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The Pantheon

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The Pantheon

Post by Ronson on Sat Jul 31, 2010 1:13 pm

There are three tiers of divinity, tiers that have been identified to us as the governing consciousnesses of the universe and its delicate mediums of balance.

The first of these tiers is the realm of the demi-god – the divine entity closest to the mortal in its composition, demeanor and purpose, but still wholly divine in its existence. Many of these lesser gods are rumored to have once been mortals upon our very worlds – heroes and villains who have ascended through the graces of their patron gods, or through their own accord and achievements.

The second of the triad are the gods of Nature and Influence, those whom we are most associated with upon our primal world of Norrath, are the second in the tier of divine power. They are extremely powerful beings with whom we identify our emotions, desires, and sentiments – although we do so in ignorance.

The third tier, the Great Gods of Elemental Power, comprises the most revered and unknown of our divine watchers and creators. They are gods of the gods, beyond our comprehension and reach forever - for even the deities of Nature and Influence are without explanation or thought as to these beings' meaning and existence.

The Creator
The Nameless

Great Gods of Elemental Power
E`ci, Povar and Tarew Marr
Fennin Ro
The Rathe

Gods of Nature and Influence
Brell Serilis
Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane
Druzzil Ro
Erollisi Marr
Mithaniel Marr
Rallos Zek
Rodcet Nife
Solusek Ro
The Tribunal

Ayonae Ro
Lanys T`Vyl
Mayong Mistmoore
Rolfron Zek
Sullon Zek
Tallon Zek
Tholuxe Paells
Vallon Zek
Vazaelle Kaleine
Xev Bristlebane


Most Iksar have only a cursory knowledge of the Gods of the pantheon, and most of that knowledge is restricted to the deities who have most heavily influenced the course of Norrath. In order to properly understand Norrath during the Age of Turmoil, it is essential to have at least a basic understanding of the Gods who created the races of Norrath.

The Nameless - The Nameless is that which created the universe. Its nature and intentions are a mystery. Whether it cares about the fate of Norrath or its inhabitants is equally unknown.

The Rathe Council - The twelve members of the Rathe Council constitute what could be considered the God of Earth. Each being looks identical, and as far as we know is identical, to every other member of the council. Their brown skin is covered in a green robe of grass. It is the Rathe Council who cursed the races of Rallos Zek after his minions desecrated the Plane of Earth and executed the members of the Council.

The Triumvirate of Water - Unlike the Rathe Council, the three members of the Triumvirate have different personalities, each embodying the power of water in its three different states. Collectively these deities are considered to be the elemental God of Water. Tarew Marr, the Fathom Lord, is the head of the Triumvirate and the God of Water in its liquid state. Povar, known as the Veiled One, is the mysterious God of Water in its vaporous state. E’ci, called the Wintry Guardian, is the Goddess of Water in its frozen state. It is assumed that the Marr twins are in some way related to Tarew Marr, but this assertion seems founded only in conjecture.

Fennin Ro - The Tyrant of Fire, as he is known, is the sole elemental God of Fire. Deep within the land of Doomfire in his home Plane of Fire, Fennin Ro ruleshis fiery subjects with a mighty and smoldering fist. Fennin Ro is the father of the Solusek Ro, aptly named the Burning Prince.

Xegony - Xegony is the elemental Goddess of Air. There is a great sense of mystery and silent majesty in Eryslai, her awe-inspiring Plane of Air. Like all the other elemental Gods, Xegony interferes little with our world of Norrath.

Veeshan - The Great Crystalline Dragon and ruler over the Plane of Sky, Veeshan was the first of the gods to take notice of Norrath. Countless centuries ago Veeshan discovered our world and marked it with her giant claw, claiming it as her own. In the land of Velious, where she made this gaping wound, she deposited her Dragon brood so that they might populate and control this planet. Veeshan is worshipped solely by the many varieties of Dragonkind and by an eccentric minority of bards.

