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Cazic Thule Trials

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Cazic Thule Trials

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:19 pm

Quest Name: Cazic Thule Trials
Level: 50+
Class: All
Quest NPC: Graumord Citizen, in the Inn. (Unattackable on 2nd floor)
Location: Isle of Dread

Cazic-Thule is also known as The Faceless. He is the god of fear. Followers of the Faceless fear their Lord and believe that only by causing terror in others will they be spared his vengeful wrath. Fear rules their lives and through fear they rule the lives of others. Pain, misery, violence, torture, living sacrifice - these are the tools of a Cazicite. Many lizardman tribes are devout followers of Cazic-Thule, but his number of humanoid followers grows daily, a cold shadow slowly engulfing the bright spots of Norrath in a nightmare of horror and pain. Creator of the trolls of Norrath, he is worshipped primarily by lizardmen, the Iksar, and some humans of evil alignment. He is allied with Rallos Zek and Innoruuk, and the enemy of Mithaniel and Erollisi Marr.

QUEST: Beginning
You need to first acquire postive faction with the citizens of graumord to log the quest. You can do this by killing all mobs but sacrifice and citizen of graumord on the isle. After you acquire postive faction speak to the graumord citizen in the Inn that you cannot attack on the second floor to log the quest.
Graumord citizen: Finally someone who has braved the treachery of Cazic! Will you continue the fight and free the imprisoned souls he has taken?
You: I will continue the fight.

After logging the quest you must kill the 3 faceless generals at the citadel and loot their essences. These are Dread, Fright, and Terror's Essences.

Once you have all 3 essences return to graumord citizen and he'll make the essences into cazic's scent so you can access Cazic Thule's Estate. When you reach the Estate the mob guarding the front door will become KoS and attack you if you have Cazic's Scent on you.

Important note: do NOT ever delete Cazic's Scent, this is necessary later when respawning CT to remove the guardian at the door each and every time!

You have to be in the KS Group and loot The Guardian's Heart to continue. Once you have done this proceed downstairs to Kithgrin.

Trial One: Trial of Endurance
1. Speak to first Kithgrin to continue.
2. Once you have finished speaking with Kithgrin go down the
long hallway alone.

3. You will recieve a pop-up and 6 thoughtbleeders will spawn on you.
4. Die and have the others with you pull the 6 thoughtbleeders upstairs outside with a pet pull. (apparently the thoughtbleeders will continue to spawn for 30 minutes, you must kill them all).
5. Rez back and wait in the hall to recieve the pop-up to continue to the second trial.
6. After finishing that quest head down to the second Kithgrin.

Alternate strategy to deal with the thoughtbleeders:
A. Have questor stay upstairs by Kithgrin. Have tanks and healers set themselves up. The tank can be an alc or a tank. Resist Faithful is recommended for the healer.
B. As the tank goes into their designated alley, they should camp way in. As they face the back wall, count out 4 blocks (on the floor) and have toes right on the line.
C. Put tank view in 1st person, have the healer test LoS and have tank slowly back out until LoS is established.
Side Note: If questor is one of the tanks. Make sure they get one of the last allies. Remember, questor does not get pop up and spawn bees till they reach the back of the room. This way they can spawn and run in to grab their bee right away to avoid healers getting AoE DoT. If there are tanks (pal, war, sk) a floating enc and alc is recommended to run around passing out mana and md’s to tanks and/or healers. Questor must stay alive for 30 min to get pop up and advance to 2nd trial.
We found, if a bee dies, don’t loot it or look at loot and it will not respawn.
D. When everyone is ready and buffed, have questor talk and run in to the end of main tunnel, get pop up and spawn bees. When we did, things started to get bad towards the end. A tank died after about the 23 min mark. Things slowly declined after that. In the end, I had all 6 bees on me, everyone else was dead. I had caster ZK snowman form casted and spammed recons and md’s. I died at the 29 min mark (per my record) rezed back 2 min later, bees had despawned. When I was done loading back from rez. I got the pop up advancing my quest (not sure why, 'cause it's wasn't the 30min mark, but close enough I guess).

