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Post by Ronson on Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:26 pm

-350 or less is KOS
-349 to 150 is neutral
-99 or better to sign coach
151 or better to be blue faced

Arcadin: Ratmen

Anu village: Kill frost giants, ice giant refugees/renegades

Bastable Village: Kill goblins at Moss Mouth Caverns.

Bobble-by-water: Kill Dark Elfs in the Green Rift Zone or nashiers found in a camp south of Freeport

Blackwater: Named trolls in Mog Thug village SW of Blackwater coach. NOTE:Delf and trolls get bad faction for doing this.

Caer Siloth: Kill Darkwood Goblins SW of DM, good info to know if
you can't log your lvl 30 path quest for delf alch/war/wiz.

Castle Lightwolf: Ice goblins and Ice giants in Vox Castle, Zentar's Keep guards/mobs.

Dark Solace: Ragel guards in Aviak village zone (C) -- may have to check tower to tower. If you are an eastern human cleric or rogue, you need to speak to Davek Malall in Freeport on the first floor floor of the cleric temple. He will give you 1000 faction with dark solace. Then you can go through the wall at dark solace to log the level30 quest.

Fayspires: Hatebone orcs in Druk and around Teth.

Freeport: Southern border and northern coast of Kara village Orc defenders and seers, Orcs in Thedruk. Bandits by DM.

Forkwatch: Darkwood Goblins at Alseops Wall, blackburrow gnolls. FW allows any toons to access the
coach if that toon has a neutral element to their alignment

Frogloks of Guk: Kill Undead Minion in Burial Mounds (SE)

Fort Seriak: Talk to Nuriaele near the Neriak coach. For each set of four pristine ravens feathers looted from from Ravens and Snow crows you receive +5 Fort Seriak faction.

Gerntar's Mines: Minos in caves to the north.

Grobb: Frogloks in Grobb and Guk.

Halas: Southern border and northern coast of kara village Orc defenders and seers, Freezeblood Goblins and and around Halas.

Hazinak (Evil): Deathfists in FP and NW Ro.

Hazinak (Good): Temple of Light hunt and gather quest (Recruiter of Marr) or Truearrows in Thedruk, NOTE: Truearrows give bad faction for Fay/Teth so be careful.

Highbourne: Ragel Aviaks, Lizardmen, Tainted rats and the decaying rats near the nec portal entrance.

Highpass: Goblins at Mossmouth, Highpass Bandits, Runnyeye goblins.

Hodstock: Cracktooths s/e of Bobble-By-Water

Honjur: Frogloks in cave, The wandering Frogloks.

Kerplunk: Ragel Aviaks or Lizardmen.

Moradhim: Freezeblood goblins in and around Halas, and Baga Village.

Neriak: Inside the city at Double Dagger Inn, kill the rats in the basement.

Oggok: Lizardmen neophites around Oggok.

Oasis: Siloths in the Salt Mines. Kill siloths for Gypsies of Tunaria Faction.

Pusling: Last House Slavers will fix pusling faction for PoD.

Qeynos: Red earred gnolls or bandits outside of Qeynos. Bandits by DM.

Rivervale: Goblins at Misty Thicket.

Stone of Morthalis: Kobolds, Kerrans west of SoM along shore.

Surefall Glade: Slesher Gnolls.

Temby: Nashiers SW of FP.

Tethelin: Hatebone orcs in TheDruk and around Teth.

Werehunters: If Delosh in HP hates you and attacks you on-site, there is no remedy for this faction. Don't kill Delosh in HP, or Rea and Aeric in FP etc., or your faction will be permanently ruined and you will always have trouble coaching in HP.

Wyndhaven: Red earred gnolls or bandits outside of Qeynos, Pickpockets south of Wyndhaven. Bandits by DM.

Zentar's Keep: Kill Clifton in Murnf, Rangers & Druids in Unkempt, Castle Lightwolf guard


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