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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:49 am

Human West Enchanter Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
Starting NPC: Shiassa Radian
Speak to Shiassa Radian, the Guildmaster. Go to the building outside and seek out Merchant Daria; get an Eye of Loknien from her [for free] and report back to Shiassa.

Level 2
Starting NPC: Shiassa Radian
Shiassa sends you to talk to Spiritmaster Jall. The spiritmaster will bind you and send you to talk to Coachman Bilfer. Talk to the coachman and sign his ledger and return to Shiassa.
Note: to find the Coachman, go to the Midroad and head south. Go through the Marketplace and through the east exit. Continue east down the road. The stables are to the north.

Level 3
Starting NPC: Selathan Wierdling
Selathan is located outside the building to the north. Selathan asks you to bring him two Ruined Bat Wings. These drop from bats in Qeynos Hills.
6,900xp and receive the Crawling Skin scroll

Level 4
Starting NPC: Selathan Wierdling
Selathan Wierdling offers to make you a new robe, if you earn it. Visit Polly Truvel, the order's seamstress, upstairs in the shop to purchase a plain robe.

Before you can buy a robe from Polly, she requires a yard of cloth and spool of common thread. Purchase them from Tailor Nissa, in the armourer's shop near the entrance to town.

Give the cloth, thread, and ten tunar to Polly Truvel. Kill rats to acquire a rat tail tip. Return the rat tail tip and plain robe to Selathan Weirdling.
17,000xp and receive the Yellow Robe

Level 5
Starting NPC: Selathan Wierdling
Selathan tells you that your final task in becoming an apprentice is to go out and kill some Darkpaw Gnolls and return with their Muddy Gnoll Paws.
Darkpaw gnolls are northeast from Qeynos. Follow the road north as it curves. When you see the guardtowers, turn right to see a gnoll camp. Darkpaw gnolls con yellow/red.
36,500xp and receive the Heavy Arms scroll

Level 7
Starting NPC: Shiassa
Speak to Shiassa, She directs you to Highbourne, where you speak with Dushaun Anju.
Note: to reach Highbourne, travel south along the road. Don't veer from the path as there are high-level mobs along the way. Travel south and cross the river's mouth until you reach Highbourne. You see a road that leads you straight to Highbourne after you cross the river (sign the coach).

Dushaun Anju is under a tent with Tailor Dend near Highbourne's north gate. He tells you that a goblin named Nubja has been seen outside the city wall. Travel east along the mountain wall for a SHORT distance until you happen upon him. The mountain wall turns west. Nubja carries a small horn that is said to be magical. slay Nubja and loot his Horn of Silence.
Note: Have patience, Nubja is one of the most annoying spawns in the game. He roams between the north and east entrances to Highbourne; and is often found near the banded kingsnakes.
157,474xp and receive the Enudre Arcane scroll and the Crafter's Leggings

Level 10
Starting NPC: Shiassa Radian
1. Speak with Shiassa, she wants you to get 300 tunar and take it to Duchess Olinda Melnorn of Hagley Keep (c).
Note: Follow the trade route east of Qeynos to reach Hagley Village. Follow the path out of Hagley and up the mountainside to reach Hagley Keep.

After giving the money to the Duchess, she asks you to kill the bandit Rory Redface, who is on a hill north of Hagley Village. There are several light and dark blue bandits that are the hill. You have to farm them to get Rory [CONs yel@10] to spawn.
Note: Rory Redface spawns at 'night' in Tunaria, so it can take a while.

Slay Rory Redface and loot his gaudy ring; return to Duchess Melnorn. Return to Shiassa Radian.
556,753xp and receive the Manawood Staff

Level 13
Starting NPC: Shiassa Radian
Speak to Shiassa Radian. She tells you of 2 criminals (a Human and Barbarian) who have fled east to Blakedown and asks you to contact Lord Yardley, located in (C) Hagley.
Note: follow the Trade Road east. Stick to the road to avoid most mobs. If you stay on the path, you'll run right into Blakedown. Yardley Manor is north of Blakedown, where you find Lord Yardley upstairs.

Lord Yardley tells you of Zara & Pavel and that you should look under the bridge east of town or the watermill north of the bridge or Johann Greyman's south of town. As it turns out, Pavel is hiding at the old windmill; head east from Blakedown to the river. Kill Pavel (CONs yel@13) and loot a scented letter. Take the letter to Lord Yardley.

The letter says that Zara has escaped to the south. Travel to Castle Forkwatch to search for Zara. Speak to Maxwell Reiger when you reach Castle forkwatch.
Note: to reach Castle Forkwatch, continue along the Trade Road to the east. You eventually come to a southern road. At the withered signpost, take the southern road and after a while you should see Castle Forkwatch to your west (sign the coach).

