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Thenon the Wise Quest

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Thenon the Wise Quest Empty Thenon the Wise Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:09 pm

Quest Name: Thenon the Wise
Level: 40+
Class: All
NPC: Thenon the Wise
Location: Forkwatch

This quest can be found by following the Serpent River north from Forkwatch Keep or south from Darvar Manor. There is a cultist dungeon next to the river, and you will likely be able to con Thenon the Wise from the outside.

To get to him, you enter the barrow and go to the right at the first room (changing into your FIRST were-form, will make all the Barrow Cultists white faced to you). By following the hallways down, you will arrive at the throne room in which Thenon dwells. He is a former king and has been waiting for someone like you to help him. He was imprisoned and had his spirit eaten by evil. Lothaxae and his cult disturbed his remains long ago, trapping his soul in a gem. Thenon asks you to rid the world of Lothaxae and to free his soul. To do that, you must find the essence gems and use a staff that Thenon gives you.

You have to kill Amandon and Ghoul Reaver. They are both in the cultist dungeon but seem to be semi-rare spawns. To get to Amandon, take a left at the main room and follow the hallway to the end, then take a right and another right. There will be several barrow ghouls along the way.

Amandon is in the room with Akuion from the 45 gate guard quest. He is a level 46 caster with a pet. In addition, he seems to be agro-linked to several ghouls, making this a very tough fight. I believe he drops the Essence Emerald.

The Ghoul Reaver spawns in the same room as the undead toom keeper from the 43 ability quest; he drops the Essence Ruby.

You go down to the bottom and there is a statue in the way. You give it the 2 stones and the stick and it moves. You go into a room and kill a 45+ necro and get a stone off of it. There is another statue in this room. You can "twist its arm" to port outside to the cave entrance or backtrack (its very small area)--either way, go back to Thenon the Wise.

He says something and gives you 2.5M experience and a crown with 20-30 WIS on it.

Notes: After talking to Thenon, he despawns, and to get him to respawn you may need to use the statue portal. If you try to do this before you are level 45 also kill Cultist Akuion in the hideout, you need what he drops for a 45 quest. You also need a 43 quest item in this same place but it is a triggered spawn.


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