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Weak Herbs/Roots

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Weak Herbs/Roots Empty Weak Herbs/Roots

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:27 pm

Quest Name: Weak Herbs/Roots
Level: 25-?
Class: All
NPC: Agent of Growth
Location: Lake Rathe

This is a Hunt and Gather (HnG) quest for all levels of toons, but you will realize the most effective xp using on lower level toons.

Kill the orc's outside of freeport, and collect weak roots and weak herbs (we suggest using a bigger toon to collect for your lower toon). Get full stacks of each, they can stack to 99.

Then head out to Lake Rathe (c), on top of an island in the lake. Speak to the Agent of Growth, who will send you to chat briefly with her gnomish intern. Then back to Agent of Growth who will ask you to speak with her Assistant.

The Assistant gives you a quest to bring back 3 bitter herbs/roots (weak ones count!).

Once you have these three items, speak again with the Assistant who will give you a Rallosian Healing Device to use on the portal. Con the portal and press square, the device heals the portal and you are given an Empty Rallosian Healing Device back.

Speak again with the Associate who will reward you with 1million xp, and 1500 tunar for EVERY 3 YOU TURN IN. It's a lot of talking and clicking to turn in each set of 3, but you start as low as lvl 20 and gain multiple levels in a very very short period of time.

Like Siloth Rings, you can also farm these and put them up for auction. 10k each.


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