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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:06 am

Human West Warrior Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
Starting NPC: Roger Stoutheart
Speak with Roger Stoutheart, the Guildmaster. You're asked to Visit Smithy Wella (to the south of you) and get a Soldier's Cap. Return to Roger Stoutheart.

Level 2
Starting NPC: Roger Stoutheart
Speak with Roger Stoutheart; he sends you to Spiritmaster Ferd who is in the Arena to the building's south. He sends you to Coachman Billfer.
Note: Go to the Midroad. At the signpost, head east through the Marketplace. Leave the city through the east gate. Follow the road to the east where you will see Coachman Billfer on the road's south side.
Return to Roger Stoutheart.

Level 3
Starting NPC: Lancet Carroll
Speak with Lancet Carroll, who is just east of Roger. There are bats outside the city walls. Go into the field and slay bats and bring Lancet two slivers of bat meat as proof of your dead.
6,900xp and receive the Kick scroll

Level 4
Starting NPC: Lancet Carroll
Speak with Lancet Carroll. He will make you a Guard's Sword if you can earn it. Return to Lancet with these items to prove you're worthy:
-a defaced coin. Find and slay a pickpocket-take the east exit out of Qeynos, look to the north on the hillsides.
-Iron Ore - Purchase from Smithy Wella [near the guardhouse]
-Leather Strip - Purchase from Tailor Nissa, in the Marketplace
17,000xp and receive the Guards Sword

Level 5
Starting NPC: Lancet Carroll
You are asked to go out and slay one of the gnoll leaders and bring him a muddy paw.
Darkpaw gnolls are northeast from Qeynos. Follow the road north as it curves. When you see the guardtowers, turn right to see a gnoll camp. Darkpaw gnolls con yellow/red.
36,500xp and receive the Taunt scroll

Level 7
Starting NPC: Lancet Carroll
Speak with Lancet Carroll. You must collect log journals from each of the towers, which are outside the city walls.

The first two operate together just outside the wall, the other two are a bit farther out.

For the first log, go outside the city and find Captain Mormar in one of the towers. Have each tower sign the log journal. After the captain has signed it, head north to the other tower. The lieutenant there will fill out his part. Now, head to the eastern tower and speak with Lieutenant Geebis.

He said he's too busy to sign the log as there is a missing guard. He sends you to investigate. Go straight south and scan the hills past the monk temple until you can con an "injured guard". The injured guard tells you that he and his party were attacked and injured and asks you to get Geebis to send help asap. Head back to Geebis. He will sign your log now.

Once all the logs are signed return them to Lancet Carroll.
157,474xp and receive the Furious Defense scroll and the Polished Guard Tunic

Level 10
Starting NPC: Lancet Carroll
Speak with Lancet Carroll. He sends you south of Qeynos to Stormhaven to find Wilwalt [follow the coast south, past the first little village of shacks [Shaolhome] until you reach a bigger village with a guard tower near it, this is Stormhaven].

Wilwalt is standing in the middle of town near the blacksmith. Speak with Wilwalt to collect the leathers ordered from Wilwalt.

Wilwalt needs your help with bandits in the area. Follow the coastline north past Shoalhome. Once there, follow the road north towards Qeynos, but before the bend in the road that turns east, leave the road and head west towards the coastline. The lurking bandits (CON db@10) will spawn near the water between a rock and a tree. Slay the bandits and return to Wilwalt with a rusty blade. He will then give you the leather order. Return to Lancet Carroll.

Now you must travel to Hagley [one zone east of Qeynos] and speak to Jaydeo. Jaydeo can be found on the north side of Hagley Village under an awning. He'll take the leather and make it into armour. While he is busy working on the armour, he'll give you a note to deliver to Duke Geoff at Hagley Keep. The Keep is southeast of Hagley on the mountaintop (above the sludge golems). Give the note to Duke Geoff.
Return to Jaydeo and collect the armour.
Return the stack of armour to Lancet Carroll.

The armour must now be delivered to Quartermaster Derosh in Wymondham. Speak with Waysender Naelarie [near the grocer in the Marketplace], who will send you to Surefall Glade. Sign Coachman Frender's ledger once you reach Surefall Glade.

Leave the glade and follow the path east from Surefall to reach Wymondham (w). Give the armour to Quartermaster Derosh, and receive the note for Lancet. Return to Lancet Carroll.

Lancet now tells you about gnoll champions that are going to attack Surefall Glade. The rumors also say that Gorbrash Strongarm is with them. Your mission is to find and slay Gorbrash.

Return to Surefall Glade (Naelarie will send you there again, or you can coach). Leave the glade and head southeast around the mountain. The gnoll champions are just north of the slesher camp. As you approach a rock, Gorbrash Strongarm will spawn along with a few other gnoll champions (CON db@10). Kill Gorbrash and loot his Strongarm's Blade and return to Lancet Carroll.
556,753xp and receive the Sword of the Guard

Level 13
Starting NPC: Lancet Carroll
1. Talk to Lancet. The gnolls are amassing and must be stopped. Report to Captain Pejon in the second tower north of Qeynos.
Note: Follow the path north from the Qeynos Coachman. Stay on the path north past the druidic cadavers in the glowing druid ring and you will see the guardtower.

Note: these mobs drop different items for different classes. Read your quest log - when in doubt loot everything.

2. Speak to Captain Pejon. There are gnoll camps on the opposite side of the mountain range north of Captain Pejon. In one of the camps is a gnoll elder (triggered spawn). Slay the elder and return it's totem/tunic to Captain Pejon.
Note: Take the path east from Captain Pejon, then head north along the mountain. The gnoll elder CONs yel@13.

