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Crazy Larry Quest

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Crazy Larry Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:21 pm

Quest Name: Crazy Larry/Toomba H&G quest
Class: All
NPC: Crazy Larry, Toomba
Location: Kelinar, SOM

Something in the air is causing chaos. Look out for interesting folks needing your help.

Depending on your level, the items you're asked to get will vary. Always hunt mobs of your own level to obtain the items he asked for. "Make sure to go after the ones you can defeat. No use going into battle knowing you're going to lose." This quest is repeatable.

For level 60:

Crazy Larry can be found roaming the road to the N/E of Kelinar Village in Kelinar (s). He's paranoid, and asks you to obtain supplies for him to weather the comming war. He asks you to get:
Bar of Reinforced Tin (gobs in vox, perma)
Scaled Snake booties (young anacondas in Kerra Isle/East Toxx or cryptkeepers in Dead Hills)
Piercing Fish Whistle (large/ancient dragon eels in ZK, or Dead Hills (W))
Frog Hair Mats (any of the froglok channelers/foragers outside/inside guk, or on the lb mobs that spawn near the King in Guk Dungeon)

Toomba is near the evil waysender, by a rock in SOM. He wants to bash things more than usual. To help him, obtain:
Shiny boar hoof (lucky charm) - murkwood boars nearby
Poisoned Spider Fang - murkwood spiders nearby
Swampvine Berries - brutes nearby
Flaxbread - buy from merchant 250 tunar

For level 45+ Crazy Larry asks for:

frog hair tufts (lower lvl frogs in guk)
sturdy bar of tin ??
shrill fish whistle (sharks off coast in Mariel)
padded snake booties (anacondas/pythos in Brokenskull rock or stonewatchers)

Level 20 and under Crazy Larry asks for:
snake booties (drops of tree vipers near any city)
bar of tin (low level gobs)
fish whistle drops off pikes N of FP (TY Steven)
frog hair (off froglok villagers in grobb)


You are rewarded with a level/class specific item, xp and a stack of new xp gems (stack to ten, lasts for one hour). The xp gem adds about 30k xp to each mob you kill.


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