Maxwell Reiger is in the Keep of Forkwatch (follow the path up the mountainside). Zara blacksheaf is believed to be within the keep. Search for Zara in the four towers of the castle. As it turns out, Zara Blacksheaf is hiding on the bottom floor of the southeast tower and cons RED@13. Kill Zara and return her Blacksheaf necklace to Maxwell Reiger. Return to Shiassa Radian.
550,698xp and receive the Lumbering Arms scroll

Level 15
Starting NPC: Shiassa Radian
Talk to Shiassa Radian. She wants you to travel to Qeynos and speak with Jeeves the Scribe. He lives at Bayle Manor as Antonius Bayle's personal assistant.
Note: To find him, go out into the main hall, all the way to the right, turn left straight through this room, left into building.

Jeeves wants a letter, written by the King, to be delivered to William Nothard, the High Councilor of the Iron Coffer in Freeport. On the way to Freeport, you must also have the letter signed by two other important individuals of the state.

The first is Captain Bordergahst of Castle Forkwatch; he is located at the top of the center guardtower on the third floor.

The second is Saerk of Highpass. Saerk lives in a tower northeast of Highpass Hold along the Trade Road.
Note: traveling to Saerk's Tower takes a while. Get to Highpass, exit the north gate, then follow the Trade Road through Bastable and over the bridge. After you go through a gate made by two towers and into the Saerk Towers zone. Continue following the road until you go past a second gate and arrive at the fork in the road. Follow the fork that climbs the big hill, and then go into the left tower. Touch the light, walk up one floor, and there he is.

After you have the two signatures, deliver the letter to William Nothard in Freeport. Nothard's warehouse is in the western portion of Freeport, west of the Academy of Science.
Note: From the stable, go through opening to the north, turn right, turn left, turn left again. Go straight through that room then to second floor of house and talk to William Nothard.

After reading the note, William Nothard sends you to Highpass to speak with his son, Fredrik. He is located in the Inn across from the stables. Talk to Fredrik Nothard who tells you that thieves robbed him of the letter he carried. To retrieve the letter, you must track down the thieves and take it back. Head back towards Saerk's Tower.

At the first set of towers an event triggers to make the bandit appear. He's in the right tower. You have to go between the towers to trigger the Kithicor thug, he CONs yel@15; kill the thug and loot Nothard's Letter.

Finally, return to Queynos and Jeeves the Scribe, and then back to Shiassa Radian.
883,791xp and receive the Alarming Visage scroll and the Ambassador's Tunic

Level 20
Starting NPC: Shiassa Radian
1.There has been a small uprising in the prison to the north. Investigate the uprising by speaking with Captain Ironforge (located in the watchtower to the north of the prison) and do what he asks to quell the prisoners.

2.Ironforge tells you that the prisoners have taken over the prison and they're holding guards captive. The mastermind is Vernon Blackhand. To find out where Vernon is so you can kill him, talk to Jimmy the Snitch, standing by a tree in front of the prison.

3.Jimmy tells you Vernon Blackhand is inside the prison, past all the cells, behind a Troll named Ulthud the Wall. Ulthud needs the password to allow you to pass. Jimmy won't give you the password unless he gets a pardon signed by Antonious Bayle (the King).

4.Return to Captain Ironforge and tell him Jimmy wants a pardon. Travel to Qeynos and speak with Jeeves the Scribe and explain the situation so Jimmy can get his pardon.

5.Jeeves tells you that the king is too busy dealing with the famers in Hagley who are being harrassed by a Gnoll called Grend Darkmaw. However, if you were to kill Grend and bring back his tunic (ring?), the king will give Jimmy a pardon.

6.Grend is right outside the southwest corner of the town of Hagley, standing by a big rock. He cons dark blue to level 20. Sometimes, you have to kill him 3 or 4 times before he'll drop the tunic (ring?), but respawns quickly.

7.Return to Jeeves with the tunic (ring?) and he gives you the pardon. Return to Qeynos Prison and talk to Jimmy the Snitch.

8.Jimmy isn't done with you yet, he wants a new suit. Return to Qeynos and speak to Taliana Quickthimble, who is in the Beggar's District in Qeynos (NW corner).

9. Taliana had her materials stolen and she pawned her needle. Furdle Nimdar broke into Taliana's house and stole her materials. Buy back Taliana's needle from Merchant Grieg for 1,000 tunar. Merchant Grieg is also in the Beggar's District.

10. Now kill Furdle Nimdar and loot the tanned wolf hide that he stole from Taliana (may have to kill him a few times until you get the drop) [CONs LB@20]. He can be found in the Beggar's district by the east wall. Take the needle and bear hide back to Taliana and receive Jimmy's new suit.

11.Return to Jimmy the Snitch and exchange the suit for the password. He tells you the password is "Fuzzy Knuckles" and you're finally free to go after Vernon Blackhand. You'll need a group or invis to get past the felons and things in the basement of the prison, but however you do it, take the hallway from the south side of the cells to the Troll, Ulthud the Wall. Talk to him and tell him the password.

12. Vernon is behind Ulthud at the bottom of the ramp [CONS LB@20]. Kill Vernon and take his gloves. Return to Captain Ironforge.

13. Return to Shiassa Radian

You will receive 2,814,929xp and
Choose between:
Spacious Mind, increases how much power you have for a short period of time, and comes with a scepter; OR
Power Boon, gives some of your power to others, comes with a book.


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