula Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:04 pm

Quest Name: Terrorantula
Level: 50
Class: All
Quest NPC: Yulil Ashebrooke
Location: Eternal Desert (N)

Terrorantula Quest Spider10

Terrorantula is a monstrosity that has been haunting the area for a long time! The Quest NPC asks you to find 5 parchments so that he can research the spider's history and find a way to rid Tunaria of it.

Bind in Oasis or as close as you can to Oasis to do this quest.

Npc Who Gives Quest: Yulil Ashebrooke in Eternal Desert (N). He hides in the glowing rock pile DIRECTLY NORTH of the monk tower in the Eternal Desert (referred to as ED from here on). This is the only rock pile in the North area of ED so its easy to find, although Yulil is not. He is a rare spawn and and only appears to give the qst on random days/times. Your best bet if you wish to find him is to travel to this rockpile and log there, this way where Yulil spawns will be the last thing you check before you log and the first place you check when you log on.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ON THIS QUEST! Once ONE person finds and speaks to Yulil and receives the quest the NPC will vanish until that specific questor either: Completes the quest OR the timer on the quest expires and is deleted from the holder, making it free for everyone to find again. It has been confirmed that the quest can be held in your quest log for at least up to 3 days.


Yulil asks you to retrieve 5 pieces of parchment to spawn Terrorantula. The pieces are in the following locations.

1st parchment:
Tak Xiv West (W) in pile of rocks just south of river. The glowing rocks will be found just on top of a small sand dune. Make sure your team is ready because the monster you will fight can't be seen until you approach the rocks and a message prompt appears spawning a Death Weaver who holds the paper (lvl 50 con).

2nd parchment:
Tak Xiv (W) in rocks sw of Death Weaver spawn, fight Death Spitter (lvl 50 con). Go west from the first page location until you hit the East area of the next zone. Once you cross into the East area of this zone begin to go South and you should see a lone rock on a small hill not to far south. It is here that the next message and creature will spawn, the Death Spitter. Defeat him for the page.

3rd parchment:
Flying paper prompt in Takish'Hiz (inside the ruined city). This one is indeed in Takish Hiz' inside the ruined city as stated but here is a more exact way to find it. Go into the SE area of the city and walk around until you find yourself on a flat patch of sand near a tower holding 3 truearow scouts (2 scouts, 1 warrior) inside, with 1 Truearrow Warrior guarding the outside. Walk around this area between the wall outlining the city's border and the truearm tower and the message should appear and give the 3rd page to you. There is no monster spawn here.

4th and 5th parchment:
As they are in the same zone, they are listed together.
Go to Tak Xiz South (c) ruins and you should see a row of joined columns in the desert sand near the river. Go to the dam in the river, the columns south of the dam are where page 4 is. Run zig zag through these columns and you should find the popup and page 4. Page 5 is in the set of columns north of the first set of columns (north of the dam). Neither are guarded by monsters. You are now ready to summon Terrorantula.

After retrieving the parchments, return them to Yulil. Keep the rest of your group back, as you will die at this point. While he is still talking to you, Terrorantula and 7-8 Poisonweavers (level 43) will spawn on top of you. Don't worry about dying here.

After you die, don't get rezzed. Instead coach to Oasis and run back north to the Yulil spawn. Terrorantula and his pets should be idle at this point, with Terrorantula in the center and his pets surrounding him.

Use line of sight to pull each poisonweaver one by one to kill them. You must kill them fast because after their 2nd or 3rd round they will teleport you right into Terrorantula. You needn't kill all of the poison weavers, just enough to where you can line of sight pull Terrorantula away from his idle point.

Once he is away from his idle point and pets, Terrorantula isn't as difficult as before. Lay into him as quickly as possible, as he can sometimes kill a group member in one hit. Keeping the party healed plays a big part here.

With this strategy, you should be able to easily kill Terrorantula with one group.

No known xp reward for this quest, but there are some drops:
terrorbrood sandals - int10 dr20 pr20 pow50 ac26 caster
spider fur gloves - wis10 pow50 pr20 dr20 ac52 healer
terrorantula's hide (shield) - hpmax100 ac425 tank melee
poisonweaver's bracer (bracelet) - hpmax75 pr10 ac47 tank melee
dull blue ring - pr5 cr20 lr5 ar5 fr5 dr5
dull crystal ring - pr5 cr5 lr5 ar20 fr5 dr5
terrorantula's mandible - ?
dull yellow ring - pr5 cr5 lr20 ar5 fr5 dr5
staff of the terrorbrood - dmg568 2hb int25 pot10 pow100 hpmax50 caster
poisonous ring - str10 sta10 hpmax100 ac25 pow50 pr-30 tank melee
robe of the terrorbrood - ?


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