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Were-Hunter Master Classes

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Were-Hunter Master Classes Empty Were-Hunter Master Classes

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:12 pm

Each MC costs 200 cms. In order to qualify for your archetype's Were-Hunter MC you will need meet the minimum stat requirements. Each MC requires a base of 250 of a primary stat (in the case of tanks: 250 Str) as well as 100 of a anti-stat (Using tanks again: 100 Int) In addition to this you will be required to purchase arcane rejuvenation, arcane Regeneration and Heroic wit 1-3. Included in a recent update are new archetypical cms which will allow you to raise an anti-stat at the expense of a primary stat.

For the most up-to-date CM information, check out the cm database that TeamJosh has!

Gypsy Were-Hunter (Melee)
50 max agi
50 int
10 HoT
1 Off mod
2 def mods

MCA Gypsy Traditions
25 sta
25 agi
25 dex
25 int
25 fr
25 ar
10 mov

MCA Stake
"With Merely a wooden Stake you can deliver a devistating blow to the vital organs of your foe."
Heroic Were-Hunter (Tanks)
50 Str Max
50 Int
1 def Mods
2 Off Mods

MCA Vital Strike
"When fighting monsters, you go for the kill by targetting their most vital organs."
Vital Strike = 75CM's This is a melee strike (str, int moded) recast 5 sec's

MCA Danger Awareness
Agi +25 (base)
FR +25 (base)
Wis +25 (base)
Int +25 (base)
LR +25 (base)
and 1 Defensive mod.
Divine Were-Hunter (Healers)
50 Str
50 Wis Max
10 PoT
10 HoT
2 Def Mods

MCA Unyeilding Dedication
25 STA
25 DEX
25 WIS
250 HP MAX

MCA Burning Blow
You strike your enemies with such might and zealousness that they burned by burst of Divine fire.
Cast: 2 Recast: 5 Power: 427 Range: 30
Two numbers of dmg; first is str mod, second is wis mod 313 + 200% str (1113 with 400 str) 313 + 60% wis (637 with 540 wis) =1740 dmg.
Arcane Were-hunter (Casters)
Int-Max 50
Str 50
Sta 10
Dex 10
Agil 10
Wis 10
Cha 10
PoT 20

MCA Arcane Endurance
Sta 25 Agi 25 PoT 5 CR 25 HoT 10 Dex 25 FR 25

MCA Molten Silver of Solist
"Summons a dense ball of molten silver alight with an arcane fire, which is hurled at your foe causing severe damage."
1250 direct dmg, 500 dot ticks 4 times (3250 dmg total for one mob.)
AR Based, 30 second recast, 600 pow


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