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Oggok - Ogre Warrior Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
Starting NPC: Warlord Brogar
Talk to Warlord Brogar. He sends you to Merchant Trad to buy a set of tattered bracers from him. Merchant Trad is near Brogar. Return to Warlord Brogar.

Level 2
Starting NPC: Warlord Brogar
1. Talk to Warlord Brogar, he sends you to talk to Spiritmaster Yerf. Go west out of Warriors guild and go through the tunnel. Once out of the tunnel scan northwest for Spiritmaster Yerf.

2. Spiritmaster Yerf sends you to talk to Coachman Dilga. From Spiritmaster Yerf go west, then north through the archway, then east through the next archway, and keep going streight east.

3. Return to Warlord Brogar.

Level 3
Starting NPC: Warlord Brogar
Talk to Warlord Brogar, he sends you to kill bugs. You need to collect; one Damaged Mosquito Wing, one Damaged Dragonfly Wing. Go out the South Gate, head west, kill mosquitoes. Go out the North Gate, kill dragonflies. Return to Warlord Brogar.

Level 4
Starting NPC: Warlord Brogar
1. Talk to Warlord Brogar, he needs;

1.1) Block of Rathestone, buy from from Merchant Orf, it costs 60 tunars.
1.2) Cord of Rotwood, buy from from Merchant Orf, it costs 40 tunars.
1.3) One Broken Eagle Feather, kill Young eagles, go out the North Gate.

***NOTE*** Merchant Orf is east of Coachman Dilga.

2. Return to Warlord Brogar.

Level 5
Starting NPC: Warlord Brogar
Talk to Warlord Brogar, he sends you to kill a Lizardman Outcast (CONs yel to red), which can be found at an abandoned tower to the southwest. Head out the South gate and go west. Kill, loot scale, return to Warlord Brogar.

Level 7
Starting NPC: Warlord Brogar
Talk to Warlord Brogar, he sends you to kill Tainted Rats (CONs Blue to Yel) at the ruins of Amog-Thelg. Kill tainted rats, loot three tainted rats teeth. Return to Warlord Brogar.

***NOTE*** To get to the ruins of Amog-Thelg go out the South Gate and head streight south. You'll come right to the ruins and the tainted rats.

Level 10
Starting NPC: Warlord Brogar
1. Talk to Warlord Brogar, he sends you to buy Rotwood Extract from Merchant Zogog, who can be found near the south gate.

2. Take the extract to Elder Throg, he can be found in the area where all the rats and the centipede are. He will give you a potion and tells you to throw it into the fire at the ruins. To get to the ruins of Amog-Thelg go out the South Gate and head streight south. In just a little while, you will come right to the ruins with tainted rats.

3. Find the area with the fire, it has three tents around it. As you approach the fire, you'll get a popup, throw the potion into the fire. The undead alchemist will spawn at one of the three tents that surround the fire. Kill, loot, return Elder Throg.

***NOTE*** The undead alchemist (CONs red) uses some serious damage dealing potions!

4. Elder Throg sends you back to Warlord Brogar.

Level 13
Starting NPC: Warlord Brogar
1) Speak to Warlord Brogar he tells you to speak to Elder Thorg, he is located where those guards run around killing rats and bugs.

2) Elder Thorg tells you he needs two Vampire Bat Wings, 1 POLISHED Anaconda Fang, and a jar of MudBlood. The bat wings and fang are located west of Moggok Gate. These two mobs are all over West Ferrot (e). You may need to kill several Anacondas for the proper uncommon-fang drop! The wings are a common drop. The MudBlood can be bought from Thodgar 225 tunar; Thodgar is located in an Orge camp in Moggok Gate (sw) close by to a river but not on the banks thereof. Return to Elder Thorg, he gives you an Unenchanted Totem.

3) Elder Thorg says you must enchant the Unenchanted Totem. To encahant totem, go to Moggot Gate, from the gatekeeper head north along mountains. Just a short way you will see some kind of stone-alter ( Moggot Gate(SE) ) with torches on top of stone pillars surrounding it. Upon your approach to the alter a popup message will... er... popup! Speak the words... GYTHGOR OGG... now you have an Enchanted Totem.

4) Now you need to kill two Ogre Magi in the Amon-Thelg ruins. These ruins are directly south of the south entrance to Oggot, yes the same ruin in a previous level 7 quest. The Magi are in the lower levels of this ruin and they con yellow to level 13.The first Magi is on the first level and the second Magi is the second lower level. Both Magi are surrounded by blue mobs, which will swarm you! I suggest you not loot any mobs but the Magi for their rings. Ok, as you go down the ramp for the first Magi you will get a popup, he will spawn. My guess is he won't spawn if you do not have the quest logged!?!? Kill the first Magi and then head left down the small tunnel ramp down, as you go down the ramp, you will get another popup, kill second Magi. Now that you have BOTH rings, RH the heck out of there. If you try to exit by going back up the ramps, the first Magi will spawn on you again, with more adds!