Brell Serilis - Known as the Duke of Below to the more poetic of mortals, Brell is the lord of the Plane of Underfoot. It was from within this cavernous domain that he felt the strike Veeshan made upon the world of Norrath. In order to keep Veeshan from reaping too much power from this planet, Brell made a series of pacts with other major Gods of Nature and Influence to populate our world with other races who might keep Norrath’s dragon population in check. It was Brell who created the Kobolds, Dwarves, Gnomes, and the Gnolls. Brell is worshipped mainly by members of the races he created.

Rallos Zek - The God of War was one of the original Gods approached by Brell Serilis for entrance into his pact. Though Zek refused to join this first pact, he created the race of Giants anyways in order to gain a strategic foothold on Norrath. Over time Zek would also create the Ogres, the Orcs, and the Ankexfen (later to be known as Goblins). These races would come together to wage war on the world and, eventually, on the planes of the Gods themselves. After successfully invading the Plane of Earth the minions of Zek were defeated and cursed while Zek was confined to within the Planes of Power. Rallos Zek is worshipped by those races he created, by certain tribes of Kobolds and Gnolls, and by the warriors of many of the more civilized races.

Tunare - Known by her followers as the Mother of All, Tunare is the keeper of the Plane of Growth. During the first pact of the Gods, Tunare created the Elves within the Elddar Forest of Antonica (what was then known as Tunaria). Tunare is said to be a Goddess of Nature and is a major force for protecting forests and animals across Norrath from what her followers consider senseless exploitation. Tunare is worshipped mostly by the two varieties of light Elves as well as many rangers and druids.

Prexus - Known commonly as the Ocean Lord, Prexus is the God of the Seas. Though he usually limits his influence on Norrath to simply playing with the currents and toying with the waves, it is true that Prexus was a part of the first pact of the Gods. In order to keep check on the minions of Veeshan, Prexus gave life to his children the Kedge. The Kedge were a water-bound race, rumored to be of great dignity and intelligence. The Kedge are now gone from the oceans and few even dare speculate as to their fate. The followers of Prexus are largely restricted to boat hands, fishermen, and certain sects of Erudites. Their beliefs often involve the promise of an apocalyptic flood that will someday cleanse Norrath.

Innoruuk - The heretic god from whom Venril tried to purchase immortality, Innoruuk is a dangerous threat to all the races of Norrath. Hate is what drives the followers of Innoruuk just as it is hate that sustains his dark and twisted plane of existence. Devout worshippers of the Prince of Hate often speak of remaking Norrath in their own cruel image, a threat which should be taken seriously. It was, afterall, Innoruuk who took the Elven royal family and twisted them into his wretched Teir’Dal. Apart from the Dark Elves, worshippers of Innoruuk can also be found in Grobb and hiding in the more dismal parts of Freeport.

Cazic-Thule - Great Cazic, The Faceless, the God of Fear, invokes terror in the hearts of most every being in Norrath. Among Cazic’s additions to the fauna of Norrath are the Lizardmen, the Trolls, and we Iksar. It is said by many that it was Cazic who unleashed the Greenmist upon our former Shissar oppressors. Worshippers of Cazic-Thule can be found all across Norrath, from the Erudites of Paineel to the Shadow Knights of Oggok. The promise of power offered by Cazic is one that entices more than just members of the races he created.

Bristlebane - The God of Mischief and the King of Thieves, this deity is the cause of far too much trouble in the world. The creator of Halflings is a particularly popular patron for those who believe little in law or authority. Amongst his followers are thieves, rogues, bards, and Halflings of all sorts. Those who respect stability and peace abhor this god and his affects on our world.

Solusek Ro - The Burning Prince, as he is called, is the son of Fennin Ro and the God of the Sun (or of Flames, depending on which learned scholar you ask). Angered for not being invited to create a race of his own on this world, it was Solusek Ro who raised the Mountains of the Serpent’s Spine and destroyed the ancient land of the Elves. Solusek’s temper is as hot as his Plane of Sun, and his wrath is well-documented in Norrathian history. Deep in the Lavastorm Mountains, a magnificent temple to Solusek lies hidden in that land of ash and cinder. Wizards and Mages from across the world come here to study the art of flame and to worship their fiery patron.

