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Plane of Sky Desolation Chain

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Plane of Sky Desolation Chain

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:46 pm

Quest Name: Desolation Chain
Level: 50+
Class: All
Quest NPC:
Location: Plane of Sky

UPDATED TO INCLUDE NEW POS MOBS. Mobs now drops shards, and new mobs spawn that drop shards. Read the All About Shards at the bottom of this walkthrough prior to starting quest.

The pre-req for getting to the Deso Isle is to be in the kill group for Aeyinar. Ensure a healer is in the ks group for Aey and then you can los rez everyone over to deso 1. For those flaggged, to get to deso 1, port up to the main PoS isle with a wiz/druid, then pass through to the Isle of Wonder. You speak to an npc up there, and then you'll be ported off to Deso 1.

Desolation Isle 1

On this isle you have to farm and spawn several sets of mobs:
*kille Erych scouts and scavengers; they will spawn...
*5 Erych patrollers; kill them to spawn....
*5 Erych Guardians; and finally the last mob,
*Erych Arbiter

Starting where you port in at, near the arches/shed building (fairly free of roamers) you will note there is a druid ring with stones in the centre of the island. In the middle of the druid ring is a huge Erych, she is unconnable. The entire point of this chain is to make her respawn connable so you can kill her.

Note: mobs on this isle do NOT see through invis, and a rogue can happily run around with their master of disguise on as the mobs will be white faced.

Pick a quadrant of the island and farm scouts and scavengers until a Erych Patroller spawns outside the corresponding area of the druid runes. For example, if you're farming the sw quad of the island, then the Patroller will spawn in the sw quad of the druid ring. There is a specific placeholder that you can kill, but it's a lot less boring for everyone if you just consistently bring mobs in that quad back to your raid party to kill. Each tank should head out to pull a mob with a healer and rooter along. These mobs have huge aggro, and sooner or later you'll get an add. They run at about a half of red, so save nukes.

Important information about resists:
Resists for mobs on deso chain is lightning, but even with max resists, scouts will nuke for 4k and crit for 2k, scavengers do not nuke, melee damage from both is minimal

Once a patroller is up, move to a new quad of the island and repeat. Keep moving from quadrant to quadrant until you get your patrollers to spawn. Think of it like this, by farming a quadrant you are consistently farming a placeholder. Each time the placeholder is killed there is a % chance that the corresponding patroller will spawn. You will have to kill the placeholder numerous times to get the patroller to spawn.

If the scouts/scavengers stop spawning in the quadrant you're working on:
On deso, if the mobs in your quadrant stop spawning, first and foremost wait, or, to jumpstart the respawn on the scouts/scavengers, we heard from a dev to head back to the arches/shed thing where you ported into and that will start the spawning process over, without compromising whatever patrollers you currently have up.

It took us quite a few hours over a friday/saturday to get all five patrollers spawned; this is the hardest part of the entire chain. We generally based ourselves by the original port of entry, and then on the opposite side where the portal spawns; from those two locations we were able to pull mobs from all the different quads.
There is no secret or special trick to doing this that CS has found, just dogged determination, and smart tactics.

Once all five Patrollers are spawned, you clear a path to them, and pull them one at a time to kill them. Some guilds do a root pile to hold all the roamers in while pulling the patrollers but CS just found it a lot easier to kill the mobs in an aisleway to the druid ring to clear the pulling path.

Once they are killed, five Guardians will spawn in their place. Pull and kill each of the five guardians, loot them all. Then the giant unconnable Erych Arbiter in the centre of the druid ring will become connable and she can be pulled and killed. She'll respawn on her deathspot 3 times, with the last spawn having the Shard of Isolation (shard1) (what is a shard? See notes below on shards).

Once she is killed the final time, the portal will open on the north end of the island; everyone passing through the portal will be flagged for deso isle 2. KILL GROUP GOES THROUGH PORTAL LAST.

Note from forum: This sounds a whole lot easier then it really is, with a group of 14-16 people it takes about 5-7 minutes per mob to kill them. Not to mention your tank has to be great at pulling or be ready for adds which can kill essential group members in 1 crit+quad.

Basically the time we are looking at here is roughly 6-12 hours between each key spawn, which is what makes the isle so difficult. So basically knowing all this information really doesnt help anyone if they do not have the man hours or the time to complete it.

Desolation Isle 2

Once you reach Desolation 2 talk to the Elder of the Aviak Village to start the quest for Desolation 2.

When you start the quest Scouts and Warriors of Narcillian will spawn and head towards the village every 5minutes (see Shorte's note below). The first wave will be scouts; and about four will spawn. Then, five minutes later, four Warriors will spawn. There are six waves in total. Your quest is to defend the village from the waves of monsters they; spawn in a clockwise motion.
Shorte, from Hodstock, states that the time between wave spawns appears closer to 10 minutes. Be patient and wait or you might delete the quest unnecessarily.

Note: if you fail, you must wait one hour for the Elder to respawn.

After you successfully defend the village from the six waves of warriors and scouts (not letting the elder or villagers die) the final boss will spawn, the Warlord of Narcillian. Kill him and loot shard2, the Shard of Dissolution. Now the orb to the 3rd isle of Desolation will appear on the portal pad. You'll have to make a run for it avoiding the harpy's if you can.
(what is a shard? See notes below on shards).

