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Overview of Kaladim

In a huge cavern in one of Butcherblock Mountains resides the city of the dwarves, ruled by King Kazon Stormhammer.

Long ago, before King Kazon Stormhammer declared the city to be Kaladim, the caverns were the lair of a great dragon. It was Jendl Mizebrite who happened upon the lair and fought the creature to the death. Jendl smashed the great dragon's skull with his trusty warhammer, but not before losing an arm. Thanks to his heroic deed, we now call these caves Kaladim.

The gaping mouth of the cavern leads to mines and tunnels that stretch on for miles into the nethermost core of the Butcherblock range. The entrance to the city is a grand cave with iron gates and guard towers on either side built out of hollowed trees that grown there. A river runs through the town with bridges of solid, sturdy dwarven craftsmanship crossing over it.

A very hardy, goodly people, the citizens of Kaladim keep a long memory of those who have wronged them and are steadfastly intolerant of all born under dark orientation. The dwarves of Kaladim hold a special adversity to ogres and the Teir'Dal, who are advised to avoid the city gates of Kaladim if they wish to remain living in the world. They are also highly protective of their valuable mines; any unwelcome visitors will have to answer directly to a Stormguard's blade if they dare to disrespect the dwarves' wishes.

King Kazon Stormhammer
The current ruler of the dwarves and king of Kaladim, Kazon Stormhammer is a much respected figure in dwarvish culture. Just, strong, compassionate, and wise beyond his years, he has assured the continuing prosperity of his people, which goes back to the foundation of Kaladim centuries past.

However, the king's years of blissful rule seem to be coming to an end, for the orcs of Crushbone and the alarming Teir'Dal alliance and influence upon Faydwer has become a potential crisis. Kazon finds himself now gravely considering his options. He knows war is inevitable to ensure the future of his people; this knowledge is a shadow upon his rule that depends with each passing day.

The king can usually be found wielding the Stormhammer - a magical warhammer that was crafted centuries ago by dwarven smiths and enchanted by the elves of the Greater Faydark in gratitude for the help the dwarves gave them.

Northern Kaladim

The northern area of Kaladim has two distinct passageways that lead from the mining district of the city. This portion is considerably smaller than the south half of the city, but is still very important to the prosperity and success of the dwarves of Kaladim. This district houses the guildhalls for the clerics and paladins of Kaladim.

Southern Kaladim

The southern region of Kaladim is the arena's gateway to the Butcherblock Mountains. It is also the more active part of Kaladim, with most of the city's taverns, shops, as well as the palace of his majesty, Kazon Stormhammer. The guildhalls for the dwarven warriors and rogues also reside here.

Kaladim's proximity to the lush, fertile mountain grounds make this an ideal location for young adventurers to return when they find their satchels and backpacks full from the rewards repeated on the battlefield.

There are also many shops and taverns located in the southern region of Kaladim that offer their wares at reasonable prices will purchase an adventurer's bounty for considerable sums of gold.


Kaladim has a guildmaster for each class that is available to dwarves. Spell and tome merchants are also available for those classes. Here is a list of the main guildmasters:

* Dravel Axethrasher – (Beserker)

* Priestess Ghalea – (Cleric)

* Datur Nightseer – (Paladin)

* Mater – (Rogue)

* Furtog Ogrebane – (Warrior)

City Resources

Kaladim provides the basic necessities of adventuring: Bankers, a Soulbinder, a Tribute Master, Task Masters, augmentation needs, and merchants that sell backpacks, ale, bandages, food, drink, armor, weapons, shields, and fishing gear.

You'll also find a Priest of Discord, Tradeskill Quest Masters, tradeskill crafting objects, and supply merchants for alchemy, baking, pottery, tailoring, and blacksmithing.

There are a couple of public forges in Kaladim. We encourage such interests. One would be near Redfist's Metal in South Kaladim and the Everhot family donated one near their forge in North Kaladim.

Places of Interest

Kaladim hosts a number of different buildings including several shops, taverns and guildhalls.

Southern Kaladim

The Gates and Crank Towers

The entrance to the huge cavern that Kaladim is built inside of is barred by two large iron gates that are controlled by two hoists in two Crank towers on either side of the entrance. Members of the Stormguard man each tower.

