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Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands

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Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 9:02 pm

The Fabled Planes of Power Lore - Part 21

Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands

Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands is a representation of all different types of living earth with the Plane of Earth - containing muddy, rocky and heavily wooded areas. Different creatures guarding them each being forged out of their own environment commonly separate these areas. Intelligent plant life is also very common in this realm deriving from the many different types of vegetation that are present in the plane.

The Plane of Earth is home to The Rathe, the consciousness and pure embodiment of the primal element. The terrain of this realm is varied and includes jungles, caverns, muddle lakes, and burrows. The lush, beautiful lands are filled with precious jewels forged by the inherent powers of earth.

The many structures found within the plane are symbolic of The Rathe and the earth element that fuels the plane's existence. These consist of temples built in monumental proportions quite beyond the engineering capabilities of mortal civilizations. Servants of The Rathe Council and other denizens of the plane live in temples.

Among the Rathe's minions are the Vegorogs, large humanoids resembling ores with bodies composed of rotting vegetation, moss, and fungus. Planar scholars claim that the Vegerogs were once ogre solders that were led by their hero Murdunk during the ogre invasion of the Plane of Earth. The Rathe twisted these ogres to become servants of the plane, and cursed them with bodies of vegetation and hearts of solid stone.

Stonegrabber Temple

The Stonegrabbers are bulky rock formations that will posses great strength and agility even though their appearance may cause players to think otherwise. This temple is a sanctuary for some of the more prominent Stonegrabbers and it is believed that those that inhabitant this temple have earned a spot here by being particularly skilled in the ways of battle.

Muddite Temple

It is here that the Mudwalkers of Earth call their primary home. Although many of the muddites wander throughout the realm, it is here that the toughest and eldest of their tribe reside.

The Mudwalkers are a noble and proud, born out from the mud and muck of the Plane of Earth. Though not known to be the most intelligent of the Plane, they do possess a kinship far outweighing to that of any other creature in the plane. It is said that the muddites have the ability to come together in one fell swoop and make an immeasurably large and powerful creature, formed from the mud of all who join; a great link through which they can communicate as one, be as one, and live as one. They do tend to wander outside of the temple, however when accosted, they won't hesitate to run back to the temple to join the others

Elemental Temple

The Earth Elementals are mindless servants of the Rathe, set in the Plane of Earth for the sole purpose of keeping others away from the treasures that lay deeper in. They come up from the ground when they sense an intruder and will battle to the death. If too many of them are found to be destroyed, a great earthen beast will come forth from the rocky lands below and will strike fear into the hearts of those who would trespass on these sacred lands.

The elementals here are crafted of dust, rock mud by the Rathe Council to be mindless servants and protect the plane against all intruders even if it means their own death. Each of the powerful elemental warriors inhabiting this temple has been hand selected to guard the treasures that lie within. This temple is a bit smaller then the other temples in the realm but hold some of the most powerful elementals in all of the Plane of Earth.

Vegerogs Platform

This platform is where the most powerful Vegerogs reside. Molded from the corpses of fallen Rallosian Ogre Soldiers, the Vegerogs are towering creatures cursed by the Rathe to be mindless servants with a heart of stone. It is rumored that although they were reborn into the towering brute that the Rathe saw fit for them to be, they will still take formation on this platform as to symbolize their days of following tactical orders which are long gone. Because of their unbelievable strength and battle prowess, it is here on the last platform before the Fortress of Stone that they are placed to ensure anyone that has made it this far in the Plane will not make it any further.

Fortress of Stone

The Fortress of Stone is a gigantic temple of stone that serves as the last defense before the Gem Caves. The finest Guardians of Earth are strategically placed within this fortress to ensure that nothing will be able to gain passage through it to the other side. At the far end in the Fortress of Stone a locked door keeps intruders away from the Gem Caves.

Gem Caves

The Gem Caves are decorated with numerous gemmed rock formations of the rarest gems in existence. Each of the passageways within this cave system contains guardians that heavily patrol and defend against intruders. The caves are also frequented by majestic geonids.

Sun Temples

A collection of Sun Temples hosts guardians of the chamber of the Rathe Council. Inside and around these temples powerful stone taarids will be found and will quickly pursue any creature or mortal that attempts to enter. Because of the importance of protecting the Rathe Council from any would be attackers only the most deadly stone guardians can be found within these temples.

Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve

The Rathe themselves reside in an area known as Ragrax, Stronghold of the Twelve. It is a vast and open space of the plane where their essence intertwines with every fiber of the realm. Their bodies of earth and flora feed eternally upon the life - giving warmth of the plane's own sun.

Background Story

Centuries ago a great ogre hero named Murdunk decided that an assault should be commenced upon the Rathe and the plane that they call home. A great battle in the Plane of Earth ensued and many guardians of earth perished along with numerous members of Murdunk's Rallosian army. The army was made up of countless orc, goblin and giant champions.

But this army and invasion was destined to fail because of the regenerating ability that the Rathe Council, the Order of Twelve, possessed. As countless members of the Rallosian Army fell, few members of the Rathe council had been defeated when the final battle took place. With the ability to call another member of the Rathe council to duty as soon as a member was slain, the Rathe council had a great advantage and although many of their guardians had been defeated, the Rathe emerged victorious.

News quickly spread of this great battle won by the Rathe and the Plane of Earth. Obviously disgruntled by the fact that they were defeated, Rallos Zek decided he would lead his own army into the Plane of Earth for a monumental battle. Although he was extremely disappointed with the failure that occurred before, Rallos decided to allow Murdunk to accompany his horde in this second assault simply because of the knowledge that Murdunk had acquired in his battles on the great plane.

After building a massive army, Rallos decided that the time for an attack was now, so he sent his finest war generals to accompany Murdunk on his journey back into the Plane of Earth. Also on hand were the highest ranking officials in the Rallosian army, Tallon and Vallon Zek, master tacticians and proven war heroes.

The battle in Plane of Earth was like no other in history and left the plane scarred from war forever. It is said that the skies themselves shook from the battles that took place in that war. Ogre legends claim that each of the thirteen peaks in the Rathe Mountains represent the war and the death of the thirteenth Rathe Council member by Murdunk's hand. Lake Rathetear is also said to be formed from the tears of the Rathe Council as they were beaten by Murdunk and his army.

As a result of his insolence, Rallos Zek was cast out of the Planes of Power and back into the Planes of Influence. And once the information was passed onto the gods of one god's desire to rule another's plane, the Planes of Power were sealed by a mystical barrier and destined to never again be opened by any lesser god or creature.

The Rathe, the Council of Twelve

The Rathe are a council of twelve individuals, but a single collective consciousness and unified purpose in their embodiment of the pure element of earth. They rule over the Plane of Earth and rest high above the rest of the Plane of Earth on pillars extending from a pool of living moss below them. In temperament, thought and expression, they are emotionless, and well beyond the comprehension of mortal understanding. They show no trace of personality recognizable or comparable to those of the other gods, or of mortal beings.

Separated from the regular population of the realm these majestic beings made of the living earth stand guard to any and all intruders that dare to defile their Plane. Much like the beings that inhabitant their realm, the Rathe Council is an extension of Earth itself as they all maintain an identical presence of grass-green hair and earthen skin with veins of gold and turquoise.

Truly neutral in their views, The Rathe govern their plane and its influence upon the prime without judgment bias, or even regard for the affairs of mortals. However, when their patience is tried of their wrath is invoked by daring mortals who seek to assault their being. The Rathe are a force not to be taken lightly; their modes of vengeance are swift in execution and without remorse.

The Fabled

Avatar of Earth

The Avatar of Earth is summoned upon disturbing the Rathe Council.

Mystical Arbitor

The Mystical Arbiter is a large and powerful Earth Elemental that guards the path to the Rathe Council.

Warlord Gintolaken

Gintolaken is leader of the Storm Taarids of Earth. The Storm Taarids are the most trusted guardians that The Rathe will call upon. Forged from rock, stone and muscles these towering creatures serve as the last line of defense for the Council of Twelve.

Derugoak Bloodwalker

Derugoak is a powerful guardian at the Vererog Temple.

Peregrin Rockskull

Peregrin is a powerful guardian at the Stonegrabber Temple.

A Perfected Warder of Earth

This warder is an earth elemental at the Elemental Temple.

A Monstrous Mudwalker

This creature is a powerful guardian at the Muddite Temple.

A Muddite Muddling

This creature is a one of the muddites that protects the realm.


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