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The Revelation

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The Revelation

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:15 pm

The steady rhythm of Lanys T'Vyl's gritty footsteps echoed off of the walls of Karnor's Castle as she passed through it, unchallenged. A satisfied smirk marked the Child of Hate's dark-skinned, sultry face as she relished the hate and fear of the undead that watched her walk by.

Lanys arrived at Venril Sethir's chamber doorway and smugly leaned against the wall and crossed her arms.

"That gaggle of bones you gave me left a lot to be desired in battle out there, Venril. How you've managed to survive is one of this feeble land's mysteries, to be sure," she said indignantly.

Venril hissed and moved closer to Lanys, hovering over her.

"Lady of Hate, your jesting is one of your greatest foibles, but your arrogance is crippling. My work with you is done, however, so I do expect I will not be seeing you again," Venril said.

"I may not be done with you yet. I simply won't rest until the light-loving races all find themselves rotting and sinking into the lands, especially Tunare's slave -- Firiona Vie ," Lanys snarled, her irritation with her failure to kill Firiona surfaced on her face.

"I care not what your motives are. I accomplished what I needed to and will remain satisfied for some time," Venril's scaled visage almost revealed a smile, which greatly confused the daughter of Innoruuk.

"What could you have possibly gained? You sat on your scaled laurels while your lands ran red with the blood of the good -- an act I might characterize as cowardice," Lanys said.

"Do you honestly believe I would bend so easily to your demands to take my loyal subjects into war if I had nothing to gain?" Venril said, relishing the opportunity to reveal his achievements to Lanys. "In fact, you may enjoy this."

Lanys was very near ready to take her blade to Venril for his impudence, but then looked on with interest, quietly. Venril recounted his recent activities, starting with Tserrina Syl'Tor's successes with transmuting the magic of the Lifeguide, Tunare's gift to Firiona, to suit his own ends. Tserrina believed that the full capability of the Lifeguide's magic was incomplete and needed Firiona Vie's presence to continue her work -- to get the full benefit of the magic. She required Firiona's essence as a half-child of Growth.

Venril explained how Tserrina was able to separate and change the Lifeguide's invaluable crystal so that its soul-bound owner could manipulate any creature's memories. Venril became that owner. With the crystal, he was able to easily walk through Felwithe, stealing the memories of any who saw him.

Lanys' interest piqued as Venril detailed how he planted enough seeds of guilt in Firiona's heart to make her leave Felwithe of her own accord to find the Lifeguide, delivering her into the hands of Tserrina for the final spell for the crystal. Even though Tserrina never did get her chance, it did not matter. Venril was satisfied with the crystal. And he was amused by the news that Firiona had taken the Lifeguide from the Tower of Frozen Shadow -- a now virtually useless weapon with a false crystal.

Venril hissed as he spoke of the dragons of Norrath, particularly the Ring of Scale, and while Lanys was not surprised to hear of his desire for revenge, she was impressed by his methods. It was the Ring of Scale, and Trakanon in particular, that were the catalysts that brought the end of the Sebilisian Empire that Venril created.

As he paced around the room, Venril continued his tale, walking through each step of his plan. He told of how he returned to his old home, the city of , and into Trakanon's lair after he sent Firiona in search of her missing staff. Using the Lifeguide's crystal, Venril searched Trakanon's memories and discovered what no one had known -- details of the Nest -- where dragons were born and raised. He also learned that the cycle of birth for the next dragons -- a time known as the Brood Dawn -- was rapidly approaching. He chose to prevent the young wyrms from taking their first breaths. That would be his revenge.

Using the knowledge he obtained from Trakanon, Venril began to shape a collage of deception that would have others acting on his behalf so his plan may come to fruition without interference. He built and bought distractions, having the Solusek Mining Company dig their way to the Nest with the promise of riches.

Lanys' arrival in the Dreadlands to mount an attack against the city of Firiona Vie was a fortunate coincidence for Venril. When Lanys entered Karnor's Castle and demanded soldiers for her army, Venril recognized that allowing his fallen comrades to fight with her in any battle would be a worthy distraction as he anxiously awaited the opening of the Nest. While a war raged outside his castle walls, Venril became reacquainted with all of necromantic arts he learned from his Shissar masters so many moons ago, to create a most unusual curse -- a very specific curse that would become the coup de grace of his vengeance.

Venril continued to move around his chamber, focusing on the details, while Lanys looked on, fascinated. He said that when he sorted through Trakanon's memories, he learned of two storm dragons that protected the eggs in the Nest that would bring the next generation of Veeshan's children to Norrath. Their names were Yar`Lir and Vishimtar. He learned of their magical bond and the ward they formed together that served to protect the Nest from disruption and corruption. Venril used this knowledge as the stage for his final act.

Venril had managed to create a curse that, once unleashed, would disturb the Brood Dawn and corrupt any egg or creature it touched. He could not release the powerful curse himself as he would undoubtedly be caught in it. It did not take long for Venril to see a perfect solution that would bring horror to the dragons.

While there were no guarantees, he knew that as soon as the Nest was discovered, mortal Norrathians of all races would pour into the area like a grim infestation, just like they did on his own continent of Kunark. He knew they would kill anything and everything should it stand in their way.

Venril reworked the curse and created a unique ward for it. If all went as planned, the curse would unfurl when the strong magical bond between Yar`Lir and Vishimtar was broken and the Nest was left with no magical protection. All this would require is the death of either dragon. Venril felt this was a safe gamble.

He was right.

Norrathians eagerly aided the bumbling Solusek Mining Company and expedited passage into the Nest. In the chaos of that day, as the Nest was breached and Tirranun, the dragon of lava, rained fire in Lavastorm, Venril was able to slip into the Nest undetected having learned of a hidden path that Trakanon unwittingly revealed to him. Venril was able to place the curse in the Nest with ease as all the creatures of the Nest scampered in confusion that day. With the curse planted, Venril then disappeared into the darkness and waited.

And so it came to pass, sooner than he'd imagined. Norrathians rampaged through the dragon temples and through Thundercrest Isles, soon taking the life of Yar`Lir. With that killing blow, the curse was unleashed in the Nest below Yar`Lir's Thundercrest Isles, spreading so fast there was no time to react. Even the storm dragon, Vishimtar, succumbed to the curse, becoming a twisted dragon of shadows. The curse decimated the unborn dragons and ruined every creature that stood in its wake.

As Venril finished his tale, a grin grew on Lanys' face. She walked forward to Venril, clapping her hands, slow and loud.

"First, I have to say that your actions could be considered treacherous. Second, I'm pleased that the Dark Reign, my army, was able to assist in this plan, albeit unknowingly. Third, you do serve my father, Innoruuk, so I will grant you pardon. I might even suggest that this quaint story be used as a shining example of the superiority of hate over all," Lanys said.

"I care not what you think of my deeds. I only care that it was done, as I planned, and the dragons of Norrath have felt the consequences of their actions against me and my kin," Venril said disinterestedly. "Now, go. I will not support your cause and you have built a fair army of your own now."

"I will do as I please, Venril, and do not forget that! I am the daughter of the Prince of Hate and take orders from no one. However, it is true, I do not need you or your lingering minions, but I would very much like to learn of this curse, especially if you drew from the power of hate," Lanys said.

"Sit and I will tell you, but know that should this curse not be contained, you could bring destruction to Norrath. Only I know how to stop it and that is something I will not share," Venril said.

"No matter to those of us who aren't mortal, Venril, hm? Show me!"


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