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Plea to the Mother of All

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Plea to the Mother of All

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:59 pm

With the protection of goodhearted Norrathians, Galeth Veredeth, the high paladin sent by King Tearis Thex of Felwithe to find Firiona Vie, finally found his way to Tunare's home, the Plane of Growth. He wandered through the grasslands and among the trees alive with all of the Mother's creatures. A forest spirit inched alongside Galeth and eyed him with solace and recognition. Galeth began to feel whole again.

It had been many years since he'd been there. Too many, Galeth thought. He was reminded of the simplicity of living among Tunare's children in the plane and being a part of something magnificent and regal.

For hours he wandered a familiar path as he contemplated his past until he suddenly found himself at the bottom of the great and mystical tree -- the tree where the Mother resided.

Majestic treants groaned in the soft wind as their branches swayed gently to and fro, giving thanks and prayer to their goddess. Their eyes followed Galeth as he made his way slowly up the tree. At its height, Tunare's strongest and sleekest feline beasts snarled and bared their long fangs, their ears flattening as they readied to pounce. They slowly circled Galeth, assessing him with their deep yellow eyes, and slowly backed away with a look of confusion.

Galeth passed through, but Tunare was nowhere to be found. Galeth's heart sunk.

"Mother of All, I beseech you. I beg of you to hear my plea," Galeth shouted. The gentle breeze and the ruffling of leaves were his only answer. He had known that Tunare had turned her back on her children, that she was forced to through a pact amongst the gods, but he did not expect her to shun him too -- one of her very own children of the plane.

In despair, Galeth fell to his knees and was compelled to voice what he had held within for many a year. All of his guilt; all of the truth.

"I am sorry I left you, Mother . . . and this place. My home. I am sorry I did not request your blessing to bear the burden of bringing good and evil to balance in Norrath. To forsake my life in Growth was forbidden, but I was young and felt I was doing right by you," Galeth cried out and continued, fearing if he stopped he would never own up to his mistakes and be forgiven.

"I did not steal this body that is not my own. On a field of battle between elf and orc I found this shell and made it my own. Mother, I beg your forgiveness . . . for leaving you, this place and my blessed life as one of your servants. I wanted to serve you better . . .," he paused a moment. There was still no answer.

"There are many things I still do not understand and I do not question. Falling in love with Allisea, King Tearis' queen, was unexpected and pure and what that love yielded is still beyond my comprehension. My heart aches with every beat when my daughter is not near me. I feel I am dying inside -- not in this body -- but in my spirit," Galeth said.

Saddened, Galeth leaned back on his heels and gazed to the sky as the wind tousled his hair. He remembered his passage into the mortal realm, becoming a high elf, and growing into a skilled and powerful fighter under the tutelage of his guildmaster, Tynkale. He rose quickly in the ranks of the royal guard of Felwithe.

Then he met King Tearis Thex himself, a high elf with unwavering beliefs and morals, and the queen, Allisea. She was a stunning elf with golden hair. She had an unsurpassed intelligence and a dry sarcasm that always made him smile. Firiona looked like her mother.

Galeth cared deeply for both the king and his wife and the kingdom of Felwithe and served them faithfully. His valor and service led him to become the king's advisor.

While often at the king's side, Galeth spent much of his time in the palace and often found himself in the company of Allisea. They had a profound respect and fondness for one another, something which the king noticed and did not like. Galeth did not know the king had suspicions about his intentions or that he was being followed.

One fine morning, Galeth accompanied Allisea to the pond in the courtyard of the palace. He remembered how beautiful she looked as the sunlight reflected off the water and rippled across her flawless pale skin. She glowed. As they stood and stared into each other's eyes, they grew quiet and both reached out their hands and intertwined their fingers without thought. After several moments, a horse whinnied and broke their entrancement. They quickly pulled back from one another, stunned by the glorious and terrifying realization that they were in love.

They walked slowly back to the palace in silence, occasionally glancing at each other with a glints of embarrassment and sadness.

Though they did not know it, they were seen by the wood elf rogue the king sent to follow them. The wood elf now faced the grim task of telling the king what she saw, though she recognized the beauty and innocence of it. Duty overcame compassion.

That night, after the evening meal, Galeth met Allisea out in the Greater Faydark so she could watch the sunset, as she often did. This night, he brought his horse and lifted her upon it to sit behind him as they rode to a hilltop. It was that night that he and Allisea let their hearts guide them; the night Firiona was brought into Norrath.

It was also that very eve when Galeth and Allisea returned to the city to find the way blocked by guards. The queen was taken from the horse and whisked inside the city gates as it was announced that King Tearis had barred Galeth from reentering the city, citing his failure as a royal advisor. Not long after that night, Galeth learned that Allisea was locked in one of the palace towers, never to leave.

Sadness and shame overcame Galeth and he struggled to contain his tears.

"I have caused so much heartache. I lost the woman I love because I did not have the will and honor strong enough to see past my heart. She died because of the strain of bringing a child of immortal and mortal essence into the world. I have lost my daughter a second time. I feel I can endure no more and my work is not done. I still strive to aid my child in striking a balance in this world -- a task you charged her with," Galeth paused, trying to calm his nerves.

"I beg you, merciful Tunare, help me. Give me your blessing to aid me in finding your chosen and my child," Galeth's words trailed off. He was exhausted from the strain of reliving a history that plagued him.

As he sat, he felt a tickle on the back of his neck and a warm rush of air blew his hair onto his face. He turned his head and a smile began to lighten his tortured face.

There, with a triumphant sparkle in its eye, was the Avatar of Growth, a glowing white steed of unmatched purity and elegance. Galeth had been blessed by Tunare, though she could not speak it herself. She sent the avatar as her messenger.

With a silent prayer of thanks, Galeth mounted the steed and set off to find his daughter, and Tunare's Chosen, Firiona Vie.


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