3. Another camp is north of the camp with the elder. Now you must travel to that camp and slay the gnoll blacksmith (CONs yel@13) and return it's armour to Captain Pejon. He is a triggered spawn.
Note: The camp is just north of the one you were just at; take the same route to reach it.

4. Captain Pejon believes the gnolls will seek the aid of Frogloks in the swamps south of Slesher. Travel near the gnoll camp, but don't go in it. Spies say the meeting place will be held just north of that area.
Note: Follow the path east of Captain Pejon to reach Slesher Village. Travel southeast of Slesher to find the gnoll and Froglok meeting place (Fogmarsh (ne)). It's just due south of the Fort, at a stonemarker in green mist.

This is a triggered event. As you get close, you will find two gnolls and three Frogloks attending the secret meeting. The gnolls CON wht@13, the Froglok elder cons yellow, while his companions con dark blue. Slay them all, including the Froglok elder, until you can loot the belt. Return the belt to Captain Pejon who will give you a note for Lancet Carroll.

5. Return to Lancet Carroll.
550,698xp and receive the Rapid Strike scroll

Level 15
Starting NPC: Lancet Carroll
1. Talk to Lancet Carroll. The farmlands are being raided. Travel to Farmer Hops and help him. Take 390 tunar with you.
Note: Travel to the farmlands between Surefall Glade and Qeynos, by heading east from Qeynos to Hagley. At Hagley, go north on the road. Once you are in the Crethley Manor zone look to your right for farms. Head to that area, the farm you want is the third farm, there are three farms on a north-south axis, you want the north one.

Note: these mobs drop different items for different classes. Read your quest log - when in doubt loot everything.

2. Talk to Farmer Hops. The gnolls have been raiding the farmlands for the past few days. Slay the nearby gnoll raiders and return gnoll raider bracers to Farmer Hops.
Note: Check Farmer Hops' crop just north of his house. The gnoll raiders con white/yellow@15.

3. Farmer Hops now tells you that the guards have been talking about strange things happening around another farm. Go speak to Guard Wayosh.
Note: Guard Wayosh is in the guardtower just north of Farmer Hops farm.

4. Speak to Guard Wayosh. Other farms hare having problems other than gnolls. The farm down the road to the west is having problems with the undead. Find the mob, kill and loot it, returning it's shackles to Guard Wayosh so he knows the problem has been resolved.
Note: Travel northwest of the guard to reach the farm. Northwest of the farm wanders a hungry zombie that CONs red@15.

5. Back to Farmer Hops. He needs money and seed to plant for the following season. Give 260 tunar to Farmer Hops. Travel to Misty Thicket just outside of Rivervale. Purchase seeds from Bebbin Mossfoot and return them to Farmer Hops. Bebbin is along the wall being built in Misty Thicket. Purchase the seeds (130 tunar) and return to Farmer Hops.
Note: to get to Rivervale, see Waysender Naelarie in Qeynos and she will send you there (sign the Rivervale coach!).
883,791xp and receive the Stomp scroll and the Polished Guard Cap

Level 20
Quest NPC: Lancet Carroll
1. Speak with Lancet Carroll, who sends you to Guard Darek, who is in the watchtower in Crethley Manor. As you follow the road from Hagley north, you will eventually come into Crethley Manor. Darek is located at the top of the 2nd watchtower (near where you spoke earlier with Guard Wayosh).

2. Something is wrong with the animals in the area. Guard Darek believes someone is tainting the water. There is an evil cleric knon to live in the area but no one has been able to locate her. Find Syndia (CONs DB), who is located west of Crethly Manor, which is northwest-west of the guard tower. She is located across the river from the manor. Kill her, loot her book of disease, and return to Darek.

3. Darek needs your help again. Some guards went to Crethely Manor, but one did not return. Go rescue Guard Malvern, who is in the basement of Crethley Manor, Crethley Manor(N). The Manor is filled with the undead that con from green to yellow @Level 20. Find Guard Melvarn; after rescuing him, follow him out speak with him again.

4. Malvern speaks of an Abomination in the basement of Crethely Manor, he sends you to kill the Abomination and bring back its Shackles. To get to the Abominiation: Head all the way down into the basement and fight your way through a room with two (2) dark guards and a reanimated beast. Also, there is Heretic Beirtich (CONs Red), he is located on an alcove in the room. Kill the guards, beast, and then the Heretic. Behind the Heretic there is a room which contains Lord Crethley himself and his 2 dark guards. The Abomination [CONs wht@20] is located in a room to the left in the hallway leading to Lord Crethley. Kill, loot the chackles, and return to Guard Darek.

5. Guard Darek tells you that Guard Malvern is sick, and getting worse. A scribe named Jahar may have information to help Melvarn. Return to Crethely Manor, where you will find Scribe Jahar in the cellar. Kill, loot his Dark Journal, return to Guard Darek.

6. From the information Guard Darek has gathered, a cure can be made for Guard Melvarn if the ingredients can be gathered. The first thing Guard Darek needs is a rare herb. This herb is known to be harvested by a Froglok shaman named Gugluk [CONS wht@20] in the swamps south of Surefall Glade.
To find Gugluk: go to Honjour in Fog March and find the bridge directly to the west. There is a hill slightly southwest from the bridge; the shaman is on top of the hill.
Slay Gugluk, and return the tangle root herb to Guard Darek.

7. The last ingredient Guard Darek needs is from the slith tar. Their harvester makes a slime that is needed for the cure. The Slithtar Hive is northeast of the village of Wymondham. Or, the hive is due east from the Blacksmith. Find the Slithtar Harvestor, kill, loot slime, return to Guard Darek. Return to Lancet Carroll.

You will receive 2,814,929xp and choose between:
Bellow, which increases your hit points for a while, and a strong guard axe; OR,
Pillar of Might, which taunts and greatly increases your armour class, plus a strong guard longsword.


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