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Plane of Valor

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Plane of Valor

Post by Ronson on Sun Aug 08, 2010 8:54 pm

The Fabled Planes of Power Lore - Part 12

The Plane of Valor

The Plane of Valor is designed to challenge prospective mortal heroes who wish to gain access to the Halls of Honor.

The first structure that adventurers encounter in the Plane of Valor is the Amphitheatre. This great arena-like structure is protected by the Soldiers of Marr. On occasion, forces can be seen gathering together here for purposes known only to them.

A well-maintained cemetery can be found to the Amphitheatre's right. After the battle with Aerin`Dar, a burial site was constructed using glass and stone from the Glassy Wasteland. This cemetery lies as a memorial to the fallen soldiers of the Battalion of Marr. It is bordered by a beautiful forest, creating a respectful and peaceful place of rest for the fallen devout of Mithaniel Marr. Thin trees stretch upward creating a dark shadow throughout the forest, while a few good sized clearings seem to prove sufficient spaced to make camp. Occasionally a wandering spirit will roam through the graveyard in hopes of being laid back to rest.

The Glassy Wasteland was once apart of the Forest of Marr. During the Battle with Aerin`Dar the forest, which ran up to the river, was completely decimated. The trees, which once grew tall, were now encased in glass. The rocks were also encased in glass. The forest quickly began to die.

The Forest of Marr is a lush and plentiful forest. Many different species of plant and animal life dwell within the forest. The Command Center, which Captain Ryglot oversees, is located within the Forest of Marr.

The Undead Houses are also located with the Forest of Marr. During the Reign of Decay Bertoxxulous sent a single tsetsian fly into the Plane of Valor. This fly quickly released its larvae into the plane causing a few of the inhabitants to grow sick. The inhabitants became tainted with the plague and grew very ill. Their illness transformed their very being into the undead. Several skeletons lurk around the area. The Undead Knight, who was once a Paladin of Marr, hovers around his homestead forever tormented.

Beyond the reach of the forest are the Plains of Marr, a wide area with rolling grass and fertile lands full of rich vegetation. Many magnificent and noble creatures, such as the unicorn and Pegasus, have been known to stretch their legs on these plains.

A large river surrounds the forest, feeding the fertile lands with its life-giving waters. The river winds through the woods, becoming shallow in places. At one point it is fed by a magnificent waterfall that hurtles from a large cliff face decorated in a cascading carpet of green mosses and ferns.

At the top of the river bend, two large guard towers connected by a suspension bridge are stationed on either shore. This river crossing leads to a wasteland of glass, a unique environment where the substance of glass is featured in both terrain and inhabitants.

Beyond the wastelands lies the Canyon of Marr which hosts a variety of dangerous creatures such as drakes and glass golems. At the end of the canyon, one can find the entrance to the Halls of Honor.

The Fabled

Arein`Dar, the Crystalline Dragon

Many generations ago a great battle was fought on the Plane of Valor. The Battalion of Marr waged war against a great foe known as Aerin`Dar, the Crystalline Dragon. This dragon wreaked havoc upon the Forest of Marr and the inhabitants of the plane. The great leaders of the battalion rallied their forces up in what is now known as the Glassy Wasteland. A great battle was fought, but the battalion was no match for Aerin`Dar. Many great men fell during the battle.

However, during the battle Aerin`Dar made the mistake of unleashing the glass shards upon itself, ultimately encasing itself in a prison of glass that stood between the Plane of Valor and Mithaniel Marr's realm of the Halls of Honor. Time passed and the battle became only a memory. Soon the memories began to fade and all that was left were remnants of glass and the story scribed into the Book of Marr.

Generations passed and the inhabitants moved into neighboring areas within the Plane of Valor. The Battalion of Marr moved back into the area and began to set up a command center within the Forest of Marr. Soon after the Command Center was operational troops were dispatched into the Glassy Wasteland to assess the vitality of the land. After the assessment report was given to Captain Ryglot he gave the order to setup a perimeter around Aerin`Dar's prison. The perimeter was constructed and an observation deck was created to help monitor the dragon.

An order from the military council was given to exterminate Aerin`Dar. Troops were rallied, but soon after they gathered, the mission was aborted. Che Virtuson was needed immediately for another mission in another realm. The Battalion of Marr quickly regrouped within the Halls of Honor. It was decided that Che Virtuson would dispatch their company to another area in preparation for an upcoming war.

Captain Ryglot was ordered to stay behind with a small platoon of men. They were ordered to watch the land while the rest of their company was away.


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