Important note on Deso2. If you've been flagged for deso2 (ie. you've been through the Deso1 portal and you can talk to the Elder); then you may not want to complete this quest for a while. It's advantageous to get a rezzing alt to Deso2 and farm the scouts/warriors for rares.
If you're going farm, here is how:
Speak to the elder, start the monsters coming. Once the scouts spawn, kill them all. In five minutes when the warriors spawn, delete your quest and let the warriors kill the elder; now kill the warriors. The elder will respawn in a half hour. Talk to him again and start all over. This way, you can keep farming and farming for those rare drops.
The Scouts used to have the same loot table as the Warriors, but not any more. If you want to farm for a Breastplate of the Annointed get a strong group together because you'll be farming the warriors (PR is key here). This change is loot tables has affected the economy, as BPoA's that used to be 30 million are now selling for 75!
(note: also dropping here is the Ring of Speed, 100 charges, sow (TY repel)

Deso Isle 3

Last Isle to go before you can face the Quintessence of Veeshan.

To complete this Isle you must farm the Harpies on the isle till the queen spawns. Be warned when you kill the dark version of the harpy a light harpy will spawn and vica-versa (often TWO spawn). They see through invis and break root. They have huge resists and hps. They don't body camp if you dies. If the Harpy Queen is going to spawn, she'll spawn on top of you (you won't need to go looking for her).
Shorte comments here: "We even read on your walkthrough that once you kill a Harpy that usually 2 Dark Harpies will spawn...but if 2 are spawning, then Dark Harpies have to be easier....right? WRONG." What he's stating here, and what CS has found, is that the one little paragraph above doesn't really capture how tough this isle is, don't mis-underestimate it (TY Mr. Bush).

Once you kill the Harpy Queen, loot shard3, the Shard of the Wasteland. Then the orb will spawn to let you procceed to the next and final isle of desolation.

Deso Isle 4

Fight Quintessence of Veeshan and reap your well earned
rewards congrats. Tank needs max LR and AR.

Important information on resists and debuffs:
MT must overmax LR by 140 - also high agility mods QoVs LR debuff, so MT should have high agil (+525).

Picture by Truluvr

In order to complete your breastplate/tunic for the Plane of Sky Armour Quest, QoV needs to be killed and the Ring of Veeshan looted! Ring can be bought on auction as well (if you never win your roll).

Quintessence of Veeshan is also known as The Mother of all Wurms, and this title includes all of dragonkind such as the drakes and wyverns. She is a huge, crystalline dragon and is ruler of the Plane of Sky. She has no allies but she considers Brell Serilis her enemy. When the universe was young, Veeshan traveled throughout the cosmos depositing Her children on worlds She deemed worthy. She would then strike the planet with Her massive claws so that the other deities would know She had laid claim to that world. Her name is an anagram of the word heavens.

This strategy is basically identical to Noxorus.

Raid group stands on hill next to a large rock (for aoe cover), a ways from QoV. Necs/patchers hide from QoVs aoe behind rocks, but gain LoS on MT. Casters/melees stand further up on hill. Check pacts on tank, make sure they'll go off. Make sure all patchers get batteries to support them or they will go oom.

A designated puller, pulls QoV to MT (MT can't move or they'll lose LoS from Pacters). All pacters hail tank, and never take their con off the tank for any reason (or you'll never find it again). If pet dies, leave it dead-don't stop pacting to cast pet (takes too much mana, and MT needs consistent pacts). Pets passive, and no one attacks until MT has aggro from puller. As soon as puller says they are pulling, START PACTING MT. With such a large raid force there is sure to be lag, which means you won't see QoV approach and you won't see the tanks lifebar.

Once MT has aggro, he hails QoV, and all hell breaks lose. Pets aggro in, casters cast, melees shoot bows (or can try attacking from behind, I believe QoV's aoe only goes 180 degrees forward).

Note: QoV crits for 3.5k with high variable quads - be prepared!

"If you're not in los, get fukkin in it and if you're in the AoE, get fukkin outta it." Fredjones 2006.

Be careful around some of the rocks. If you get too close you'll get a warning about them being unstable. 3 warnings=death. Once QoV is down, loot the final shard (shard4) and you can go through the astral portal that spawns on top of the mountain where QoV spawns.


Completion of Desolation Chain, means you have completed the entire Plane of Sky - Congratulations! If you were in the kill group, you were flagged. Verify this by speaking with the Mark of the Desolation on PoS-Isle of Wonder.
PoS Loot Table


Make sure the SAME person loots all 4 shards that drop on the Desolation chain!! ONE person will need all the shards to spawn the Construct of Sorrows later.

Now, what about those 4 shards you looted? When your raid group is ready, you take your shards to the main Island (where you originally port up to). Head east towards the edge, and you should be able to con the Astral Light (if its up) which cons red. Don't speak to the orb until everyone is ready! Once you speak with it, and turn in all your shards from deso chain, it will conduct an AOE port and everyone there will be ported to a NEW PoS island. Don't have pets out, it only ports 16 ppl and pets count as 1.

Once on the island, get set up. Once ready, speak to the Astral entity to spawn the Construct of Sorrows.

Now to explain about the shards. While ONE person has to collect all the shards as you progress through deso chain (in order to spawn the end mob), a different person can loot the big boss construct shards. But again, ONE person has to loot all the big boss end mobs from every chain (5 construct shards) in order to spawn Veeshan's twins Bulwark and Talon.

This mob is similar to Lord Pickclaw, he'll pop you out form, so the MT will gain no benefit from ogre pill or lycan forms. The Construct of Sorrows resembles an almost giant Red Swarming Death. Once the mob is dead, have your designated looter loot the shard (take a second to look at the dead mob and notice the cool evil head graphic floating above it). If there are any rares, be quick about determining who loots, after five minutes you are automatically ported off this island.

Check out this page for more pos updates and more information about shards.

For completing deso chain, and/or being in the kill group for the Contruct, head to The Storyteller in Baga Village NE to obtain faction points.


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