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Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:38 pm

Overview of Eastern Wastes

Hunting in the Eastern Wastes is ideal for mid-seasoned adventurers new to Velious. Groups of hunting parties can be seen scattered throughout the region, making it easy for lone arrivals in search of companions.

Background Lore

The eastern half of Velious is a cold inhospitable place, with little shelter for the hardy travelers that dare set foot upon Veeshan's Isle. Freezing temperatures and blizzards have driven most away from this land and one will only see creatures that have adapted to the harsh conditions of the icy tundra.

Foremost among these creatures are the frost giants, great lumbering beings made from flesh as hard and cold as the ice found on the tundra. The giants roam the tundra in search of food and mayhem, and are the most commonly met creatures of the Eastern Wastes. The Kromrif, as the frost giants are called, make their home on the western edge of the Eastern Wastes in the foothills of the Great Divide. The Ry'Gorr clan of snow orcs also live in the Eastern Wastes, where they have built an above ground stronghold knows as Ry'Gorr Keep.

Areas of Note

Ry'Gorr Keep: The aboveground stronghold of the Ry'Gorr clan orcs. The keep is a circular stronghold with rounded roofs to prevent collapse from the buildup of ice and snow. At the center of the keep is an enormous bonfire that is kept burning throughout the frigid Velious nights. Surrounding the stronghold are stone spikes whereupon the victims of the snow orcs are impaled as a warning to intruders and a distraction to the predators of the Eastern Wastes.

The Sleeper: A huge dune comprised of ice and snow roughly shaped in the form of a giant dragon. It is in fact the resting place of the dragon Kerafyrm the Prismatic Dragon.

Ruins of Froststone: Located near the northwestern edges of the Eastern Wastes, the ruins of Froststone lie frozen in time. Originally built of Velium, it stands as a testament to the destructive power of the frost giants.

Frost Giant Village: The Kromrif village is located in the foothills of the great divide. Made of huge slabs of ice and logs, the village is a sight to behold.

Coldain Hunting Camps: The Coldain send hunting parties into the Eastern Wastes to hunt walrus and yeti. These small hunting camps are scattered across the Eastern Wastes.

Walrus mating grounds: The walrus gather at their time-honored courtship area, south of The Gretespaign.

Coastal shelf: The water is relatively shallow and then suddenly shears off into fathomless depths of the Iceclad Ocean.

The Gretespaign: The western half of the great bridge that connects the nearest Icy Fingers of the Iceclad Ocean to the main continent of Velious.


The Eastern Wastes are filled with many creatures native to Velious. Coldain, Kromrif, and Ry'Gorr Orcs patrol this region alike, making this a very treacherous place to wander if one has earned the disdain of any of these races. Many of the creatures in this region are not only aggressive, but persistent, and will run after adventurers across the frozen wastelands for miles.


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