Karana - The Rainkeeper is the lord of storms and the giver of rain. It is by his will that crops grow and agricultural nations eat. Though normally ambivalent to the goings-on of Norrath, Karana can use his influence over storms to intervene indirectly when he so chooses. Farmers are often devout followers of Karana, because they are so dependant upon his will. Nomads across the plains which bear Karana’s name often worship this deity, as do some Bards, Druids, and the Knights of Thunder found within the kingdom of Qeynos.

Mithaniel Marr - The God of Valor, or the Truthbringer, is worshipped by many Knights of the more chivalrous races. Mithaniel and his sister, Erollisi, are said to be the children of the God of Water, Tarew Marr. There is a legend that Mithaniel was once captured by minions of Cazic-Thule, but thanks to the treachery of Morell-Thule not only was he able to escape but the Barbarians and foul Frogloks were created from a part of Mithaniel’s divine essence. Many Warriors and Paladins across Norrath look to Mithaniel for guidance, as well as a unique race of South Antonican Frogloks.

Erollisi Marr - The Queen of Love is the sister of Mithaniel Marr and the mother of the Barbarian race. While Mithaniel was experiencing his own problems with Cazic-Thule, Erollisi was tempted by the minions of Innoruuk and forced to flee to the land of the Elves. The Lady Marr gave birth to the Barbarians in the northern highlands they now call their home. Erollisi is worshipped by Bards and Paladins amongst the Humans and Elves, while a particularly devoted sect of Erollisi devotees live on a quiet island in the Ocean of Tears.

Quellious - The Child of Peace, otherwise known as The Tranquil, is a force for calm and serenity in the world of Norrath. Quellious gains her followers from those who seek the pursuit of tranquility, either for their lives or for their world. It is largely through her Plane of Tranquility that more interesting Planes of Power have been opened up to adventurous mortals. The followers of Tranquility can be found in the Monks of the Ashen Order, among the more clerical of Erudites, and in the legions of Bards who sing songs in praise of inner peace and calm.

Bertoxxulous - The Plaguebringer, the God of Decay and Disease; the saddest and most depraved of the pantheon. Bertoxxulous is responsible for untold misery and pain in this world, and his power only grows with every passing day. Unlike the followers of Innoruuk or Great Cazic, cruel gods in their own right, the followers of the Plaguebringer forgo conquest and dream only of death, only of terrible anguish. Any who find think this to be an exaggeration need only have an open conversation with one of Bertoxxulous’ followers (preferably just before slitting their throat), or take a brief stroll through his rank Plane of Disease. The Bloodsabers of Qeynos are the most renowned, as well as the most dangerous, of the Plaguebringer’s worshippers. Any traveler to the land of Antonica would be well-advised to kill any Bloodsaber he sees; no questions asked. The more twisted of Gnomes often find themselves in the service of Bertoxxulous as well.

Rodcet Nife - Known as the Prime Healer to his adherents, Rodcet Nife is the patron deity to many of Norrath’s Clerics and Paladins. These worshippers, working largely out of the Human city of Qeynos, do their best to spread peace and good health amongst those who inhabit the hills and plains surrounding the town. Heretics to this faith are advised to stay away from Rodcet’s more militant followers - they are prone to attack infidels at random. The temple to Rodcet Nife in Qeynos is without a doubt the most unusual building in all of Norrath; one wonders what inspired the builders to construct such an edifice.

The Tribunal - The Six Hammers of the Tribunal are the highest form of Justice in existence. From their high court, deep within the labyrinthine Plane of Justice, the six council members pass judgment upon the worst of Norrath’s criminals, each according to the laws and traditions of their people. The so-called Seventh Hammer of the Tribunal is the bailiff and servant to the actual judges of the Hammers. One will seldom find a worshipper of the Tribunal outside of the clans of Barbarians that inhabit mountains of Everfrost.


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