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The Journey to Taelosia

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The Journey to Taelosia

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:50 pm

Morden Rasp and his Wayfarers Brotherhood have been collecting, trading and selling items discovered recently in dark places under Norrath. Unlike the other types of wealth that they have managed to gather, these stones displayed some unusual properties when brought together in large volume. A large enough mass of the material acts much like a loadstone, pointing - even pulling toward a distant point. As the Wayfarers explore this new magic, Calliav Giniuar, a troubled mage, begins to gain control over the visions that have been crippling him for months.

He keeps much of what he has seen to himself, dropping only hints of a terror that he does not wish to discuss. He bends his mind to the power of the stones with a frightening focus. Morden Rasp and his Wayfarers Brotherhood companions fear for his state of mind nearly as much as they did when he was forced to withdraw from reality because of the terrible things he had seen. Calliav is rewarded for his efforts with more pain. He manages to fuse several chunks of the new magical material unearthed in the lost dungeons together, hoping that a larger mass will allow him a better chance to discover its properties. But, when he touches the combined mass a painful surge of magical energy courses through him, knocking him unconscious. The last thing he was heard to
say was to Morden, insisting that he build a ship, a very large ship.

During brief moments of lucidity, Calliav manages to express that he has seen the "Heart of the Currents." This is a legendary place beyond the reach of any mariner, thought to be a simple legend to frighten
novice sailors. But that is not all Calliav has seen. He also sees frightening visages, things so evil and powerful that he fears that the end of Norrath is near.

Morden and the Wayfarers have decided to go to meet the fate of Norrath head on. They once again call for your help. They have found the Heart of the Currents and breached the way. Now it will fall upon the shoulders of Norrath's heroes to discover the nature of this threat.
Certainly those that have faced and defeated the gods of Norrath will not be turned aside by visions of an unstoppable army...


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