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Klick A'non

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Klick A'non Empty Klick A'non

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:48 pm

Quest Name: Level 17 Klick Side Quest
Level: 17
Class: All/All good/evil
NPC: Ludvick Urdogeen
Location: Klick A'non

1. Speak to Ludvick (Enchanter Guild). To find Ludvick in Klick A'non, from the main white-gate-entrance, make your way north. He sends you to kill Deidre IV (CONs yel). To find Deidre IV; from Klick coach, head out the east gate, head southeast towards a large north-south mountain range. Cross the shoulder of the mountain and head southeast towards the ocean. You should now see the Clock Work Village. Deidre IV randomly spawns near the village, usually in the flats around the village or on the hill immediately to the south (with the giant signpost on it). Kill, loot, return to Ludvick.

2. Ludvick wants some Intense Grease, costs 600 tunar, from Weedle Zintink. Weedle can be found at the Inn, which is near the white-main entrance (Guardhouse). Return to Ludvick.

3. Ludvick says his brother Vuldrek has your reward. He can be found in the Rogues guild. Head down the ramps to find him.

Bards receive a breast plate.
Clerics receive the Greaves of Radiance.
Druids receive the Tunic of the Gladestrider.
Enchanters get the Ring of Brilliance.
Necromancers receive Robe Of The Shadow.
Paladins receive Greaves.
Rangers receive Greaves of Nature's Ward.
Rogues receive the Tunic of the Silent Strider.
Shadowknights receive the Helm of Malice.
Shaman receive the Spiritrune Greaves.
Warriors receive a set of Soldier's Boots.
Wizards receive the Leggings of Insight.


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