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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:42 am

Oggok - Ogre Shaman Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
Quest NPC: Gunthak
Speak with Gunthak, the Guildmaster. He will send you to Merchant Argol to purchase a pair of Jungleweed Boots. Return to Gunthak.

Level 2
Quest NPC: Gunthak
Talk to Gunthak. Talk to Spiritmaster Zarg on the 2nd level of the Ziggarot (The shaman pyramid, the Quest place) and get bound, then talk to Coachman Dilga and sign the ledger. Go back to Gunthak

Level 3
Quest NPC: Oligan
Talk to Oligan to recieve the quest. She tells you to get three pieces of Centipede meat. Go the the area near Elder Thorg and kill Centipedes till you get the meat (or the pit near the SK or WAR Quest area) and return to Oligan.

Level 4
Quest NPC Oligan
Buy a cord of rotwood and iron ore from Merchant Orf. Kill young eagles for a chipped eagle talon. Return to Oligan.

Level 5
Quest NPC: Oligan
Talk to Oligan (or Gunthak I cant remember) to recieve the quest. She will send you to get an outcast scale from a Lizardman Outcast (keep in mind all lvl 5 quest creatures con yello to you at lvl 5-6 so you will need a group). Return the scale to Gunthak (or Oligan whoever gave the qst).

Level 7
Quest NPC: Gunthak
1. Talk to Gunthak he sends you to Guard Fraug at an outpost near Mogguk Gate. From the south entrance of Ogguk head southeast across the lake till you see a camp with lizardman catiffs. Go south from there and you will find the outpost in Muggok's Gate (C).

2. Fraug sends you to a stone to meditate. At the stone a message box will pop. Press meditate and it will give you a story on the ogre civilization. Take this knowledge back to the guildmaster in your temple to complete the quest.

Level 10
Quest NPC: Gunthak
Gunthak need you to find and kill a hobgoblin skulk and return its scarf as proof of its demise.

Note: The hobgoblin Skulks can be found to the north of Oggok, across the river that fills Greenblood Lake. Search the hills north of the river crossing, Hobgoblins skulks con yellow to a level 10 character.

Return the scarf to Gunthak

Gunthak Needs you to deliver a message to a human far to the east, The human is found in Freeport, a city that lies on the edge of the great desert. Use the shimmering portal to travel to Neriak. From Neriak follow the coastline sounth untill your reach Freeport. When you enter Neriak, speak to Adrassya V' Kar. She will give you directions to Freeport (adrassya is in the same room as the shimmering portal in Neriak.)

Speak to Adrassya V' Kar. Follow the River Saren to the south. It will lead you to Freeport. Freeport is just south of where the River Saren meets the ocean. There you must find Commander Nothard. You can find the Commander Nothard in the Freeport Militia House.

Nothard says to tell Gunthak they accept the commerce from the Ogres and look ofrward to a profitable relationship.

Return to Neraik via the Coachmen and take the shimmering portal back to Oggok.

Deliver the message from Nothard to Gunthak

Level 13
Quest NPC: Oligan
The quest is given by Oglan. He can be found wandering the Throne of Gunthak. He will send you off to recover a piece stone stolen from a tower.

First you must talk to Bouncer Trod. Go out the north entrance of Oggok. Head Northwest. You will find a guard tower on the west side of the river. At the top of the tower you will find Bouncer Trod. He will tell you that Hobgoblin Vandals have the stone.

>From the tower head Northwest staying on the western side of the river. You will come to a second tower. From this tower head west by south west. There is a small valley between two hills here. The vandal will spawn in this area. The vandal will con yellow, but the valley is full of Red Mobs, so be careful. You will probable need one tank of 13 level to finish this part of the quest.

You will loot a note off of the vandals body. Take the note back to Oglan. He will read the note, and tell you that the piece of stone has been hidden in a stump, east of where you killed the vandal.

Return to the spot that you killed the vandal. Head east across the river. The stump is on the way up a hill. It has a Fern growing next to it. When you get to the spot it will spawn a Hobgoblin Initiate. The Initiate has the stone. You will need to have a warrior or two to finish this part of the quest. The initiate will heal a considerable amount of damage quickly. I found it best to have my DoT and blasting spells memorized.

Take the stone back to Oglan .

Level 15
Quest NPC: Oligan
Get the quest from Oligan who wanders around the shaman temple. She sends you to the lizardman camp west of the outpost with the necropedes and tainted rats. Leave from the southern exit near the temple and head straight south till you see the outpost might be a little to your western view. Now head directly west from the northern part of the outpost. You will see across the water is the lizardmen camp located in the zone Mogguk's Gate (N). Look for a wandering forager (Cons White) and kill him for one piece of the ruby. Now you should retrieve the second half before returning to Oligan who will send you back here. Go out into the water and kill a fat piranha (Cons yellow). After retrieving the second half return to Oligan and talk to her about both pieces of the ruby. She needs to bind the stones using snake hide cord bought from Merchant Argol at the top of the temple for 260 tunar. Talk to Oligan one last time to complete the quest.

Level 20
Quest NPC: Grede
1. Talk to the ogre standing outside on top of the ogre guild, he sends you to kill regular Basillisks(CONs wht) and get two cracked Basillisks Teeth. Return to the quest giver.

2. The quest giver sends you to a Odd Farmer, he can be found on a farm between Bear Cave and Honjour zones. The Odd Farmer summons a spirt who will tell you your history. Return to the quest giver.

3. The quest giver sends you to kill a Ghoul(CONs Yel). The Ghoul is in the first building South of the Southern Oggok entrance. He is in the dungeon area two levels down. Once you go down 1 level go to the farthest room then take a left and go down one more level. He will spawn when you get into the room. Kill, loot book, return to quest giver.

4. Quest giver rewards you. You are given a choice of pet path or spell. Spell gives you decaying wind and a 2 handed club pet path gives you spiritual guide and a 1 handed spear.


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