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Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:15 pm

Quest Name: Vampirism
Level: 30-60
Class: All
NPC: Greddy Oldman
Location: Freeport

Nov 21/08: apparently the bats are back up and Dr. Killian in FP will remove any abilities from "corrupted" lycans/wh that got initially infected by accident. Bats spawn much more slowly than they did in the past, appearing for around 10 minutes in any of the numerous zones they have been spotted in. Some good news though....mortalkombat says that a desmodus bat that CONs green to you can still infect you.

First, in order to be turned to a Vampire, you cannot be either a werehunter or a werebeast, you must have a 'clean' toon.

The Angry Patron: Found wandering the halls of Freeport, will tell you some lore:
Don't bother me! I'm not in the mood!
Ask him what happened?
Some folks ain't got no sense! This guy at the Inn is a bit too big for his britches if you ask me. Going on about how great he is, and how his boss could bring down the Gods themselves! I told him to shut his trap, but he just laughed. And of course my buddies, who I thought would back me up, ... ... just laughed with him. I ain't one to run from a fight, but I ain't standing for humiliation either.
(this popup is not required, but just fills in some background)

1. Logging the Quest

Speak with Greddy Oldman, in Freeport, located roaming in the warrior's guild (on the right hand side as you're running to the bank from the coach).
Note: If Greddy will not talk to you, this has nothing to do with faction, and is probably the result of a latent lycan infection. You could be infected without even knowing it, and having never done the quests. Greddy has a great nose and can sniff a lycan a mile away. Head to oasis and speak with the 5 npc's around the fire near the river; if you are infected, have it removed and then speak again with Greddy in FP.

Greddy will tell you that Razeal has won, and that the'filthy' creatures have been released into Tunaria to spread their disease. He says they are everywhere, and never stay in one place too long, and that you are to be careful - you never know which one of them is going to infect you! He gives you a crumpled note (illegible):
S--n in B-r---l M----ds, Je----'- C-s-, Gu---ian -or--t, -id--'ts P---, -om- -f -in-s, a-d Co--on--d-e C-m-t-r
(again, this part of the quest appears not to be required to get infection....)

Note: once the quest is up and running again, Oldman will check your status as a lycan or WH and if clear, flag you to hunt for the bats. It is only those that have THIS flag that will be able to get infected going forward (this is to eliminate the cross contamination of werebeasts/werehunters and lycan).

If you are already a werebeast with x-contamination, you're suppose to be able to speak with Dr. Killian in FP to have your corrupted abilities removed.

2. Infection

Farm the various camps of Desmodus Bats (diff con colours@60) that have sprung up in the six different locations around Tunaria (they are suppose to despawn during the 'daylight' hours of eqoa). Infection is a group flag (even if 30's are grped with 60's), you do not need to be 'hit' to be infected, and greens will infect.

Bats will be rotating their spawn locations so that all zones will see bats at least once per day, but you won't know WHERE in the zone they will spawn. As each of the 6 stated zones will have 3-4 different camps, you must look through the whole zone to see if bats are up or not. If a camp despawns, look around, odds are it respawned somewhere else in that zone.

NorthWest (east of northern gob camp): by drunkmonk: by the northern gob camp you will see a rock with snow on it just NE of the camp and basically a line of the same rock every 50 yards or so going east. If the rock just NE was rock number one in this line,they spawn between rock number 1 and 2 at the base of the hill to the north.
NorthEast Magicorstin: Found bats at Guardian Forest NE, they were right outside the Freezblood Berzerker Camp on a hill with a small snow covered rock at the bottom [all conned green to a 60].
SouthWest (east of the lower Gob camp): by drunkmonk: Theres also a cave near the southern gob camp.Its about 20 yards SW of the camp in the grass,its easy to find.
Centre Guardian Forest (C) by Zkug: in the grassy area, near a tree, is all i can remember (north of white faced mobs)- was a cave with bats around it.
Centre (unsure if this is the same place?) Magicorstin: Found more bats Guardian Forest [C] on a large green hill with a large rock half way up, SW of the Elders that stand in the snow surrounded by large stones, their blue light was visible from the hill; conned green@30
Draethen: SW: east/southeast of treant camp without stonehenge basically at the bottom of treant camp.
Dustyspheres: I have seen bats E of the NE TREANT camp (can stand just E of the high level diviners/defenders on the hill, look east and you can con the bats when they are up. They are down in the valley area, not on the hill.