Trial Two: Trial of Celerity
1. Speak to the second Kithgrin to continue.
2. Have your raid party go into the catacombs and sit in the room with the pool in it.
3. Speak to Trial of Celerity to continue.
4. Red level versions of named will spawn in the catacombs.
5. Have a Mage CotH you to the room they are in, in which case Qual'Tin should have spawned.
6. Your quest will advance to kill Qual'Tin.
7. You have to be in the Qual'Tin KS group when he dies to receive the flag to continue.
8. Once you kill Qual'Tin proceed to the next Kithgrin despawning the wall he's hiding behind.

Note on Qual'tin:
Qual'Tin is not KoS upon entering room. You get a pop up and he tells you something about letting your raid get the first hit. He Dt'd our tank, and I kited him on Toss. He hits hard and has low HP and a nasty AoE that killed almost everyone. The strategy given (in this walkthrough, regarding a Coth'er) is gonna be the easiest to do.
If a guild decided to not run ahead and CoH questor, they have a tough road ahead of them; will be needing multiple tanks and healers and ALOT of DD. The mobs hit hard and have Huge HP. There is first Contagon and festering Jack, then there is Impale and Zin the desicator and 3 Bloodletters (all con red@60, all bad ass). I could not solo tank any one of them on Toss. They have a very large AoE and it makes it hard to rez back.

Trial Three: Trial of Contention
1. Speak to the third and final Kithgrin to continue.
"The final trial is the trial of contention. In this trial you must face the contempt in your own head. If you pass you will have been deemed worthy to face the Faceless. You must defeat the Watchman. Defeating him will take more than you might have but in the end you will realize his flaw."
2. Kithgrin should despawn and The Watchman should spawn in the hall you came in and head straight towards you and your raid party.
TR posted: ...The Watchman has a giant Vampire graphic...spawns in west hall four seconds after you begin talking to Kithgrin. Roaming Path: the Watchman begins at the end of the east hall then moves through the center room to the north hall. After reaching the bottom he faces the west wall for a couple seconds then turns and walks up to the center room again. Next he goes down the west hall, stops, and turns around right before entering the west room and walks back to the center room. From here he takes four steps to the south hall, but turns around and starts heading to the east hall. The Watchman then repeats the same path routine as noted above.
Gonzales states: Watchman spawns in the hallway, what I did years back was have everyone in the hallway, went and spawned him and then killed him
3. Kill the Watchman, ensuring your questor is in the KS group. Then proceed into the main room with the big lava pool before Statue of CazicThule room.
Note on Watchman damage: the Watchman quads and kicks for 1,600.
Abilities :
* Casts a 2,000 proc on himself when he spawns.
* Casts a MASSIVE DoT on himself when he spawns.
* Casts a 0 Power Debuff on Target who has agro when the Watchman is engaged.
* Sometimes casts a full reheal on himself.
* Sometimes casts a 10,000 heal on your raid party members.

Statue of Cazic Thule
1. Enter the Main Chamber and non-connable enraged phantasms will spawn and root eveyrone in the room.
2. They will then become connable and attackable and proceed to mass kill everyone in the room.
3. When you kill one 2-3 will take its place.
4. To complete this part of the quest you must loot the gem off one of these enraged phantasms. Note the questgiver must loot this gem.
5. Continue, questgiver only, to the Statue of CazicThule.

God of Fear: Cazic Thule
1. Upon entering the Statue of CazicThule's room you will recieve a pop-up to awaken the Statue of CazicThule.
2. The Statue will then turn into CazicThule.
3. CazicThule will proceed to own everyone in his path until he is killed or despawns.
NOTE: CazicThule cannot be main tanked cause he'll constantly DT during the fight.
NOTE: lol Cosa Nostra on CLW proved this wrong during the summer of 05, CG!

