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The Story of Ankexfen

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The Story of Ankexfen Empty The Story of Ankexfen

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:16 pm

The story of the creation of the four goblin tribes

This ancient tale of a civilization long since forgotten by the name of Ankexfen was handed down to me by a visiting priestess in Najena by the name of Aerthane D'Zitherak, a Priestess of Innoruuk, and seeker of the Fabled and Ancient Staff of Ankexfen.

'Long ago, there existed a race known as the Ankexfen, after their progenitor Hazeg Ankexfen, who were created by Rallos Zek during the Elder Age. This race was quite intelligent and cunning.
They quickly expanded their knowledge of magic and the other planes, yet constantly yearned for more power. So, along with their ogre counterparts, they set out to master the Plane of Earth. Alas, their attempts proved futile and the combined might of the other gods forced Rallos Zek back to the Planes of Power, leaving his creations to the whims of the other gods. '

'The wrath of the unnamed gods was grim. Thousands of ogres were instantly slain - their empire left to crumble under the hand of retribution. The giants were flung across the face of Norrath like seeds to the wind. The Ankexfen's fate was more severe. The entire race was exterminated, but from the ashes were born the four goblin races. Exactly how this happened is unknown. But what is known is that each goblin clan was stripped of any knowledge and was neither informed of the other clans nor of their origins. Each clan was then transported to a separate environment to help preserve the gods' will. However, the gods were not without mercy and each clan was
granted a section of the staff. Upon each staff, a crystal was adorned. These staves served to aid the goblin clans in understanding their environment. These remnants of the Staff of Ankexfen combine to create the fabled and powerful Staff of Ankexfen.


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