East: by drunkmonk + Saeadarra: There's a cave located in the (E) part of zone. Look for a square type hill with a flat top and another smaller hill on top of it (known as the Crest of the Duelists), where the maundering soul is located. There's segregated wallls around both hills in spots . The cave is on the west side at the bottom of the two hills, and in site of the actual cemetery.
Note: this hill is west of the npc Jerek N' Toxis, whom can be found in a hut, near the River to west of Neriak.
West: by vladtemptest: bats spawn in Collingridge Cemetery WEST, just up the road from entrance to cementery.
North: by Saeadarra: Collonridge Cemetary (N), along the river, on the north side of it. About 20 or so paces from a tower with 2 Dragoons in it, Dragoon Y'Ziken & Dragoon X'Talin. A despawning cave with bats was there yesterday & today.

East: by Dustyshperes: The first hill NW from the gatorwere NPC camp. They spawn on the SW side of that hill. You can see the road to the West (the road has a greenish glow i think, and dark stone pillars).
NorthEast: by bethoven: widows peak right by the big rock next to the gnoll camp...(cave despawns) NE quad
South: by bethoven: another camp is right next to the mountain right in the middle of 4 very large towering stones in S quad...cave also despawns. There are caves that don't despawn by the aviak city but the bats havent spawned there at all...in a while.

NorthEast: by Saeadarra: Burial Mounds (NE). Just shy of the camp where the Taksehir craftsman is for the 43 Broyce Sandstalker quest. From that camp, & with the craftsman lined up behind you, face slightly NE. (Face East at first, then turn left until the East on your compass is just right of the arrow.) There is a hill just ahead. The camp is in the C part on the zone; going over to the hill will put you in the NE part. The cave was located a little more than halfway up the hill.
*This seems to have been another one of those caves that had problems with the bats spawning correctly, & may or may not have been fixed.
SouthWest (near greymoon cemetery)

EAST: has 3-4 different camps, unsure of exact quad spots.
drunkmonk: In the EAST part of Jethro's Cast there is a bat cave on the NE side of a mountain. I found the bat camp SW from there, around this mountain.

TOMB OF KINGS: NorthEast: by Saeadarra: From the entrance to the valley of the Tomb of Kings, face & run straight North. You will cross from sandy desert to grassland. Continue straight to a hill with a fog-covered T-stone & a moss-covered dead tree on the ground to the stone's left. Behind this tree is the cave.
East - outside somewhere

Reminder: mortalkombat says that a desmodus bat that CONs green to you can still infect you.

Once you see a bat cave with bats in any of the 6 zones.......it will be up again in that very spot in 27 hours. This is tried and tested: I got vamp form on nec, alch, and enc by timing it this way. Saves A LOT of time and energy not having to camp out for days at a time. Infection is random might get on 1st cave of bats you kill at or might be 3rd. (no more than 3 so far)

If you're farming the bats, and you are infected, you may notice a damage over time (-50) take effect during the daylight hours of eqoa, but this is speculative. The only way to check for infection for sure is to speak with Grindal in Freeport. When leaving the coach and entering the city, enter the first Inn on your left, he is on the lower floor. If you're infected, Grindal will ask you how you feel, and it will become apparent that while you may be infected and Razael pleased, you have not been 'indoctrinated'. (if he doesn't speak with you then you are not infected....go back and farm more bats)

3. Level 30

To indoctrinate you, he ports you to Sanctuary (a hidden room in ZP), which is a large underground room filled with npc's and coffins. Speak with Hinder (lvl 30) who will explain that you have been blessed, and that you will have the ability to feed. Now that you are part of the Bolash, you should acquire your full stacks of blood to enable your feeding as each of your vampiric abilities requires blood as a regent. Hinder tells you that in addition to being able to feed, you will be able to port yourself to Sanctuary once per day. Once you port to Sanctuary you can then port to any of the locations spritually linked to one of the coffins there. Further, you will suffer a debuff during the daylight hours. When you are stronger he tells you to speak with Simmons, but before him....
(all spells are given abilities, no cms required)

(Primary method for gaining Units of Blood which is used to power all Vampire abilities)
Note: Units of Blood are No Trade/No Rent, stack to 30
Level: 30 Cast:3 Recast:3 Scope: Target
Important to remember is they way we handled replicating a Vampire's Hunger. Hunger is simulated through the use of Units of Blood. The Feed ability will allow you to attack a target in order to get blood from them.