Completing Trial 3 will give you a self port (500 charges) to IoD. It is the Kithgrin in part 3 that you speak to to refill your selfport. It is an item in the "magic" slot in inventory, it looks like a talisman-don't delete it!

Using the self port is a quick way to get to Cazic Thule to see if he is 'up'. Like Bert's Throne, if the CT statue is NOT up you can't spawn him (statue respawns around 6-7am every day).

Once you finish Trial 3, spawning CT is always the same:

*Spawner ensures he has Cazic's Scent in his inventory (don't ever delete this).

*[Important!! Buff up and get md's BEFORE using the self port. You get ported to the very top floor (which ends up being very near the main entrance) - and there are a ton of spiders and cockroches that you can't con, but you step on them when you move and get popups telling you that you just took 1k damage.]
*OK, now that you have the scent, and are buffed up, use your self portal. Once in Cazic Thule's estate, get to the CT spawn point and see if the statue is 'up'. If you see it and con it, it's 'up'.

*If it's up, have your raid party assemble in IoD, at CT's Estate.

*Once the raid party is ready at the Estate, the spawner goes to the main entrance, and uses "Cazic's Scent" to remove the Guardian blocking the doorway.

*Run your raid party down to where CT spawns. For every trial the spawner/questor completes, they can open a new invisble wall. Those who have completed all the trials can open them all just by running into them - this is how you get your raid party down to the spawn room.
Note: Once CT spawns the walls cannot be passed through so make sure everyone is assembled before spawning. (logging off and on to run through walls can be done also, but does not work on the main entrance, or on the invis wall that pops after you spawn)

[*Important note!!: Do NOT do this next step until all your raid party is behind you and ready....once you spawn the enraged phantasms they despawin in about 5-10 min....if they despawn on you before you've had a chance to kill enough to loot a stone, the statue will also despawn meaning you can't kill CT until the statue is up again.]
*Once you enter the main room, in the middle of the ramp, the spawner will get a popup (choose "continue onward" to do it right) and spawns the enraged phantasms. They chat with each other for a min. and then respawn KoS and you have to kill them until one drops the stone that you put into the statue. At this point, it does not have to be the spawner to loot the stone, have the least critical member of the raid party loot the stone to put in the statue as chances are they are going to die.....

*raid party sets up to own CT (see strategies below), and when ready the person with the stone will enter the Statue of Cazic Thule's room, CT spawns in the very back of the room where the statue is. You'll receive a popup to awaken CT and put the stone in the statue.

*Statue respawns as CT: kill and loot!

Posts on tackling CT:

Area of Effects
Engagement AoE: 2,000 (frontal only)
Cazic's Rage: 1480 Dot AoE (frontal only)

Critical Hits & Swings
Critical Hit: Regular Swing: 2,000-2,100 (based on 3,000ac)
Proc: 500

Abilities Nuke: 6500 (not affected by AR PR DR)

Debuffs that work:
Transmutive potion (alc transmuter mca)
Swamp Stench (Troll race debuff)
Expose (Merc debuff)
Lightning Discharge (alc debuff)
Paralytic Punishment (Enc debuff)

Strategy on CT by Beowoulf from Cosa Nostra, posted to sony forums

"Where to start...there is so much information. Bear with me, there is a lot of information. FYI, CT's debuffs and drops (shield) really points you in the right direction to non-zerg kill him, just follow the clues. How about starting with the "DT". We noticed early on that this "DT" was really random, sometimes twice close together, sometimes pretty far apart. This fact made us believe that the DT was NOT a spell.

How many spells do you have where the recast is random? Every raid mob in the game nukes, aoe's, etc, all of those are set on exact timers. CT's DT was not. Half on this information, and half on faith that he could be MT'd, we determined that this had to be a "proc".

Now, what type of proc? Spell proc (aka naggy's procs after his CH/buff) or weapon proc? Most of us know that spell procs are modded by INT, and weapon procs are modded by dex. If it was a spell proc we were in trouble, necro INT syphon is completely resisted (just like almost anything on CT, immune to all 6 resists), and umbral curse from mystics (naggy fixer) didn't seem to work either.

