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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:33 am

Dark Elf Shadowknight Quest Walkthroughs Levels 1-20

Level 1
Starting NPC: Zethril Do'Vexis
Zethril Do'Vexis wants you to purchase a pair of Bone Bracers. You can get them from free from Merchant Perex.

Level 2
Starting NPC: Zethril Do'Vexis
Zethril Do'Vexis sends you to see Spiritmaster Irios, who binds you and sends you off to talk to Coachman Lothi.

Level 3
Starting NPC: Sythonis U'Dedne
Sythonis U'Dedne wants you to learn how to fight. Head out of town and kill snakes and collect two snake scales.

Level 4
Starting NPC: Sythonis U'Dedne
Sythonis U'Dedne wants to make you a new weapon. He needs you to bring him the following items:
A Bar of Iron Ore - Purchase from Merchant Rokar
A Wooden Shaft - Purchase from Merchant Rokar
Chipped Raven Beak - Drop from ravens and Magpies

Level 5
Starting NPC: Sythonis U'Dedne
Sythonis U'Dedne sends you to kill Fire Bats and return to him with a torn Fire Bat wing. They spawn in the mountains north of the city.

Level 7
Starting NPC: Sythonis U'Dedne
1. Talk to Sythonis, who sends you to a Waysender Thi'thox.

2. Waysender Thi'thox ports you to Grobb.

3. Find Chef Blignart, he sends you to kill Weak Crabs(CONs BLU), other crabs will also drop legs too, but they are harder to kill. Keep killing till you get two crab legs. Return to Chef Blignart.

4. Chef Blignart sends you Waysender(?), who sends you back to Sythonis. The Waysender is near the tunnel that leads out of Grobb.

Level 10
Starting NPC: Zethril Do'Vexis
1. Talk to Zethril Do'Vexis, he sends you to Jerek N' Toxis, in a hut, near the River to west of Neriak.

2. Jarek N' Toxis sends you to kill a Spikeshell Crab(CONs wht to yel), located just on the other side of Neriak, southeast of the city. You will find the crabs between a red spire and the shore. You need the CLAW, not a shell. Kill, loot, return to Jarek N' Toxis.

3. Jarek N' Toxis sends you to kill a Fungus Cockroach(CONs WHT?), located just across the river from Jarek's hut. Kill, loot Leg. Return to Jarek N' Toxis.

4. Now, he creates a big bug (CONs yellow), kill it, loot mutated shell. Return to Zethil Do'Vexis

Level 13
Starting NPC: Sythonis U' Dedne
1. Talk to Sythonis U' Dedne, he sends you to Lady U' Dedne. She can be found in the House of U' Dedne.

2. Lady Furess wants you to pick up a braclet she forgot to purchace in Freeport at Merchant Gilgash. Use Waysender Ti' Thox to get to FP. Ancient Braclet costs 226 Tunar. Then go upstairs, in the same building, and talk to Natzik P'Thek about some packages she left with him. Natzik will say he sent the packages by courier.

3. Return to Lady Furess. Use Waysender Abodai at the docks of Freeport to return to Neriak. Lady Furess sends you to talk to Dragoon V'Ghen. He's at the top of a guard outpost North of Neriak, just past the Firebats.

4. Dragoon V'Ghen sends you to talk to his brother Valraen V'Ghen(CONs wht to Yel?) in the tent below.

5. Talk to Valraen, he will then attack you. Kill him, loot the packages and return to Lady Furess.

6. Lady Furess sends you to Freeport to talk to Natzik again. He will unlock the box and give you the item inside. Return to Lady Furess, return to Sythonis U' Dedne.

Level 15
Starting NPC: Seloxia
1. Talk to Seloxia, who is is the room right next to the one Zethril Do'Vexis is in. Seloxia sends you to Zelthil J'narus. Zelthil can be found in the House of J'Narus, which is right across from the blacksmith section. He is upstairs in the building.

2. Zelthil J'narus sends you to merchant Gilgash in Freeport to buy a Lantern of Ages, which costs somewhere between 100-400(?).

3. Zelthil J'narus sends you to kill Lost Thought(CONs wht) in Collinridge Cemetary till a Gem of Deception drops. Kill, loot, return to Zelthil J'narus.

4. Zelthil J'narus sends you to kill Oriote Ravens (CONs Wht) for one of their eyes! They are south of the entrance to Neriak on a hill. Warnning, they have a large argo range!

5. Return all the stuff you have sofar to Zelthil J'narus, and he sends you to Lady Furess U'Dedne. She can be found in the house of U'Dedne. Return to J'Narus.

6. . Zelthil J'narus sends you back to Zethril Do'Vexis for your reward.

Level 20
Starting NPC: Veloxia V'Thoth
1. Talk to Veloxia V'Thoth. He says that Zelthil J'Narus needs your services again.

2. Zelthil, sends you to Quartermaster T'Nak, in Ft. Seriak.

3. T'Nak wants 1,000 tunar. He sends you to kill a Courier B' Malin(CONs LB) traveling along the River Saren. Exit Neriak heading North/West towards the River Saren, cross the river to the South/West side and run along it heading North/West. Courier B' Malin. He will mostly be in the Collonridge Cemetary zone (N/E). Kill, loot, return to Zelthi

4. Zelthi sends you to kill two MOBs, Groundskeeps at Collinridge Cemetary and Castle Felstar. Both CONs Yel.

4.1 From Neriak, due west in the middle of Lake Nerius is Castle Felstar and Groundskeeper F' Redai. Kill, loot a Femur bone.

4.2 From Neriak, head southeast to Collonridge Cemetary. Groundskeeper W' Lai is found in the Tomb of Elders, to the left side of the courtyard from the entrance. Kill, loot Finger bone.

5. Return bones to Zelthil, he sends you to Veloxia V'Thoth.

6, Talk to Veloxia V'Thoth, he will ask you to choose Bloodwasp or Shadow Tower.


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