Stormhammer Hold

The stone castle known as Stormhammer Hold belongs to the royal Stormhammer family. King Kazon Stormhammer, who is presently the reigning majesty of the dwarven people, runs the city of Kaladim from the hold.

The hold is a masterpiece of dwarven construction in form and function. Gigantic and elaborately carved stone blocks, stone statues of dwarven heroes, and runes carved into the stone walls make this lace of the most magnificent sights to behind in all of Faydwer. King Kazon himself can be seen in this thread room, where he diligently tends the welfare of his people.

Stormguard Hall

Stormguard Hall is a stone structure that houses the members of the dwarven warrior's guild call the Stormguard. Furtog Ogrebane is the captain of the guard. He is a mature but hearty dwarf who is well-respect by his troops. The Stormguard are responsible for the protection of all of Kaladim and are the primary strength within the king's army.

Pub Kal

The drinks in this establishment aren't as well received as that of Irontoe's; however, if you're looking to brew your own grog, Pub Kal has a p ublic brew barrel for making your own drinks.

Staff & Spear

This shop offers various swords and fletching supplies for sale.

Irontoe's Eats

Considered the best tavern within Kaladim, Irontoe's Eats is owned by Tumpy Irontoe. The Irontoe Brigade was once an elite band of warriors. After losing hundreds of their fellow members in an assault upon the Crushbone orcs, they disbanded and left for parts unknown. Only Tumpy Irontoe remains in Kaladim. With is specialty Tumpy's Tonic, you shall never find a finer barkeep than good old Tumpy.

Tanned Assets

This shop offers leather armor and various tailing supplies for sale.

Redfist's Metal

The specialties offered for sale in this shop include finely crafted weapons, chainmail and plate armor molds, shields and other smithing supplies.

Gurtha's Wares

Gurtha Yaptongue is the master tailor of the Dwarves and she sells her wares here. She is attractive by Dwarf standards. This shop offers tailed cloth clothing various boots, and pottery supplies.

Creekside Alchemist

Alchemist Baldoleky Rockfinder offers various potions, herbs, and other alchemy products in this shop.

The Stout Pack

In this shop, Aarina Ratsbone sells various containers for long travels.

Northern Kaladim

Underfoot Cathedral

This structure is an elaborate stone building called the Underfoot Cathedral that is dedicated to Brell Serilis, father of the dwarves and Duke of Below. It is the home of Kaladim's clerics. Many dwarven clerics wear bronze colored plate and their weapon of choice is a warhammer. High Priestess Ghalea is the leader of this guild.

The Mine Cap

This wood and stone structure is situated over the entrance to the Mines of Kaladim. Though he is rarely seen to outsiders, Axlrod Norkhitter is the Grand Miner of the dwarves, a position of much respect and tradition.

Kaladim has two main mining guilds, Miners Guild Number 249 and Miners Guild Number 628. Both guilds can be found working Kaladim's mines, so they tend to have many disputes. Miners Guild Number 249 more formerly known as the Paladins of the Underfoot.

Paladins of the Deep (Miners Guild Number 249)

Led by Datur Nightseer, the Paladins of the Deep is housed in this large stone building constructed out of azure stones that were mined from the furthest recesses of the Butcherblock Mountains. They fight to protect their scared regions from the evil that surfaces from the Underfoot. This guild is also known as Miners Guild Number 249.

Miners Guild Number 628

This mining operation is the rogue guild of Kaladim and is led by Mater.

Everhot Forge

Murlond Everhot is praised both within and beyond Kaladim's walls as the greatest weaponsmith in all of Norrath. Murlond himself crafts very few weapons anymore, the cruel passing of time having eventually taken its toll on upon the aged smith. Most of the items for sale in his small wooden shop are carefully constructed by his apprentice and only son, Lurmond. Murlon's brother Tortuk, is a fine armorer and sells wares from a small counter in his brother's store.

Greybloom Farms

Serenk Greybloom owns and operates this farm which provides the majority of the fruits, vegetables, and other farming goods for Kaladim. Crop consists of nearly every type of mushroom and edible fungus available. The mushrooms can can be used to create a variety of food and drinks.

Ratsbone Treasury & Assay Office

This office is the main Bank of Kaladim. There is a vault here hammered out of solid iron where Dwarves and travelers may store any valuables or get gems and minerals appraised and exchanged for more spendable currency. Donnel Ratsbone is the elderly dwarf who runs the office.


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