Back to our faith that CT could be MT'd, lead us to believe that it had to be a weapon (his fist in this case) proc, therefore dex modded...hence the rat potion debuff from transmuter alcys. If CT comes out of rat at anytime, your "luck" is bad, he most likely will DT you quickly. That is only one thing that helps prevent the DT. The all/all shield that he drops, name eludes me atm but the one that procs added resists, is another component to preventing the DT. I'm not sure how, but it does appear to help repell the DT. The best part of the shield is the proc, 10 to each resist that is wis mod'd. Get a MT with extremely high base wis, and this shield buffs good resists.

Why is that important?... The Debuff...well, actually CT has 2 main debuffs, one is aoe, other is tank only. The "minor" tank only debuff knocks down wis/cha/int all by about 150. This is what first pointed us to the wis mod'd shield, CT drops your wis by 150, making the procing shield less effective.

The main debuff that is aoe knocks down your PR and AR huge. There is no way to overcompensate with extra resist gear like on naggy or QoV, this debuff goes right through all of your gear and CMS. It debuffs your PR/AR both to roughly 60+ current wis/7 (no wis gear helps, only base wis + buffs). So, if you can get a tank to about 400+ wis (445ish in our case) even after the 150 wis debuff, you are sitting at about 120ish PR and AR.

The fact that CT kills your PR and AR leads us to the most important part of the DT... 99% of the procs in this game are resistable right? Why wouldn't CT's "proc" be resistable? Only thing that made sense is that either PR or AR (most likely AR) resisted this proc. Possibly both, one resisting the debuff to 10 HPs, and other resisting the dmg of the proc (10). Here's the thing. Now, consider a 600+ wis resist cleric. WoB and Consume Affliction both get overrided by this debuff.

However, if you quickly buff the MT with these two buffs (maybe even "spam" him with them to make sure he gets it) after the debuff, they work ontop of the debuff. So, the tank that had 120ish pr/ar before now has 260ish AR and 280ish PR. Not exactly what you want, but a ton better than 70s on both. Combine that with the added resists from the procing shield, with its wis mod, and you are getting near max on PR, and near 300 on AR (rough estimates).

We've noticed that getting the tank to near these resists even if/when debuffed they have a better chance of "resisting" the DT. It's not 100% obviously since its only 290ish and 310ish, but its "good". Combine those 3 main things (dex debuff, shield procing, and overcoming the resist debuff the best you can) and you sort of "stack" your deck against his DT. Still not perfect, tanks still get triple proc'd by naggy sometimes even when a mystic has used umbral curse, but it obviously has worked twice in a row .

The fact that CT has to be in rat form the whole fight is why our one alcy helps pull, we have lost our MT a few times immediately at start of the fight because we didn't debuff before it got there. We have a 2nd transmuter at the raid ready to keep debuff going in case the 1st died from agro/aoe's on the pull. This same alcy is also spamming the MT with his wis/int buff to help out with CT's 2 debuffs (so this alcy and the resist cleric keep buffing tank whole fight off and on).

I'm sure I'm missing something and I am a tad off on some of the numbers, but it works. We have ALWAYS used a backup tank to pull to our MT, just so our MT never has to move so that the stackers never get the "no line of site" comment. The pulling tank does die at times (not always) on Bert and CT, even QoV and Norox at times, but that is just from quads when they are running. Our pulling tank did NOT get a DT from CT either of these two fights. Any questions? I'll answer best I can. Rederick, Murphyp, Obiwan, and myself (along with quite a few I'm missing I'm sure and will get yelled at later...lol) did a TON of spawns of CT on off raid nights just to test these debuffs, strats, etc, at least 20-25 off night spawns.

