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Dawn of Discord

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Dawn of Discord

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:53 pm

A maniacal cry suddenly disrupted the quiet of Rivervale. In Freeport, an outburst of wild glee reverberated across the stony paths.

Most passersby remarked that it was the priests of Discord causing all the noise, and while they didn't know it, it happened all at once with all of the priests in the cities throughout the lands.

"We have found it. We have truly found it," the Priest of Discord in Neriak said. A passing guard, annoyed by the priest, raised a blade to his throat.

"What is it ye are screaming about, ye mad, ugly, zealot," Guard S`Lon sneered. "Ye should not even be here, in our dark. It's bad enough we have trolls. We should not further debase our city with humans. However, I believe there is a bit of hate in all acts of discord, so perhaps that . . ."

"Silence!" the priest screamed. How dare you mock one who has been granted access into the realm of Discord itself. We are blessed with a gift. Perhaps you would like to be the first to pass through and meet your end? Are you so brave?"

Guard S'Lon frowned and hissed as he walked away, "I'd rather trust my own brother."

Elsewhere, the priests were thrilled at what they had done. They had finally broken time and space and found a magical path to the realm of Discord. They had believed Discord to be a god, their god. Now they believed they had the proof.

One elder priest of Discord appeared in Qeynos as he had volunteered to be the first who would travel into the new choatic realm. It was his duty to venture to the other side and see if there was a way to return home from wherever he may find himself. That was his sole purpose.

The rest of the priests would invite all to come and taste the power of Discord -- to bring Norrath into a new age.

The elder joined the Priest of Discord and prepared himself, slinging a small pack of food and water over his withered shoulder.

"Good luck to you and we hope to hear good news and see you again," the priest said.

The elder did not respond or show any expression. He stood quietly, ready to take on what may face him. He nodded to the priest who then closed his eyes and uttered an eerie incantation in a whisper.

Soon, a glow appeared near him and a circular portal began to form out of the air. There was a burst of light and sparks and the elder could see an image of where he was meant to travel -- a place with a dark, burning sky and a field of green.

With nary a blink, the priest gathered his robes about him and wandered through the portal, his body shimmering and distorting as he was pulled to the other side.


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