5) Return to Elder Thorg. Go back to Warlord Brogar and he gives you the rewards.

Level 15
Starting NPC: Warlord Brogar
1. Talk to Warlord Brogar. He sends you to kill a Burdened Mog Thug, who stole some supplies.

2. Go out of Oggok north gate run north, you'll find a temple ruin occupied by Orc Thugs. From there, run west just a small way. The area that he spawns in is Sphinx Pryamid(s). Mog Thug does not spawn on the road; he spawns just off the road on the north side. Kill Mog Thug, loot supplies.

3. Take the supplies to Provisioner Mogdunk, he is located by the merchant who sells warriors their spell scrolls. Mogdunk sends you to take the supplies to Provisioner Oomgig in Kerplunk(C). Now you need to run coach for Kerplunk, try to get invis and sow, the mobs around Kerplunk are too red and too many for a level 15 to easly sneak past. Sign ledger for coach.

4. Provisioner Oomgig says he needs a Bundle Of Spears, to obtain these find, and kill, a Tae Ew Weaponsmith. Run to West Ferrott (C), or West Ferrott (W). I found him in the (W) section, other sources says (C). As all these towers look the same, here is a description of the one I found him at (W). The tower had at least one road going to the tower mound, at the entrance to the tower mound; there are two poles, one pole on ether side of the road. The weaponsmith spawn location is something like a tent area, but different. Also, this spawn spot is right next to the two poles at the mound entrance. If there is a soldier as a placeholder, kill him, and keep on killing them till the weaponsmith spawns. Loot Bundle Of Spears and take them back to Oomgig in Kerplunk.

5. Oomgig sends you to kill a Weary Troll Raider and loot what he drops. There are three Troll Raiders on top a tall hill right next (West) to Kerplunk. If, you pull very carefully, you can pull just one from the others. Beware; there are a lot red mobs on this hill too! Loot what they drop, return to Oomgig.

6. Return to Mogdunk, and then to Warlord Brogar to end quest.

Level 20
Quest NPC:Warlord Brogar
Brogar wants to teach his Craknek warriors the importance of strategy and tactics in warfare.

Speak with Tactician Glognar to learn from and aid him in his research and studies. Glognar wants a copy of the Izz Ta Geth, a collection of pictorial combat tactics used by the Tae Ew lizardmen.

Travel southwest and search for a copy of this tome. It is typically carried by Tae Ew commanders. Travel s/w from Oggok. There are three Tae Ew pyramids to search for a commander. Check the tops of the pyramids for the commander. The scouts and soldiers at the bottom of the pyramids con light blue and blue to a Level 20 character, while the soldiers and commanders on top of the pyramids con yellow.

Kill the commander and loot the Izz TA Geth. Return the tome to Tactician Glognar. Now you are sent to slay the ankextet runner. Travel northwest of Oggok to search for the runner, it typically runs along the road past the hobgoblin camps. Slay the runner and loot it's satchel. Return the satchel to Tactician glognar.

Your next task may aid the Ogres in defending Oggok from the birdmen called aviaks. Amongst the Cawtou aviaks that live in the mountains north of Oggok are elite warriors called Cawtou windstriders. These windstriders are skilled in martial combat and have caused the death of many Ogres. The cawtou windstriders often wear wooden jewelry carved with images of aviaks performing the windstrider's martial arts. Find and slay an aviak windstrider and return three pieces of windstrider jewelry to Tactician Glognar. Each of the three pieces must depict different images of the Cawtou's fighting methods. You will need to loot a wooden windstrider amulet, a wooden windstrider anklet, and a wooden windstrider bracelet. Return the jewelry to Tactician Glognar.

Glognar now wants a copy of the training manual used by the Dark elves of the Indigo Brotherhood. Travel to neriak and speak to Scornblade D'Eleth, their warlord. Tell him you have been ordered by your warlords to bring a copy back to Oggok for the library of war. Use the shimmering portal to reach Neriak. Take the stone from Tactician Glognar to activate the portal. You will find Scornblade D'Eleth west of the Cauldron of Hate by the arena.

Scornblade D'Eleth will tell you that in order to get the training manual, you must fight in the arena. If you fight for Neriak in the arena of blood, D'Eleth may give you an edited copy of the training manual to take back to Oggok. You must defeat three gladiators:
-a human [CONs yel]; slay & loot gladiator shackle [give to D'Eleth]
-a dwarf [Cons red]; slay & loot gladiator shackle [give to D'Eleth]
-a troll [Cons red]; slay & loot gladiator shackle [give to D'Eleth]
Speak again with Scornblade D'Eleth; receive the Indigo Brotherhood Manual.

Go sign the ledger in Neriak. Speak to Waysender Ti'Thox in Neriak, who will send you back to oggok. Deliver the training manual to Tactician Glognar. Report to Warlord Brogar.

You will receive 2,814,929xp and:
Choose between:
Bellow; gives you increased hit points and an axe
Pillar of might; gives you a taunt with increased hate and AC and a sword.


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