CG to all of Cosa Nostra though, if 100% of you were NOT in complete sinc with the strategy and directions, this would have NEVER worked. Beowoulf

Mrpantz on ethereal descendants responds:

To set up a tank to attempt to MT this bad boy, you will need: As high base WIS as possible Alch WIS buff Maxed AR (To minimize multiple procs before the debuff hits) Spammed resist buffs Spammed alch WIS buff, if possible Constant Rat Debuff High as possible AC/HP/AGI

Yes the potions do stack with WoB and CA and I believe the resists the shield proc also stack with all 3. I heard the shield isn't 100% required, but at this point let's use everything at our disposal.

Have we had a shield drop?? If so, can we make the next one or two for the GUILD that we make sure to bring to every CT raid? Or is it NTL? Sounds like requirements for next CT MT try: A full stat of resists potions on the MT At least 2 resist clerics, one with higher Wis spamming WoB/CA on MT (Healalot would be great for this)

At least 2 Muters, one spamming MT with Wis buff, other pulling and keeping CT in rat as much as possible A shield of rainbow hues to the MT As many charmed IoD pets as possible "The thing stopping people isnt his "Death Touch" he has no such thing. CT has a DEBUFF which debuffs hp horrendously low. An unresistable crit follows about half a second later for the exact damage of the DEBUFF of hp.

HOWEVER The DEBUFF takes about 4-6 seconds to cast, it is Cazic thules most notibale animation. During the debuff cast time he stops attacking criting and aoeing all together. The inherint rules of this game is that once a target is picked for a cast, the cast is uninteruptable and will follow through on the target that was selected at the start of the cast. The Unresistable crit however follows AFTER the debuff hits. If you have two tanks taunting from the beggining with one using just one extra tuant (the lowest level one) as soon as both tanks see the initiation of the Debuff the Primary tank can stop taunting while the Secondary tank spams everything theyve got to change aggro.

If done properly The primary tank will be left debuffed but not dead, he must go hide from aoes for a couple of rounds until the debuff wears off. Once it wears off he must hurry to start taking back aggro so that he can retake at the next debuff (again this will come with a long animation during which CT stops attacking)."

Beowulf responds:

Ok he is right on about what DT actually is. It is a debuff that drops your hp's to 100 then you will see a 100 pop over your head and you are dead. typically when you Umbral Curse him unless you get unlucky he isn't going to DT for the first 60 seconds that the debuff is on him. However after thah 60 seconds it is fair game he will usually hit the tank with big dmg right b4 he DT's. It is sort of like he Spikes his dmg then DT's. he despawns in 45 mins and no his statue doesnt' respawn after you kill him.

It has a berts throne like timer on respawn. We had 2 Main Tanks. the first tank is set up as a sacrifice. He is going to suffer the Death Touch anyway. the key is keeping him alive until CT does the DT. So we need to put about 4 stack healers and a Hot on this tank. Here is how we do that..

Create him a Main Tank group. The Tank A Hotter(resist cleric, shaman-non mystic or druid) A battery We also need a 4 person group of all stack healers. Preferably 2 clerics and 2 necros. These 4 split into teams, a cleric and nec on each team. The clerics go high to low on heals. Necros go low to high. This part is important... These 4 only CALL HEAL TEAMS IN GROUP CHAT. This keeps them from confusing other teams, and makes it easier for them to see the calls.

Once CT is pulled this tank takes aggro, going high to low on his taunts. His healers keep him alive just like any other MT. when he takes the Death Touch, his battery calls out in GUILD CHAT that his tank is down. While this is happening, theres a 2nd Main Tank, set up right next to the 1st one. This tank goes low to high on taunts. All other Healers are split into teams just like normal.The 2nd Tank will be the one trying to MT him as far as possible.

We do everything normal from here. the 2nd Main Tank gets all heals from both teams, which should be called IN GUILD CHAT. If the 2nd Tank falls, we zerge like we have been. But this should at least let us tank him farther down. Making the zerge easier and well, less of a zerge. it's all part of the ultimate plan to Main Tank him all the way, even if it tanks more than 1 tank. will run Behind CT. From what I have heard 60% of his damage is Frontal.


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