Sanctuary: (cost: 2 units of blood)
Level: 30 Cast:3 Recast:3600 Scope: Self
Will port the vampire player to the Sanctuary they have taken up in the old Warrior's Guild Hall on ZP. This is connected to a network of coffins throughout Tunaria to illustrate the Vampire's ability to get from one place to another quickly. You can chose to port, from Sanctuary, to all the locations in Tunaria. You can only use The Sanctuary port spell once per day! However you can port from any coffin anytime!

  1. Freeport (SE) Behind Warrior Guild, same room where you log Vamp quest.
  2. Guardian Forest (C) SW to Treants
  3. Vastley Deep (C)
  4. Solusek's Eye (SE)
  5. Sslathis (S) Behind Wizard port.
  6. Spider Mines (E) Inside Crawler cave.
  7. Collinridge Cemetary (C)
  8. West Feerrott (C)
  9. Zaoran Plateau (NW) Sanctuary

Once infected, during the daylight hours of EQOA, you will notice a Damage over Time that ticks for about -50...this can be a concern for lower level toons with not many hitpoints, it's a pain because you cannot invis or use sow pots.

4. Level 40

At lvl 40 you can speak with Creed, in Sanctuary, for further training. Creed will grant you the scaled ability "Vampiric Strike" which will not only do damage to your enemy it will also drain their life force and add it to your own. You will also now get your Vampire form (male/female graphic - just a form, gives no stats).
Note: casting a spell can fail, and can take up to a minute of using the blood to cast an ability.

Vampiric Strike (lifetap) (cost: 7 units of blood)
Level: 40 Cast:1 Recast:12 Scope: Target
Damage seems to be between 1200-1500 with 400 heal
Regular Vamp Form
(cost: 2 units of blood)
Level:40 Cast:3 Recast:15 Scope: Form
A simple form change that will change you into a Vampire/Vampiress form. Since there is only a male and a female version, it is currently a simple form change.

5. Level 50

Speak with Weaver at lvl 50 (in Sanctuary). Weaver grants you the ability to turn into bat form, which is a form of defense at the expense of being able to attack. Next, Weaver explains that The Bolash are nothing if not resilient. When your hunger is fully sated, "Vitality" will heal you while increasing your resistance to some damage for a short time.

Bat form: Offensive bat form (cost: 8 units of blood)
Level: 50 Cast:3 Recast:30 Scope: Self |Buff Dur: 30
Sets strength to 500 (regardless of what your max is...would be a debuff if your str was max 550 or more). Your AC is reduced to -963 for 30 seconds; also adds a lot of off mods and sets your Mana to 1/1 Form
*Offensive buff at the cost of defense. You will be unable to cast normal abilities while in this form.

Vitality (cost: 5 units of blood)
Level: 50 Cast:1 Recast:60 Scope: Self |Buff Dur: 60
A healing and defensive buff: 1000 Stack heal and a 300 AC Buff
Debuffs offense

6. Level 60

Finally, at lvl 60, speak with Simmons, in Sanctuary. Simmons explains that now you will be granted the ability Frenzy. This strengthens your overall power, strength, but at the cost of leaving you vulnerable defensively. You will be able to shift into that of a mist form. Along with great speed of movement, it will allow you to be nearly invulnerable. No sword will find your heart; no arrow will pierce your flesh. But you will be even more restricted than the bat form as far as your overall offensive capabilities. Finally, he grants you "Vampiric Gaze". While not specifically a charm, it will allow you to convince your target to stop attacking you. Simmons goes on to explain that so far, Razeal is the only Bolash that go out un-debuffed during the daylight hours. That 12 items need to be found, split into 3 groups of 4 items. They don't know what the items are because the scholar translating the scroll vanished....perhaps if you find her, you can figure out what items to search for. She goes by many names (Tharith Neda, Jaena Armec, Sienn Talbat) and she herself, is NOT Bolash. He's fairly vague on where to find her, what to do if you find her, and what you'll get etc. We'll post information as we get it!

Frenzy (cost: 5 units of blood)
Level: 60 Cast:1 Recast:60 Scope: Target Dur: 60
An offensive buff that sets power to 1/1 and increases damage per hit by 500 and lasts 60 seconds

Mist Form (cost: 8 units of blood)
Level: 60 Cast:1 Recast:30 Scope: Self | Buff Dur: 30
Changes you to the Red Mist that is being used by the bolash in ZP.
Defensive Buff at the cost of offense. You will unable to cast normal abilities while in this form. Sets your AC to 2000, boosts defensive mods, sets strength to 0, and power to 1/1

Vampiric Gaze (cost: 10 units of blood)
Level: 60 Cast: Recast: Scope: Target |Debuff
Sets aggro with target to 0


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